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Reimagining the User Experience Touch Encoder - 1

Reimagining the User Experience Touch Encoder KEY FEATURES • Replaces many traditional user input devices (such as switches, keypads, pushbuttons, displays, etc.) with a simple, easy to use device • Optimal front panel footprint • Supported gestures: Tap + Swipe + Turn • High resolution display: 330 PPI (320 X 300) • Quick user interface development ◦ Intuitive tablet based development platform ◦ Library of configurable standard widgets Stores hundreds of screens (32MB memory) Incorporates pictures: PNG, JPEG, etc. Field upgradable application and firmware Robust: sealed to IP67, high impact strength, chemical resistant • 1,000,000 encoder cycles • USB 2.0 or CAN J1939 communications with host device • Cover lens: polyester • Knob: 304 stainless steel with optional black chrome finish or silicone grip • Rear housing: nylon • Mounting nut: nylon • RoHS 2018/863 compliant • Optically bonded display and touchscreen for excellent sunlight readability • Touchscreen construction: high resolution PCAP ITO Specifications are subject to change. Please refer to the current datasheet on for the most current published specifications for this

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Reimagining the User Experience Touch Encoder - 2

Device Diameter (O.D.): 2.200 in (55.88 mm) Nominal Display Diameter (V.A.): 1.320in (33.50 mm) Nominal Touchscreen: Projected Capacitive Side Load Force: 45 lbs (200 N) Display – Type: Round Color TFT LCD, 320 X 300 Mounting Torque (Nominal): 4 – 10 in-lbs Connector Style: M12 5-Pin Connector or PC Board Connector Mounting Torque (Max): 14 in-lbs M12 Connector Torque (Max): 14 in-lbs Operating Temp. Range: -20 to 65 °C Mounting Alignment (Maximum): < 1Deg Weight (Production Unit): 4.25 oz (120.6 g) Electrical Function Mechanical Shock: ANSI EP455 5.14.1 Operating Voltage: SDK: 4.75 to 5.25...

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Reimagining the User Experience Touch Encoder - 3

Simple, Intuitive Application Development using Grayhill GIIB App Create & store multiple projects Simulate your program on the iPad before downloading it to the Touch Encoder Create individual screens using any combination of widgets (from the widget library), pictures and graphics Add in touch zones; Tap anywhere on the screen to define size and location Scroll up and down to see all of the screens on your workspace Drag and drop screens from your workspace into N,S,E,W swipe zones Drag and drop screens from your workspace to define what happens when the knob is rotated Fully Customizable...

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Reimagining the User Experience Touch Encoder - 4

Pin Numbering Detail ALIGNMENT TAB To put device in programming mode: Connect mode pin #1 to GND at power up. Leave mode pin #1 open for run mode (normal operation) CONNECTOR OUTPUT Mode Pin Truth Table @ Power up Program Mode Mounting Information Suggested Mounting Pattern Packaging Retainer (remove before use) Standard Plastic Mounting Nut MATING CONNECTORS (OR EQUIVALENT): PHOENIX CONTACT P/N 1411976 PHOENIX CONTACT P/N 1411977 M17 X 1 MOUNTING M12 CONNECTOR MALE PINS HOME BUTTON Grayhill, Inc. • 561 Hillgrove Avenue • LaGrange, Illinois MATING CONNECTORS (OR EQUIVALENT): AMPHENOL...

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