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solvent : solvent/aqueous aqueous : bioremediation : ultrasonic : accessories : custom systems

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Selecting the right parts washer Both your Graymills™ distributor and our factory staff are prepared to offer any assistance in selecting your parts cleaner. The more of the following information you furnish, the quicker—and more precisely—the appropriate parts washer can be selected. O Soils to be removed. O Current cleaning method used. O Material(s) from which your parts are manufactured. O Size, weight, configuration and quantity of the parts to be cleaned per day. O Operations immediately before and after cleaning. (e.g., “machine before/paint after.”) O Preferred method of handling:...

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Graymills Parts Washer Catalog - 3

AVAILABLE CLEANING ACTION Turbo-Series T4330-thru T8430 TR-Series Liftkleen™ TR2420-TR3626 L-Series Liftkleen™ TL-Series Liftkleen™ HIGH PRESSURE SPRAY IN-TANK FLUID AGITATION LIFT HEATED PLATFORM (AQUEOUS AGITATION ONLY) SOLVENT / AQUEOUS DIRECTED STREAM Oil Separators / Turbo Boost Benchtop BTV and BTU SonicMax Console Sonic Liftkleen™ TUSR24/36 ULTRASONIC / AQUEOUS Super Sonic Liftkleen™ TUS3725SL catalog contents/selection guide Catalog Contents / Selection Guide

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Graymills Parts Washer Catalog - 4

There are plenty of companies that will sell you a parts washer. So why should you choose Graymills? We could talk about our state- of-the-art manufacturing facility in Chicago, but what you really care about is how we can make you - and your company - more productive. That's a three step process. Picking the best parts washer for your needs can be a confusing process. There are hundreds of options available. With its unmatched selection of products, Graymills offers you a "Total Cleaning Perspective" that others can't rival. Unlike companies with limited selection, who will simply steer...

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Graymills Parts Washer Catalog - 5

Full-sized free-standing units offer professional features in an economical package. Ideal for general maintenance and repair in industrial, automotive, marine or farm applications. H42RN (shown) 2R (without pumping system) Product features : HK150 > ● Abrasive-resistant pump; motor is not exposed to the cleaning solution - eliminates need for pump seals. > 400 GPH flow rate ● Product features : H42RN/2R > ● Abrasive-resistant pump; motor is not exposed to the cleaning solution - eliminates need for pump seals. > 720 GPH flow rate ● > ● Flexible Stay-Put metal flush hose for directable > ●...

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Graymills Parts Washer Catalog - 6

Drum Mount DMD/DMS Spacious recirculating parts washer can be placed at jobsite for on-the-spot cleaning. Standard features : > ● Abrasive resistant 170 GPH pump > ● Reusable nylon filter system removes large particles of dirt and grime to keep fluid clean longer > ● Flexible Stay-Put metal flush hose for directable hands-free flushing action into cleaning solution tank > ● 16 gauge steel tank with powder-coat finish Operating Fluid Capacity Drum Capacity > ● Metal drain strainer keeps small parts from falling for durability and long-life > ● Lift-off sink for easy setup and maintenance;...

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Graymills Parts Washer Catalog - 7

Versatile units optimize flush hose (hand-held brush cleaning optional), sloped work shelf for draining, small parts basket and optional external drain shelf. Tank has bottom drain for easy maintenance. Combination of solvent scrub station and soak tank Standard features : OPERATING FLUID CAPACITY Increased capacity in this model with larger working area both models Filter and sludge collector basket with dual-element foam filter keeps fluid cleaner longer for fewer change-outs. (Not available on PL36-FB.) > Flexible Stay-Put metal flush hose for ● directable hands-free flushing action > ●...

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Graymills Parts Washer Catalog - 8

Clean-O-Matic:™ The Industry Standard for more than 50 years Ruggedly constructed for years of trouble-free solvent cleaning service. These feature-packed models offer a variety of design elements to make your cleaning tasks quicker and more efficient while remaining flexible enough to suit most cleaning challenges. All Clean-OMatics are certified cETLus. The 5 Clean-O-Matic™ models progress in size and power from the 300-A, with a 1/8 horsepower pump and 42-gallon capacity, to the 902-A, with two 1/3 horsepower pumps and 117 gallon capacity. All models feature three way cleaning— pump for...

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Graymills Parts Washer Catalog - 9

All models include features shown on page 8. The maintenance and repair shop standard 44"L x 21"W x 23 3/4"H work space 16-42 gallon capacity Casters allow unit to be easily moved 1/8 HP Graymills Superflo™ pump, 1000 GPH > ● Pump provides in-tank fluid agitation 1/3 HP, Graymills Superflo™ pump 2400 GPH > ● Pump with Hydro-Jet Manifold provides active in-tank fluid agitation All the operating features of the 500-A in a tank with twice the fluid capacity 800-A : > ● 413/8"L x 28 7/8"W x 291/2"H work space > ● 50-85 gallon capacity > ● 1/3 HP, Graymills Superflo pump 2400 GPH > ● Pump with...

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Graymills Parts Washer Catalog - 10

TURBO ACTION T4330 Turbo 24 The Turbo-Action Series from Graymills is the perfect solution for hands-off, immersion cleaning required for challenging parts cleaning applications. Turbo-Action total immersion parts cleaners convert the jet stream from Graymills Superflo™ pumps into powerful, hands-off fluid action that gets parts cleaner, faster without manual handling or scrubbing. Unlike spray cabinet type cleaners that employ spray nozzles, total immersion cleaners bring cleaning action to every external and internal surface-even blind holes. Turbo-Action units scour and flush parts clean...

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Graymills Parts Washer Catalog - 11

Turbo Units The efficiency of immersion cleaning allows more time for the cleaning solution to do the work, provides penetration into blind holes, nested or layered parts, maximizes soak time to loosen contamination, and the Turbo Action of the pump adds to the speed and efficiency of the cleaning process. The T24 and T36 are Graymills’ most economical total immersion cleaners and are offered in both solvent and aqueous (heated) versions. With five tank sizes and liquid capacities up to 262 gallons, the largest “Turbo Series” is also available in solvent or aqueous versions. 10,000 gallon...

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