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High Speed Spindl-Gard The High-Speed Spindl-Gard® System is today’s highly efficient, cost-effective method for lubricating spindle bearings, using air/ oil technology. DESCRIPTION The High-Speed Spindl-Gard System applies a constant, every minute, quantity of oil directly to the rotating bearing elements. The system is recommended for bearings that operate at speeds greater than 250,000 DN (Bearing Bore in mm X RPM). The New High Speed Spindl-Gard System incorporates proven high-speed air/oil spindle lubrication technology into a complete package. Components include an electric motor driven pump, with 3 liter (0.8 gallon) plastic reservoir, air/oil dispensing module, and an optional programmable timer/controller (AC models only). Eliminates the clean up and environmental problems that result from mist systems. Overall package dimensions: 415cm x 394cm x 157cm (16.2" high x 15.5" wide x 6.2" deep). The package (figure 1) is designed to lubricate from 1 to 8 bearings. Each bearing point will typically utilize an air/oil-mixing block. Unit can be expanded up to 8 mixing blocks. Each bearing point is supplied from a mixing block that includes a piston distributor, an air/oil-mixing chamber and an independent air flow adjustment. Three different oil outputs are offered 0.025, 0.049, or 0.082 cc (0.0015, 0.003, or 0.005 cu. in.) at 2.5 to 20 minute intervals. • Integral monitoring of air pressure, lube pressure and oil level. The system is designed to deliver from 16L (0.57 SCFM) of air @ 2 bar (30 psi) (with a .8mm (0.030 in.) orifice) per point to 104L (3.67 SCFM) of air @ 4.1 bar (60 psi) (with a 1.5mm (0.060 in.) orifice) per point. Air is constantly being applied to the air/oil block(s). After a preset time, the controller activates the pump, which builds system pressure and fires the Piston Distributors within the air/oil blocks. The output from the piston distributor is discharged to the air/oilmixing chamber where the constant flow of air causes a thin film of oil to flow along the delivery tube ID [.6m (2-ft.) min. length] in a constant wave like motion. This film is then applied in the form of a very fine spray from a drilled orifice or an SPG-2 nozzle tube to the bearing elements on a constant basis. FEATURES/BENEFITS • Advanced air/oil concept provides highly effective lubrication, reduces oil consumption, lowers operating temperature and protects spindle bearings from coolant ingress. • Thin oil film dramatically reduces viscous shear and hydrodynamic drag on the bearing, resulting in reduced friction and lower energy consumption. • Integral package design allows for ease of installation. • Airflow adjustment for each bearing point. • Oil output selectable for each bearing point. • Air/oil lubrication lowers operating temperature which minimizes thermal distortion resulting in improved production accuracy. The optional Spindl-Gard system controller provides monitoring for low air pressure, low oil pressure, and low oil level. Should any of the built in sensors indicate a fault condition, the red LED on the pump illuminates and the fault relay changes state. The fault relay can be connected to an external alarm or directly to the spindle drive control for shutdown as desired by user.

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Trabon® High Speed Spindl-Gard ORDERING INFORMATION SPECIFICATIONS Pump Output Motor Power Motor Voltage & Current Consumption Spindl-Gard Ordering Menu Code SPG – Pressure Relief Setting Output Block Regulator Buna-N O-Rings Plastic Reservoir N.C. (held open), 115/230 VAC, 10 watt Controls Options Remote (External Control or Customer PLC) Fault Output Operating Temperature Lube Output Pressure Switch Set Points Air (N.C.) VOLTAGE 024 – 24 VDC 115 – 115 VAC 230 – 230 VAC NUMBER OF OUTLETS 1 – ONE 2 – TWO 3 – THREE 4 – FOUR 5 –FIVE 6 – SIX 7 – SEVEN 8 – EIGHT INDIVIDUAL OUTPUTS FROM INLET TO...

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Trabon® High Speed Spindl-Gard Air Flow Data Chart High Speed Spindl-Gard Ordering Information Delivery Delivery Air Flow Air Flow Orifice Size Tube O.D. Tube I.D. @ 30 psi @ 60 psi Mm (inches) Mm (inches) Mm (inches) LPM (SCFM) LPM (SCFM) .76 (0.030) 1.00 (0.040) 1.27 (0.050) 1.52 (0.060) The velocity of the air is critical for proper oil transportation from the air/oil dispensing block to the bearing. The velocity of the air depends on the air pressure, the orifice size and the tubing size. For spindle applications a .76mm (0.030 in.) orifice with 5mm (3/16") O.D. (3mm (1/8") ID) tube are...

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PURGE PLUG OUTPUT BLOCKASSEMBLY DISPLACEMENT CAPS Note: Flare Tool: 45° SAE Tubing Flare with special tube clamp for precise nozzle tube flaring. END OUTLET NOZZLE WITH 0.030 ORIFICE NOZZLE TUBE NOTE NOZZLE TUBE MUST BE FLARED FOR EACH SPECIFIC BEAIRNG APPLICATION SG-2 NOZZLE TUBE ADAPTER SG-2 NOZZLE TUBE WITH 0.030 ORIFICE All written and visual data contained in this document are based on the latest product information available at the time of publication. Graco reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice. To receive product information or talk with a Graco...

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