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Hoses, Guns and Accessories For Reactor™ Spray Foam and Coatings Equipment PROVEN QUALITY. LEADING TECHNOLOGY.

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Even a Small Part Can Make a Critical Difference O-RINGS ARE JUST ONE EXAMPLE OF GRACO’S QUALITY Graco Part Non-Graco Part After spending the same amount of time submersed in solvent, the Graco O-ring (left) still fits snugly, protecting the side seal, while the non-Graco O-ring (right) expanded in diameter and swelled in cross section. Learn more at

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Don’t risk your reputation with anything less It’s happened before: A critical piece of equipment meets an unfortunate end due to the failure of one, tiny component. That’s why Graco doesn’t build just any off-the-shelf part into its equipment. We select and manufacture high quality components our customers have come to rely on. Our equipment is superior because its parts are superior – in design, quality and performance. Designed, tested and built for reliability Great design is in the details. At Graco, our engineering team designs and specifies every part that’s built into our machines,...

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Once you have determined whether to go with an air-driven, electric or hydraulic Graco Reactor, it is equally important to choose components that will create the most effective system for your needs. This brochure contains the information you need to make those choices. For information regarding Graco Reactors, please see the Graco Fast-Set Plural-Component Equipment brochure (300615). © Graco InSite™ Remote Reporting Technology - Pages 5-7 If your Reactor model does not come with Graco InSite software as a standard feature, consider adding a Graco InSite kit to improve productivity and...

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Graco InSite™ Remote Reporting Technology The power to control your business. Wherever you are. For contractors who manage more than one jobsite, spend time away from the jobsite or want a better way to record what goes on at the jobsite, Graco InSite is the answer. It transmits data from Graco Reactors to your smart phone, computer or tablet so you can monitor progress from multiple jobsites in real time. It also keeps a log of data from each project, which you can use to make better business decisions and store for support if questions ever arise about a past job. • Simple – friendly,...

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Graco InSite™ Remote Reporting Technology for Electric and Hydraulic Reactors Control the direction of your business with Graco InSite. The kind of information Graco InSite logs for you is data that can save you money, help you bid jobs more accurately and troubleshoot problems more quickly, saving lost overhead and revenue. Most importantly, Graco InSite offers peace of mind that your jobs are running smoothly, your workers are productive, and you can leave the jobsite to pursue other important business matters. Better fleet and crew management • Know when your Reactors are off, idling or...

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Better cost containment and forecasting • now when equipment is ready for maintenance K by using lifetime cycle logs • ave lost revenue and downtime by having real-time, S factual information at your fingertips Graco InSite works by transmitting your data using the local cellular network, where it is stored in the cloud. You can then view the data on your smart phone, tablet or computer via the internet. Better customer service • elp troubleshoot issues remotely and get H machines up and running faster REMOTE REPORTING TECHNOLOGY • rovide more accurate job estimates, P basing it on actual...

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Graco Heated Hoses Designed to achieve accurate, uniform heating Why Graco copper-heated hoses We strongly recommend that you use only genuine Graco heated hoses with Reactor equipment. Our machine controls are designed to communicate with the fluid temperature sensors (FTS) and provide the proper electrical power to accurately and safely heat our hoses. Graco hoses are wrapped with a copper heating element at a precise pitch to achieve accurate, uniform heating. Because knock-off hoses may not heat in the same way, you risk over- or under-heating your hoses. Mixing and matching both Graco...

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24T243    2.4 m (8 ft) Xtreme-Wrap Scuff Guard Kit 24T244    15.7 m (55 ft) Xtreme-Wrap Scuff Guard Kit 246077    2.1 m (7 ft) braided polyester mesh scuff guard 246805    7.6 m (25 ft) braided polyester mesh scuff guard 246078    15 m (50 ft) braided polyester mesh scuff guard 246456    15 m (50 ft) polyethylene scuff guard 246050    LP 1/4 in x 6.3 mm x 3    m    (10 ft), Xtreme-Wrap Scuff    Guard 246055    HP 1/4 in x 6.3 mm x 3    m    (10 ft), Xtreme-Wrap Scuff    Guard 246056    HP 3/8 in x 9.5 mm x 3    m    (10 ft), scuff guard 249586    LP 1/4 in x 6.3 mm x 91 cm (3 ft), scuff...

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Liquid-Purge Gun Unprecedented features that will change the way you spray Fusion™ CS with ClearShot™ Technology – A new class of spray gun Graco’s Fusion CS plural-component spray gun with ClearShot (CS) Technology delivers improved productivity and performance throughout the spray day. The secret of the revolutionary ClearShot Technology is the ClearShot Liquid, which is inserted into the gun’s handle. Every time you pull the trigger, ClearShot Liquid is dispensed into the mix chamber and helps remove any built-up chemical, keeping it clean and virtually eliminating drilling of the mix...

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FT0424 flat tip (.020 orifice size) FT0438 flat tip (.020 orifice size) FT0424 flat tip (.029 orifice size) FT0438 flat tip (.029 orifice size) FT0624 flat tip (.029 orifice size) FT0638 flat tip (.029 orifice size) FT0838 flat tip (.029 orifice size) FT0848 flat tip (.029 orifice size) FT0424 flat tip (.042 orifice size) FT0438 flat tip (.042 orifice size) FT0624 flat tip (.042 orifice size) FT0638 flat tip (.042 orifice size) FT0838 flat tip (.042 orifice size) FT0848 flat tip (.042 orifice size) FT0424 flat tip (.052 orifice size) FT0438 flat tip (.052 orifice size) FT0624 flat tip (.052...

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