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Meter-Flo Pumps

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Meter-Flo® Pumps Direct-drive, smoothly operating pumps ideal for applications requiring con­ inuous delivery t of hydraulic or lube oils. DESCRIPTION Meterflo gear-type pumps are available in 11 models with displacements from 9 to 161 in3 (147 to 2,638 cm3) per minute at 1,140 rpm, and 14 to 245 in3 (229 to 4,015 cm3) per minute at 1,725 rpm. They are designed for pressures up to 1,500 psi (103 bar). Positive displacement helps assure constant delivery of proper volume. Standard SAE 4-bolt mounting simplifies installation. Adjustable pressure relief valve protects pump against overload conditions. (See caution note, page 2) CROSS SECTION OF PUMP Match-ground heat-treated steel gears are enclosed in a rigid, cast-iron housing to assure dependability and long life. Meterflo pumps are available with a special coupling that allows easy replacement of older Meterflo pumps. (See ordering information for details). As the gears come out of mesh, oil is drawn into the suction side (S) of the pump, filling the spaces between the gear teeth. As the gears rotate, oil is carried between the teeth and the gear housing until it reaches the discharge port (D). As gears mesh, they force out the oil.

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Trabon® Meterflo® Pumps INLET & OUTLET PORTS NOTE : When mounting Meterflo pumps, shaft alignment must be within .005 TIR (Total Indicated Runout) or premature pump failure will result. NOTE: OBSOLETE METER-FLO PUMPS:Systems with old Meter-Flo pumps (not listed above) can be converted with current pump models as follows: First, select the appropriate pump from the table above; then, order a special coupling assembly (Part No. 563303 (514-100- 030)). This coupling permits the current pump to be used in existing systems, utilizing the same mounting brackets. *ADJUSTING INTERNAL RELIEF...

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Trabon® Meterflo® Pumps CHARTS ABOVE ARE FOR PUMP NUMBERS 557813 (540-800-001) (CCW) CHARTS ABOVE ARE FOR PUMP NUMBERS 557818 (540-800-091) (CCW) CHARTS ABOVE ARE FOR BOTH PUMP NUMBERS 557815 (540-800-021) (CCW) AND 558949 (540-800-031) (CW)

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CHARTS ABOVE ARE FOR BOTH PUMP NUMBERS 557816 (540-800-041) (CCW) AND 558950 (540-800-051) (CW) CHARTS ABOVE ARE FOR BOTH PUMP NUMBERS 557817 (540-800-061) (CCW) AND 558951 (540-800-071) (CW) CHARTS ABOVE ARE FOR BOTH PUMP NUMBERS 557820 (540-800-111) (CCW) AND 558955 (540-800-940) (CW) All written and visual data contained in this document are based on the latest product information available at the time of publication. Graco reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice. To receive product information or talk with a Graco representative, call 800-533-9655 or visit us...

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