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Manzel® DSL Lubricators

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Wide choice of standard modular components helps you meet application requirements more exactly without the added costs of a custom system. DESCRIPTION A basic pump-to-point system is shown in the illustra­ion which t depicts six pumps mounted on a common reservoir from which each pump is dispensing oil to a single lubrication point. These pumps are operated by individual cams on the drive shaft. FEATURES / BENEFITS • DSL Box Lubricators provide a proven, cost effective way to assemble customized oil systems that meet specific requirements by using standard modular components. • DSL Box Lubricators increase opportunities to standardize lube system components and reduce lube maintenance and service costs. • DSL Box Lubricators save you system design dollars and lead time. • DSL Box Lubricators are dependable and backed by the industry’s most comprehensive international distributor network-with application exper­ise, parts stocks and factory-trained service t nearby, wherever you are located.

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Manzel® DSL Lubricators PUMPS L51050 FEATURES / BENEFITS • Rugged construction for high performance and durability • Easy serviceability-pumps can be added or replaced quickly • Pump output is easily adjustable OPERATION Pumps With Drip Tube Rotation of the lubricator cam actuates the pump rocker arm assembly to operate the pump piston. On the piston downstroke, spring pressure is exerted on the piston causing it to follow the cam. As it moves down, a pressure reduction (vacuum) is created bet­ een w the piston and the outlet check valve and the valve closes. The supply inlet shutoff check...

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PUMP ADJUSTMENT Pump discharge (output flow) can be adjusted within the min./ max. range as shown in the specifications. The adjustment is linear. Therefore, positioning the screw midway will produce one-half of the pump capacity. To adjust the flow, proceed as follows: Five reservoir sizes are available for the DSL Lubricator. Each is ruggedly built to reduce deflection and provide longer life. 1. Loosen adjusting screw locknut. Each reservoir is equipped to handle the maximum number of pumps. Unused pump stations include cams and are covered with a gasketed, blank cover assembly that can...

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LUBRIQUIP, INC. MODEL NUMBER HAND PLUNGER & PUMP OUTPUT 1/8"-27 N.P.T.F. ADJUSTMENT LUBE OUTLET SERIAL NUMBER A Unit of IDEX Corporation 18 drive options are available from direct drive to a reduction ratio of 283:1. Options provide left- or right­ hand end and front side/back side and bottom reservoir mounting. SIDE ROTARY DRIVE HAND PLUNGER & PUMP OUTPUT ADJUSTMENT 1/8"-27 N.P.T.F. LUBE OUTLET IDEX IDEX CORPORATION FULL TO ADJUST RATE OF FLOW DRAIN PLUG SIGHT GLASS 2001 SOUTH STOUGHTON ROAD, P.O. BOX 6999, MADISON, WISCONSIN 53716-0999 FAX 608-221-8411 608-221-1100 LUBRIQUIP, INC. A UNIT...

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