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The powerful and flexible lubrication system

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Lubricus lubrication system - innovative, flexible, adaptable Lubricus offers a new portal to the world of automatic lubrication. With the highly versatile Lubricus lubrication system, both single lubrication points and a whole group of varied points can be provided with lubricant continuously over a long period of time. Due to the compact dimensions, the Lubricus is optimally suited for upgrades or retrofitting. The large variety of models enable an individually optimized lubrication solution for almost every application. Lubrication of bearings • chains • open tooth systems • linear...

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Lubricus - powerful and flexible - 3

LUBRICUS B Independent thanks to battery power The battery-operated variant of the Lubricus lubrication system is always used when an autarchic operation is desired or necessary. The highly-efficient battery pack can optionally be set to empty the lubricant cartridge over a period of 1–36 months (or pause time). ■ 1 or 2 outlets, 70 bar (1015 psi) supply pressure ml 250 n sio ver lable avai ■ LCD display with LED ■ Quick-check (back-pressure readings) ■ 1 to 36 months / pause time LUB-B-1 • LUB-B-2 Quick Check During operation Lubricus measures the back-pressure at the lubricating...

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Lubricus - powerful and flexible - 4

LUBRICUS D Pulse control Lubricus D is particularly suited for units in which lubrication must be synchronised with the operating period of the machine, or where specific lubrication cycles at prescribed intervals are needed. The feed pump in the Lubricus D provides lubricant to the outlets via PLC according to the activation of pump outputs. In this way a highly precise dose amount of lubricant can be obtained. The user has the highest possible degree of control over the frequency of lubrication and the size of the lubricant dose. ■ 1, 2, 3 or 4 outlets, 70 bar (1015 psi) supply pressure ■...

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Lubricus - powerful and flexible - 5

Connection 24 PLC Power supply 24 VDC (max. 5 m) Lubrication lines (max. 5 m) The Lubricus Controller monitors and controls four Lubricus lubricating devices, which in turn supply a varying number of lubricating points. The paths that the lubricant has to travel along the lines can be kept simple and short; nevertheless central monitoring takes place via the Lubricus Controller. Installation and maintenance requirements are sustainably reduced. Lubricus Controller Working voltage System monitoring Operating temperature Connection for power supply LUBRICUS applications

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Lubricus - powerful and flexible - 6

LUBRICUS S Monitored lubrication of minimum volume Lubricus S can be used as single point lubricator or (by means of splitters or progressive distributors) as multipoint lubricator. Due to its extremely compact pump unit and its low weight it especially suits applications with lacking space. Two types of Lubricus S are available: LUB-S-B runs with a 4.5 V battery and operates at 15 or 35 bar (218 or 508 psi). LUB-S-V uses 24 VDC and can be connected to PLC optionally. Its higher delivery pressure of up to 50 bar (725 psi) enables even more possible applications. Besides a 125 ml cartridge a...

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Lubricus - powerful and flexible - 7

LUBRICUS M Flexible lubrication Depending on the model, the Lubricus M lubrication system has either 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 outlets and is designed for a 24 VDC power supply. The lubricant reservoir for grease (1500 cm³) is in a disposable bellows. Supply pressure is <70 bar (1015 psi). External control is possible via PLC. Lubricus M can work either in time mode or in pulse mode (PLC). In time mode, the internal controls monitor both the amount of lubricant and the time intervals between lubrications. In pulse mode, the desired lubrication intervals are performed by programming the PLC....

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Lubricus - powerful and flexible - 8

Gruetzner GmbH is your specialist for automatic lubrication systems since 1993. Our user-friendly lubrication solutions are used in almost all areas of maintenance in every industry across the globe. As an international established, family-owned enterprise flexibility and outstanding service are our core competencies. An individual, custom-built lubrication concept which is adjusted to your machines and constructions will gladly be developed by our experts. We additionally take on responsibility for the environment with our modern lubrication solutions. By reducing lubricant and energy...

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