Fine Finish Sprayers Brochure - 13 Pages

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Fine Finish Sprayers Brochure

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Fine Finish Sprayers Graco's Complete Line of Fine Finish Sprayers and Accessories PROVEN QUALITY. LEADING TECHNOLOGY.

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There is nothing like a Graco sprayer. ® Quality. Performance. Durability. Productivity. Graco fine finish sprayers deliver on all counts. Whether you’re a contractor focused on small residential or a large contractor tackling the biggest projects every day, Graco offers you the best, most extensive line of spraying equipment to meet your needs. Most importantly, when you choose Graco, you know that you are choosing the highest quality product in the industry. You can take pride in the fact that Graco fine finish sprayers are designed, manufactured, and assembled right in the USA with...

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Choose the RIGHT Graco fine finish sprayer. No matter your need, Graco has your total solution for your fine finishing applications. Whether it’s a FinishPro HVLP sprayer or a FinishPro II Air-Assisted Airless sprayer, each and every Graco sprayer yields unmatched results in productivity and quality of finish. Graco has the RIGHT SOLUTION for all your fine finish applications. Whether you routinely handle small residential, large residential and commercial jobs, or large commercial and industrial jobs, Graco’s mission is to fit you to the perfect sprayer sized for the size and type of work...

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EXCLUSIVE TURBOFORCE ™ TECHNOLOGY Graco’s FinishPro product family redefines HVLP spraying. Its nextgeneration TurboForce™ turbine technology provides the most optimized air pressure and air flow combination, delivering up to 30% more performance than any other comparable product on the market. With TurboForce, you’ll spray faster and spend less time in material preparation. DESCRIPTION FinishPro HVLPSprayers S tores gun, cup, power cord and supplies inside S eparate top storage for extra needle D urable design provides insulation for quieter operation Tough, durable toolbox design protects...

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Maximize your spraying performance with the innovative HVLP EDGE Gun. With cutting edge technology such as streamlined, intuitive gun controls, Quick Release fluid set and optimized air pressure and air flow, the HVLP EDGE Gun will help you achieve the highest quality finish available in fine finish spraying. DESCRIPTION Integrated Flow Control Adjustable Siphon Tube C ombines material and air flow into one simple control O ptimized to spray the majority of fine finish applications Q uick adjustment with 360° rotation and indicator for repeatable spray setting E asy to adjust for up, down...

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HVLP Accessories FINISHPRO HVLP SPRAYERS PROCOMP PACK – 256850 Includes: Compressor, 1 qt (0.9 l) Remote Cup, 5 ft (1.5 m) Material and Air Hose and Shoulder Strap FILTERS AND STRAINERS 240267 Cone Material Strainers (3-pack) Powerful compressor pack attaches to any FinishPro HVLP sprayer Ability to separate the gun from the material cup for spraying in any direction Simple installation, no tools required ARTISAN AIR VALVE KIT – 256927 Provides the ultimate air control for specialty, multi-spec applications Plugs directly into back of EDGE Gun QUICK RELEASE FLUID SETS For HVLP EDGE Gun...

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Introducing the latest highperformance solution for fine finish spraying—FinishPro II Air-Assisted Airless sprayers that deliver an HVLP-quality finish at the speed of an airless sprayer. With this technology, material is delivered to the gun at lower pressure than traditional airless (500-1500 psi vs. 1500-3000 psi) and is partially atomized through a small tip. Full atomization is achieved by adding a small amount of air (5-35 psi) to the edges of the spray fan, resulting in a softer pattern, more control, higher transfer, and less overspray. Only Graco delivers industry-leading features...

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An entry-level air-assisted model ideal for occasional finishers, small cabinet shops and enthusiast woodworkers, the FinishPro II 295 delivers a high quality finish at a higher production rate than HVLP. Spray light to heavy material right out of the pail! With features that make a great sprayer even better, the FinishPro II 395 is Graco’s premier solution to fine finishing. It delivers a high-quality finish at a high production rate and can handle the most challenging materials. • G40 Gun Air-Assisted Airless Gun • 50 ft Super Flex Hose Set 1/4 in x 50 ft (6.4 mm x 15.2 m) Fluid Hose 1/8...

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The most versatile FinishPro II sprayer ever, with more performance to get the job done faster, the FinishPro II 595 is ideal for large commercial and industrial jobs. DESCRIPTION Graco’s G40 gun is the premier Air-Assisted Airless gun in the industry and comes standard with all FinishPro II sprayers. From its ultra-light trigger pull to the ergonomic fit, it truly is a gun by which all other guns are measured. • G40 Air-Assisted Airless Gun • 50 ft Super Flex Hose Set 1/4 in x 50 ft (6.4 mm x 15.2 m) Fluid Hose 1/8 in x 6 ft (3.2 mm x 1.8 m) Fluid Whip Hose 3 /8 in x 50 ft (9.5 mm x 15.2...

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Only Graco gives you the ability to outfit your air-assisted airless sprayer to suit your needs. Whether you need fast highproduction spraying or a smooth HVLP-like finish, Graco has you covered. AIR-ASSISTED AIRLESS RAC X TIPS VS. PRECISION-CUT FLAT TIPS RAC X FINE FINISH SWITCH TIPS CHARACTERISTICS: RECOMMENDED USES: PRECISION-CUT FINE FINISH FLAT TIPS The unique pre-orifice design of Graco’s RAC X Fine Finish SwitchTips produces finer atomization at lower pressures and allows for fast application of material. • bility to quickly clear tip clogs A • witching tip is simple, allowing you to...

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WARRANTY SPRAY PROTECTION LIFETIME DRIVE TRAIN WARRANTY* If the drive train fails from normal use, we’ll replace it under warranty for the original owner for the life of the sprayer. LIFETIME ELECTRIC MOTOR WARRANTY* If the motor fails from normal use, we’ll replace it under warranty for the original owner for the life of the sprayer. 30-DAY “JUST ADD PAINT” REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE Dissatisfied? Simply return the sprayer to the place you bought it within 30 days. They’ll either exchange it for an identical sprayer or you can trade-up to a larger sprayer at an additional cost. We stand behind...

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