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IS A FULL RANGE OF EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS: EPC-PARTNER (ENGINEERING, PROCUREMENT AND CONSTRUCTION) Waste management ENGINEERING DESIGN DEVELOPMENT OF NON-STANDARD SOLUTIONS Solid household waste . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 REALIZATION OF DESIGN SOLUTIONS Biological origin waste . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 WARRANTY AND SERVICE MAINTENANCE Waste management technology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Industrial wastes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Economic features of the ECO complexes . . . . . . 18 is:...

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Modern iNCiNERATiON ensures a significant decrease in the waste volume (up to 95%) and is an ecologically clean source of alternative energy (thermal, electrical, steam). Steam or hot water collected in the heat exchange unit may be used for the heating of the premises, in enterprises' technological processes, or for the generation of electricity. In order to comply with the environmental requirements of the legislation of Ukraine (order of the Ministry of Environment Na309 dated 27.06.2006) and provisions of the European Community (Dir2000/76EU, Dir2001/80EU, Dir2010/75EU) the ECO...

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G CONTROL CABiN Programmed logical PLC controller ensures control and adjustment of the main operational parameters of the ECO complexes: • dosing and control of the waste supply; • control and management of the incineration processes; • control over operation and indicators of the flue gas cleaning system and auxiliary equipment; • and more than 20 other parameters (see p. 31). G WASTE LOADiNG BUNKER Automatic waste supply system onto the conveyor. G DRUM SEPARATOR Ensures splitting the bags and shredding the pieces of garbage, sifting the small construction garbage (up to 4% of total...

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• Medical institutions • Sanitary and veterinary institutions • Housing and utility sector • Ship and vessel operating services • Seaports, airports, etc. • penitentiary and customs services MEDICAL WASTE According to the Law of Ukraine 'On the estimation of the environmental impact' dated 23.05.2017 and the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine 'On affirmation of the State sanitary and anti-epidemic rules and norms concerning medical waste management', medical wastes of classes A/B and partly C (patient care items, syringes, bandages, blood, tissues of the human body, etc.) are to be...

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BIOLOGICAL ORIGIN WASTE • Meat processing plants Utilization of the organic origin biological material (corpses of animals, birds, laboratory material, medical waste, slaughterhouse waste, etc.) under the temperature of 850 °C, which allows reliably destroying the organic matter (including infected with pathogens of dangerous diseases). • Food processing industry • AIC (agro-industrial complex) enterprises • Zoological gardens PRODUCTIVE CAPACITY OF THE COMPLEX • Medical institutions MAXIMUM FUEL CONSUMPTION TOTAL POWER CONSUMPTION OF ELECTRIC DRIVES AUTOMATIC LOADING DEVICE Comparing to...

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BIOLOGICAL ORIGIN WASTE -o COMPLEX ECO-T The complex processing of a large amount of the biological material of organic origin by thermocatalytic decomposition with the further neutralisation of flue gases and the generation of technological steam. *Estimated value. Depends on morphological composition of waste (I CONTROL CABiN the programmed logical pLC controller ensures control and adjustment of more than 20 operational parameters of the ECO complexes. C2 AUTOMATiC LOADiNG DEViCE Eliminates the ingress of flue gases and flames outside. Ensures the air supply to intensify the incineration...

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• wooden packaging • wastes from furniture production • wooden sleepers • Waste automobile tyres • Waste from cardboard and paper production • Rubber and plastic waste • Non-returnable plastic packaging The complex processing of waste automobile tyres and utilization of solid household waste and enterprise waste by thermocatalytic decomposition with the further neutralisation of incineration products and the generation of thermal energy. CONTROL CABiN Equipped with multifunctional automatic control system pLC -programmed logical controller. WASTE PREPARATiON MODULE the waste preparation for...

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productive capacity WASTE MANAGEMENT GREENEX % ECO

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• Municipal services • Enterprises on solid household waste management • Landfills for solid household waste On the 1st of January 2018 amendments to the Law of Ukraine 'On wastes' came into force and brought the law into compliance with the Directives Na1999/31/EC and Na2008/98/EC, and introduced the prohibition of the burial of the unprocessed (unsorted) household wastes on the landfills in Ukraine. (l RECEIVING STORAGE BUNKER WiTH CONVEYOR Ensures automatic waste supply to the conveyor. ® DRUM SEPARATOR (GRATE) Separation of small particulate fractions (sand, stones, etc.). The removed...

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MOBILE SORTING LINE -o The mobile line is meant for solid household waste sorting with the aim of abstraction of a useful fraction - recyclable material (recycled polymers, PET packaging, paper stock, scrap metal, glass/glass scrap). the operating module of the sorting line is installed on trailer/semi-trailer chassis. the mobile sorting line ECO SL. mobile complies with all modern requirements for the SHw management and maintenance personnel safety. TRAILER/SEMI-TRAILER UNiVERSAL LOADiNG DEViCE SORTiNG CABiN WITH RECEiViNG BUNKER • Ventilation • UV lamps • Lighting CHUTES FOR THE DROPPiNG...

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BAG FILTER CHPP (combined heat and power plant), tpp (thermal power plant) Iron and steel enterprises Ore mining and processing enterprises Cement enterprises Boiling houses on alternative fuel Cyclonic dust collector for the collection of the low and medium coherent dust with modernized construction of guiding devices with shock less entrance profile blades (material - hardwearing «HARDOX») applied for cleaning the flue gases and aspiration air with temperature under 400 °C from ash, the dust of limestone, cement, dolomite, chamoe within different technological processes, and aspiration...

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