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G3 Vent Valve Kit Instructions for installing vent valve. For professional use only. Part No.: 12 VDC, NPT- 571061; 24 VDC, NPT - 571029 12 VDC, BSPP - 24F537; 24 VDC, BSPP - 24F536 Maximum Working Pressure: 3500 psi (241 bar, 24 MPa) Important Safety Instructions Read all warnings and instructions in this manual and the G3 Pump instruction manual included with your unit. Save these instructions. All user supplied tubing must be rated for the same pressure or equipment could be damaged. PROVEN QUALITY. LEADING TECHNOLOGY

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Instructions Pressure Relief Valves The pressure relief valve uses a pressure adjustment screw (a) to set the pressure release point. It is not intended as a way to relieve pressure during normal operation but as a protective measure in the event there is an unintended pressure increase in the system. Relieve pressure in system by using two wrenches working in opposite directions on pump element and pump element fitting to only loosen fitting. NOTE: When loosening pump element fitting, do NOT loosen pump element. Loosening pump element will change the output volume. NOTE: • Do not use this...

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3. Mount vent valve block (1) to a fixed surface near the G3 pump using mounting holes (b) and two socket screws (5). 1 NOTE: If using one of the BSPP Vent Valve Kits, install adapter (7) into pump element prior to installing pump element fitting (c) then continue installation, Step 6. 6. Connect inlet tube (c) to pump element fitting (d) and inlet fitting (e) to manifold port (stamped with an “I”) (FIG. 5). Wrench tighten only. FIG. 2: Mounting Dimension a = 3.25 inches (8.255 cm). Thread 1/4 - 20 UNC-2A 4. Connect end of cable (2) to the G3 (FIG. 3). FIG. 5 7. Connect main tube (f) to any...

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9. Apply thread sealant (user supplied) to threads (k) of a tube fitting (m). NOTE: Although the example shown in FIG. 8 shows a 90° elbow fitting, this is only shown for reference. The user may use what ever fitting best suits their installation. 10. Install tube fitting (m) in open port. Plugs (must be installed in any open outlet port) (5) Pressure Gauge (optional) (7) Install any of these parts in the remaining outlet ports on the manifold block. NOTE: Any port not used by a pressure gauge (7) or zerk grease fitting (4) MUST have a plug (5) installed in the opening. Retrofitting...

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