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Easy-to-Use High-Pressure Sprayer for Industrial Coatings XP70 Plural-Component Sprayer P R O V E N Q U A L I T Y . L E A D I N G T E C H N O L O G Y .

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2 Graco® XP70 Plural-Component Sprayer Two-Component Spraying – made Easy and Affordable The trend for the coatings industry is toward high solids coatings. Formulated with less solvent, these coatings reduce VOC emissions and speed production with faster cure times. The Graco XP70 Plural-Component Sprayer is designed to pump, mix and atomize high-viscosity, materials with superior results. The spray system handles: • Environmentally-friendly high solids coatings, with little or no solvent • Hybrid polyurethanes • Epoxies • Very high solids coatings – up to 100% solids content • Materials...

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3 A Smart Alternative to Hand-mixing Engineered specifically for Two-Component Coatings The Graco XP70 Plural-Component Sprayer provides the high-pressure performance you need to spray high-viscosity, high-solids coatings. In addition, the unit is designed to maximize gravity feed, which may eliminate the need for feed pumps, saving you money. Mix Manifold • Provides simple fluid control for mixing or flushing • Accurately dispenses A and B fluids to the static mix tube • Handles high-solids coatings with large ports and low pressure drop • Choose to use mix manifold remotely to reduce...

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4 Discover How the XP70 Pays for Itself Upgrade from hand-mixing today! Visit Quick Return on your Investment You’ll discover that the Graco XP70 Plural-Component Sprayer pays for itself when you switch from hand-mixing. Here’s how: Reduces material costs With the Graco XP70, you eliminate waste and save money because you only mix as much material as you need. No more throwing away unused material at the end of the day. No more residue left over in smaller pails or cans. You can buy material in bulk as well. Saves money by using less clean-up solvent Only the parts that come...

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5 Selection and Savings ROI Typical Pay Back in less than 12 months Compare XP70 to hand-mixing and see how much you’ll save. XP70 provides a substantial return on investment compared to hand mixing because you throw away less mixed material, and you use less solvent. Visit to calculate an ROI for your application. Try the ROI calculator at XP Ratio Selection Guide MATERIAL SAVINGS (by eliminating unused mixed material in pail) Average cost of coating per liter Amount of wasted material per day Average cost of wasted coating per day TOTAL SAVINGS (assumes 200...

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7 Sprayers - All cart-mounted pump packages include material hoses and XTR™-7 gun, and use an NXT 6500 Air Motor (N65DN) Pump Lowers - All Xtreme XP pump lowers include built-in filter and Tuff-Stack™ (carbon filled PTFE packings) Supply Processing Equipment Temperature Controlling Equipment Mixing and Atomizing Water Jacketed Heated Hoses - (Approved for explosive atmospheres) 15.2 m (50 ft) sections Xtreme-Duty™ 500 bar (7250 psi) High-Pressure Hoses Ordering Information 571100 1:1 Bare sprayer, no cart, no guns, no hose 571101 1:1 Cart-mounted sprayer without hoppers 571102 1:1...

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Founded in 1926, Graco is a world leader in fluid handling systems and components. Graco products move, measure, control, dispense and apply a wide range of fluids and viscous materials used in vehicle lubrication, commercial and industrial settings. The company’s success is based on its unwavering commitment to technical excellence, world-class manufacturing and unparalleled customer service. Working closely with qualified distributors, Graco offers systems, products and technology that set the quality standard in a wide range of fluid handling solutions. Graco provides equipment for spray...

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