BA150-XXSXX/ BA200-XXSXX Series


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BA150-XXSXX/ BA200-XXSXX Series - 1

DC/DC Converter BA150-BA200 Series Typical Features ♦Wide input voltage range ♦ Typical transfer efficiency 90% ♦ Switching frequency: 300KHz typ. ♦ Over current / Short circuit /Over temperature/Over voltage protection, Self-recovery ♦ Input-output isolated ♦ Portable mounting ♦ Metal case BA Series— a compact size, high efficient, EMC compatible DC/DC converter offered by Aipu. It features low ripple, low temperature rise, low power consumption, high efficiency, high reliability, safer isolation, Safe and reliable, with good EMC performance. It has important application for railway, industrial, office and civil field. ©Output Voltage ©Output Ways ©Input Voltage ©Output Power © Product Series E-mail: TEL: 86-20-84206763 FAX: 86-20-84206762 HOT-LINE: 400-811-8032 Page 1 of 4

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BA150-XXSXX/ BA200-XXSXX Series - 2

Output voltage accuracy Line regulation Nominal load, full voltage range Load regulation Minimum Load Single Output Turn-on delay time Nominal input voltage, full load E-mail: TEL: 86-20-84206763 FAX: 86-20-84206762 HOT-LINE: 400-811-8032 Page 2 of 4

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BA150-XXSXX/ BA200-XXSXX Series - 3

Power off hold time Nominal input voltage, full load Startup output overshoot Output dynamic characteristics Overshoot range(%):≤± 5%; Recovery time(mS) ≤2.0mS; Output short circuit protection Continuous, self recovery Output over load /current protection Output over voltage protection General Specifications Switching frequency Operating temperature Temperature drift Storage temperature Relative humidity Case material Metal case Input-output 1.5KVac ≤ 5.0mA/1min; Isolation Voltage Input- case/ Input-FG 单位(Unit:):mm Unit:mm 印刷板俯视图(Printed board vertical view) Printed board vertical view...

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BA150-XXSXX/ BA200-XXSXX Series - 4

Note: If the definition of pin is not in accordance with the model selection manual, please refer to the label on actual item. Test Method: (1)12# twisted pair to connect, Oscilloscope bandwidth set as 20MHz, 100M bandwidth probe, terminated with 0.1uF polypropylene capacitor and 47uF high frequency low resistance electrolytic capacitor in parallel, oscilloscope set as Sample pattern. (2) Input terminal connect to power supply, output terminal connect to electronic load through jig plate, Use 30cm±2 cm sampling line, Power line selected from corresponding diameter wire with insulation...

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