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COMMERCIAL OFFER ЕCO-300 incineration of medical waste (of classes A, B, and partially C), solid household, industrial and hazardous waste with the generation of thermal energy List of attached documents: 1. Descriptive part 2. Technical specifications 3. Economic indicators

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ЕCO-300 - 2

1. DESCRIPTIVE PART The ECO-300 complex is designed for thermal utilization of medical, hazardous, industrial, and solid household waste by their thermocatalytic decomposition with subsequent neutralization of incineration products and generation of thermal energy. Nodes of the ECO-300: № 1 2 3 4 Standard complete set: Thermocatalytic module Flue gas cleaning module Heat generation module System of automation and control of technological processes of the complex (PLC controller). The heat exchanger built into the ECO complex allows converting the thermal energy of flue gases into: a. hot...

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ЕCO-300 - 3

The main criterion of disposal technology is volumetric incineration. Waste container is supplied into the automatic loading device. The process of loading waste into the incinerator eliminates the ingress of flue gases and flames outside. Thermal treatment of waste is carried out in the primary chamber of the incinerator on fire grate at a temperature of 850-1100 ° C. Within the incineration process, the air is being continuously supplied to intensify the process. Heating and maintaining the required temperature in the incinerator is carried out using a liquid fuel burner running on diesel...

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ЕCO-300 - 4

All processes are automated. The complex is controlled from the remote control by one user. It should be noted that each drive within the installation is equipped with a frequency converter, which allows more flexible control of all processes in this complex and minimizing power consumption. PLC GREENEX ECO control parameters:  rarefaction in the primary chamber of the incinerator  temperature in the primary chamber of the incinerator  temperature in the secondary chamber of the incinerator  temperature at the outlet of the incinerator (before the bag filter)  temperature after the...

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ЕCO-300 - 5

Automatic loading device Bag filter with horizontal arrangement of filter elements Automatic loading of waste in special airtight containers. The container is fixed in the lifting and rotating mechanism and the waste is loaded into the receiving chute. The process eliminates fume and heat emissions outside. Productive capacity Number of filtering bags Bags length Filtration area Maximum gas temperature Gas-dynamic resistance Filter material Cleaning system Dust content after cleaning 6000 m3 / hour 40 pcs 1 900 mm 110 m2 up to 200 ° C < 2500 Pa H-PPS/PPS500 MB pulse purge < 10 mg / m3 Fuel...

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ЕCO-300 - 6

Complex automation system. Control of the complex is automated. Performed by one operator from the control panel. The control panel is completed with all necessary equipment for convenient control and monitoring of all processes. The control system operates based on a modern PLC controller. Chimney. The chimney with a length of 6 m has a layer of insulation of 50 mm. Made of stainless steel. The length can be changed according to the customer's needs. Thermocatalytic module. The three-chamber incinerator with the primary chamber, the secondary chamber, the chamber of cooling of the gases...

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ЕCO-300 - 7

2. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 2.1. The main technical characteristics of the complex ЕСО-300: Characteristic 1. Productivity of the complex ECO-300* Unit s of measure kg / hour t / year Maximum consumption of diesel fuel** Total power consumption of electric drives Thermal energy generation Consumption of alkaline components The maximum annual fund of the complex The number of service personnel per shift l / hour kW / hour Gcal / hour kg / hour hours person * Capacity is calculated for waste incineration with a calorific value of 3000 kcal / kg and a humidity of 60-70%. ** Consumption of...

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