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E-Series Lube Packages Description The basic Trabon® E Series Lube package consists of a positive displacement, single-acting pneumatic pump and either reservoirs for oils up to 30,000 SUS, or grease reservoirs. The pump, which operates at 40 to 150 psi (3 to 10 bar) air pressure, has a displacement and output of 0.030 cubic inches (0.491 cm3) or .010 - .030 (.160 -.491cm3) per stroke. Maximum rated operating pressure is 2,000 psi. The fixed output pump comes with a 1,750 psi high pressure rupture disc assembly.* Both pumps include a built-in lube outlet check valve. The basic package is available with matched, modular low level switch, pressure gauge and 3-way pneumatic valve accessories. Specifications Pump Body Material Pump Ratio • Simplicity of pump design ensures long-lasting dependability. The pump's only moving parts are the air and lube pistons and spring, plus the check valve ball and its spring. Air Volume to Operate per Stroke Recommended Lube Pressure (max) *2350 psi rupture disk also available for 563363 and 563364. • Built-in high pressure rupture disc assembly (1,750 psi or 121 bar) (fixed output pump) prevents high downstream back-pressure conditions from damaging the pump. Optional discs, with higher ratings, are available. • Modular design allows field installation of accessories without disturbing existing piping. • Fast, simple installation. The pump mounts to the bottom of the reservoir. Low level switch assembly mounts to top of reservoir, and the pressure gauge accessory threads into a port on the side of the pump. The entire assembly is mounted with two screws through holes provided in the mounting bracket. High Pressure Protection Rupture Disc Reservoir Material Operation Air under pressure from a central supply enters the air inlet on the pump. The air piston (A) and the lube piston (B) are moved to the right by this air under pressure. This forces the lubricant from the chamber (C1) through the check valve (C) and out into the distribution system. When the air supply is vented, the piston spring (D) returns the air and lube pistons (A&B) to their original position. The ball check spring closes the check valve. The return of the pistons to their original position opens the inlet for oil or grease to enter chamber (C1) and prime the pump for the next stroke. 10 Watts @ 120 VAC (resistive), 1/4 amp SPST, or 15 amp, 120 VAC (resistive), 1/2 amp SPDT Mounting Screw Torque Rectangular Plastic Oil Reservoir Cylindrical Reservoir LUBE INLET Fixed Output Adjustable Output LUBE OUTLET

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Ordering Information 5 & 12 pint Cylindrical, Oil (10 watt) 20 pint Cylindrical, Oil (10 watt) Assemblies w/Fixed Output Pump E-Series w/3 lb Reservoir w/Low Level Switch & Pressure Gauge E-Series Grease Pump & 6 lb Reservoir Package E-Series Grease Pump, 6 lb Reservoir & Low Level Switch Package E-Series Oil Pump & 4 pint Reservoir Package E-Series Oil Pump, 4 pint Reservoir & Low Level Switch Package Low Level Options (not available for 3 lb Cyl. Res.) Accessories (for field installation) Oil Reservoirs 4 pint Rectangular Plastic (1.89 liter) 5 pint Cylindrical Plastic (2.36 liter)...

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