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Series 82 - 1

Standard Keypads SERIES 82Lightable FEATURES • 11/is" Between Button Centers • Long, Stroke, Wiping Contact • Lightable Modules • Choice of 5 Circuitries with Unlighted Modules • User Legendable MOUNTING Build a custom keyboard with identical button distances no matter how you stack them. Designed to plug into any printed circuit board from 1/16" to 1/8" thick, modules stack in any configuration, maintaining 11/16" button centers. For Lightable Modules which will be continuously lit, mixing vertically mounted modules with horizontally mounted modules is not recommended; the orientation of the rectangular, lighted area will differ. See drawings. See Figure 1 Panel Cutout diagram for 6 button module mounting dimensions. Refer to drawings for other module dimensions. LIGHTABLE ModuLES Ught Source and Lamp Mounting Each lightable button fits over a T-1 size LED or incandescent lamp mounted to PC board (see Figure 2-2a). The height of the lamp should not exceed .250" (6,35 mm) from the surface of the board. (Note: Grayhill does not manufacture or sell LED's or incandescent lamps). For easy light replacement, mount the lamp or LED through the back or solder side of the board (see Figure 2). This method of mounting allows you to replace light source without removing the keyboard module. The other method of light mounting (Figure 2a) requires desoldering the keyboard module then desoldering the lamp when it's necessary to replace the light source. The chart below lists ratings for a size T-1 i ncandescent lamp. To extend the life of the lamp, use an alternating current and reduced voltage. The chart also lists maximum temperatures the module can withstand. For higher temperatures, Grayhill offers modules made of special plastics, polyester switch housing and polycarbonate internal button. All measurements were determined under laboratory conditions. (Mounted model continuously lit in temperature controlled oven with continuously circulating air for 24 hours.) Lamp Number* *Lamps not available from Grayhill. Figure 2 Easy replacement mounting Grayhill, Inc. • 561 Hillgrove Avenue • LaGrange, Illinois 60525-5997 • USA • Phone: 708-354-1040 • Fax: 708-354-2820 •

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Series 82 - 2

Standard Keypads Dimensions in inches (and millimeters) Unlighted Lightable Unlighted Lightable Unlighted Lightable

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Series 82 - 3

Standard Keypads TERMINAL ARRANGEMENTS For continuously lit keyboards, mixing horizontally and vertically mounted Letters shown in front views are for identification only; product is marked modules is not recommended. See lamp mounting on page D-33. on back as shown. Pin locations correspond to circuit diagrams. Button Identification Vertical Mount Rear Views and Pin Locations Button identification Horizontal mount Rear Views and Pin Locations Unlighted Lightable Lightable Keyboards and Keypads Unlighted (only) Unlighted (only) Lightable Grayhill, Inc. • 561 Hillgrove Avenue • LaGrange,...

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Series 82 - 4

ORIENTATION OF MODULES A module, depending on circuitry, may not be symmetrical. Rotating it 180° will result in a different pin location. Please note the button identification, the pin location for the desired circuitry, and the direction of mounting. It is important to use this information when designing a printed circuit board layout and when communicating with Grayhill. See Ordering Information-Special Keyboard Modules on the next page. The bottom view of the line drawings shows number (A1, A2, etc.) next to the pin locations of each switch section. These pin numbers are directly...

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Series 82 - 5

SPECIFICATIONS Rating Rating at 5 Vdc: 100 milliamps Contact Resistance: 25 milliohms or less on a new switch Voltage Breakdown: 250 Vac between mutually insulated parts insulation resistance: 1,000 megaohms minimum Life expectancy: 1,000,000 operations Contact Bounce: 10 milliseconds or less for the life of the switch operating temperature: -40°C to 80°C Materials and Finishes Pin Contact: Brass, gold plate over nickel plate standard legends Spring Contact: Copper alloy, gold plate over nickel plate Housing: ABS plastic (gray) Base: PPS plastic (black) Return Spring: Tinned music wire...

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Series 82 - 6

ordering information: standard modules available from your local Grayhill Distributor. For prices and discounts, contact a local Sales Office, an authorized local Distributor or Grayhill. ORDERING iNFORMATiON: Special Legends To order non-standard modules, information is required for the areas listed below. Your special order will be assigned a part number for future identification. This number is sequentially assigned and is non-descriptive. 1. Type of Module. Unlighted: 1-, 2-, 3-, or 6-button. Lightable: 1-, 3-, or 6-button. 2. mounting orientation. Horizontal or vertical. 3. Circuitry....

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