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SaniForce A Complete Sanitary Pump Line

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A Complete Sanitary Pump Line Proven Quality. Leading Technology.

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POWERFUL ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY The new SaniForce line saves you time and money by pumping the most difficult materials – quickly and safely! SaniForce Pumps: • • • • Air-operated double diaphragm pumps Piston transfer pumps Drum and bin unloaders High pressure cleaning equipment Max Flow Rate Max Fluid Pressure Pump Style Suction Lift (Wet) Max Pumpable Solids Viscosity Range

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A Smart Alternative to Hand-mixing Transfer a broad range Of viscosities from fruit juices and pizza sauce to caramel and peanut butter. SaniForce Pumps and Unloaders: • Move material faster • Increase efficiency • Improve processes • Pump high viscosity materials Immersion: Immersion:

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SaniForce™ Piston Pumps Save money by increasing efficiency Graco’s powerful line of piston pumps move extremely difficult materials. They have pressure ratios up to 12:1 and are ideal for low to medium viscosity materials. The air motors improve serviceability, increase efficiency and offer a lower cost of ownership. The quick knockdown lowers are made with 300 series stainless steel for long-lasting durability. SaniForce 5:1 Piston Pump SaniForce 6:1 Piston Pump SaniForce 12:1 Piston Pump • Flow rates up to 15 l/min (4 gpm) • Flow rates up to 53 l/min (14 gpm) • Flow rates up to 32 l/min...

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Move the most difficult materials Most advanced air motor on the market FDA-Compliant Kydex® Shroud On-demand workflow capability Quick Knockdown Lowers Made with 300 series stainless steel for long-lasting durability • Easily removable to clean and access modular air valve – reducing downtime Available in double ball or priming piston designs All SaniForce Piston Pumps have Quick Knockdown Lowers for Fast and Easy Cleaning!

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SaniForce™ 1040 - 1590 - 2150 Graco pumps excel! Graco’s SaniForce 1040, 1590 and 2150 air-operated diaphragm pumps not only have very high flow rates, but have one of the best, most durable, lube-free air valves in the industry. Pump Finish • Cast 316 SST • anitary shot-blasted wetted secS tions with 125 Ra finish Ideal for applications requiring high flow rates and portability, Graco’s dependable diaphragm pumps offer a wide range of food-grade elastomers including Santoprene, PTFE, and overmolded EPDM/PTFE. Bolt-through and overmolded diaphragm options available Fluid contact areas are...

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Improve your process and reduce downtime Graco Air Valves are durable, reliable and easy to repair! • Increase durability and reduce repair time with fewer moving parts • Three-way pilot valve for non-stick operation • Externally serviceable for quick, inexpensive repairs Tri-clamp inlet and outlet connections Stop Harboring Bacteria! Graco overmolded the diaphragm plate with PTFE on the fluid side and EPDM on the air side on our PTFE/EPDM diaphragms so there is no place to harbor bacteria. This improves wear, durability and cleanability –making SaniForce diaphragm pumps very easy to clean....

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SaniForce™ 1590 and 3150 High Sanitation Easy to clean, quick knockdown design Graco’s SaniForce High Sanitation (HS) pumps are ideal for applications that require an electropolished 32 Ra finish and benefit from the convenience of a quick knockdown design. All models are FDA-compliant and can be disassembled in five minutes or less. 32 Ra formed/welded stainless steel with sanitary finish Flow rates ranging from 340-568 l/min (90-150 gpm) Patented, durable, lube-free air valve • Flow rates up to 340 l/min (90 gpm) • Flow rates up to 568 l/min (150 gpm) Interchangeable flapper and ball...

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Designed for Easy Cleaning EPDM Overmolded Diaphragms • pproved for 3A applications A • asy cleaning with smooth, flat E surfaces and no recessed areas Overmolded diaphragm options are available Leak detector available on 3A models • o exposed diaphragm plates to prevent N contaminant collection Meat and Poultry Pump The SaniForce Meat and Poultry Flapper pump handles solids up to 6.3 cm (2.5 inches) in diameter and features Graco’s durable, non-sticking air valve. Easily passes necks, gizzards, livers, hearts, feet and slurries. Common Applications Tri-clamp connections Meat processing...

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SaniForce™ Drum Unloaders Need to transfer 500,000 cps materials? No problem! Graco’s SaniForce drum unloaders can evacuate medium to high viscosity products from their original 208 liter (55-gallon) containers, in less than 5 minutes – without diluting the material. Sanitary flange clamps for quick disassembly Available in double ball or priming piston designs Wiper Seal Features • FDA-compliant inflatable ram plate seal • Faster change-out of empty containers • 99% evacuation rate One size follower plate and seal to accommodate straight-sided AND tapered drums Liner guard prevents bags...

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Configure your own SaniForce Drum Unloading System It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Choose the Ram Frame Material + Control Type + Pump Type to build your own SaniForce Drum Unloading System. 300 Series Stainless Steel Controls Type Painted Carbon Steel Enclosed Controls* Exposed Controls *Available with SST frame only SaniForce Piston Pump OR SaniForce Diaphragm Pump Tomato paste Unload medium to high viscosity products, up to 500,000 cps, from 208 liter (55-gallon) containers without diluting the material Common Materials Common Applications All pumps feature an on-demand workflow capability and...

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SaniForce™ Bin Evacuation Systems (BES) The most sanitary way to unload materials without introducing airborne bacteria! Save time and money in your facility by unloading materials efficiently from 1135 liter (300-gallon) “bag-in-bin” containers – eliminating manual scooping or bin dumping. Complete bin unloading saves water evaporation costs and provides better process control while removing the need for costly booster pumps. Flow rates up to 400 l/min (100 gpm) can easily be achieved on medium to high viscosity products up to 500,000 cps. SaniForce 3150 BES with Diaphragm Pumps SaniForce...

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