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Guyson International Limited is a privately owned family company with a worldwide reputation for excellence in the design and manufacture of robot, automated and manual blast finishing, shot peening, spray wash and ultrasonic cleaning systems. Founded over 80 years ago (Est May 20th 1938) Guyson Industrial Equipment Limited began as a distributor of garage equipment as well as manufacturing small sand blast cabinets. In 1972 the company was re-named ‘Guyson International Limited’ to better reflect the company’s export success and increasing overseas interests. Through acquisition - Marr...

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Over the last 80 years we have honed our knowledge and experience of a huge variety of applications for our products, and along with our customers we are still finding innovative and ingenious ways to create the perfect finish. We work across a vast range of industries at all levels from hobbyists and sole-traders to some of the world’s largest companies, we like to think we have the right Guyson Solution whatever the process or application. With such a wide range it is important that we make the right choice. That’s why our free sample evaluation service, open to anyone, has always been a...

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Ultrasonic Baths GUK - Ultrasonic Benchtop Cleaning Baths The new Guyson (GUK) benchtop ultrasonic bath range, offers powerful cleaning in a reliable, affordable package. • Seven sizes from 2 litres to 45 litres • Easy to use LCD display • Dedicated heater control • Drain tap (apart from GUK-2) • Stainless steel basket and lid Ideal for the laboratory, or workshop use where precision cleaning is needed. Applications such as Electronics, Medical, Dental and Optical can all benefit from ultrasonic cleaning. Guyson range of benchtop ultrasonic baths GUYSON ULTRASONIC BATHS GUK-2 Tank Capacity...

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Ultrasonic Tanks KS - Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks Guyson’s Kerry KS and UCR systems have been designed to achieve optimum cleaning results using aqueous solutions. Ultrasonic transducers are bonded to the base of the tank, providing high performance and reliability together with uniform distribution of the ultrasonic energy. • Five sizes ranging from 21 to 275 Litres • 300 W - 1200 W of ultrasonic generator power for excellent cleaning and long equipment life (KS300/450/525/1500) • KS3000/4000 have an internal DIN rail mounted HS3 ultrasonic generator* (2/3 kW) with a dedicated single...

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Microsolve - Solvent Cleaning Microsolve The Kerry Microsolve’s manufactured by Guyson have unique proven solvent retention features that provide economic benefits as well as effective use of HFE (hydrofluoroether) or HFC (hydrofluorocarbon) solvents. Microsolve ultrasonic precision cleaning systems attain the highest cleaning standards yet keep running costs surprisingly low. Solvent retention features unique to the Microsolve range include: • Triple coil reflux cooling • Vapour break • 150% freeboard • Optional auto top-up and solvent monitoring These ensure that systems are safe and...

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Microclean - Aqueous Cleaning Microclean Microclean - multi-stage aqueous systems for high quality cleaning The standard Microclean 4-stage aqueous cleaning system (heated ultrasonic clean, rinse, rinse, warm air dry) suits a wide range of cleaning needs in aerospace, automotive, electronics and other industries. Standard Microclean features include weir overflow to all wet stages. Options include: • Pre-clean module with oil separator for heavy duty cleaning • Ultrasonics to rinse stages • Vertical agitation to all wet stages • Double capacity hot air drying for increased throughput The...

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CRD 450 (Clean, Rinse, Dry) & Submersible Transducers CRD450 Ultrasonic Clean, Rinse, Dry Guyson’s ‘Kerry’ branded CRD 450 is a 3-stage system providing ultrasonic cleaning with heating, immersion rinse weiring to drain, a hand held spray for second rinse (DI optional), and hot air dry. The hot air dryer circulates air via a coarse filter and 4.5 kW heating element. Closing the hinged lid initiates fan and heater operation up to the maximum adjustable temperature of 100°C. The CRD system is designed for manual operation. Guyson KST Submersible Block Transducers KST submersible block...

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Generators & Hard Disk Drive Cleaning Ultrasonic Generators Guyson Sonic Digital HS3 Generator The Sonic Digital HS3 delivers up to 2,000 W. Flexible and space-saving mounting options, high degree of efficiency, and compatibility with other components makes the Sonic Digital HS3 the perfect solution for industrial installations. With digital frequency generation and control, absolutely constant power output and interval function, they are also ideally suited for use in ultrasonic installations that require an extremely precise sonic focus. • Digital frequency generation and control •...

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Test & Demonstration Here at Guyson we understand that choosing the right equipment for the job is a process critical decision which is why we insist on comprehensive sample evaluation prior to recommending any of our systems. We have always offered a free sample evaluation service and ensure we can provide the best possible advice and recommendations on media type, equipment selection and process considerations. With more than 80 years of experience and one of Europe’s largest test and evaluation facilities, Guyson provides unrivalled level of process qualification, recommendation and...

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Spares, Media & Services Customer Service Established in 1938, Guyson International Limited is a privately owned family company with a world-wide reputation for excellence in the design and manufacture of robot, automated and manual blast finishing, spray wash and ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Guyson International manufacture, assemble and test in the UK to the latest ISO 9001:2015 quality and ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management standards. Guyson don’t just manufacture and supply products, our dedicated customer service team are available to provide our customers with...

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