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Wet Pit Column Pumps


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Wet Pit Column Pumps - 1

WET PIT COLUMN PUMPS FOR LOW TO MEDIUM HEADS 1 V APPLICATIONS: Օ Circulating water Service water Օ Malce-up water Water supply Օ Process cooling ■ Flood Control Wastewater VERTICAL WET-PIT MIXED FLOW COLUMN PUMPS SEMI-OPEN IMPELLER DESIGN TYPES: WCAX, YDD, WCA, WCB A-C Pump </V ITT Industries *Nr Engineered for life

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Wet Pit Column Pumps - 2

PUMP KNOWLEDGE ■ PUMP EXPERIENCE ITT A-C PUMP WET PIT COLUMN PUMPS ARE DESIGNED FOR LONG LIFE AND RELIABILITY STANDARD ITT A-C PUMP DESIGN FEATURES: IMPELLER is of the single suction, mixed flow, semi-open type. Vanes are formed by accurately set cores Ihus assuring even thicknesses and vane spacing for the impeller casting. The accurately cast impellers assure geometrical similarity to the pump model impeller thus assuring accurate prototype performance. WC8 impellers are also available in an enclosed design to elfminate vane tip deflectson for higher head applications, Numerous sets of...

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Wet Pit Column Pumps - 3

PUMP KNOWLEDGE ■ PUMP EXPERIENCE "PULL-OUT" WEARING PARTS AN IMPORTANT COST-REDUCING OPTION driver pede"5t*l ADJUSTABLE EOUMJtW stu«ing ta» curb ring UPPEfl ehaft '■. Et -i sn»rr tube DHIVE shaft IMPELLER cone SUCI ION BELL discharge ELBOW- -hjom0 111- .ׇmiCAL fit FOR POSITIVE AI.IOHMEHT NJ.UCTIN BEIA - Typical section view showing "pull-out" type construction. Hemovable inner ۩lment Column pipe, discharge elbow and suction bell remain undisturbed. Available as an option on ail ITT A-C Pump wet-pit column pumps, the "pulf-out" design substantially reduces maintenance and downtime costs by...

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Wet Pit Column Pumps - 4

PUMP KNOWLEDGE ■ P U M P EXPERIENCE YOUR ORDER IS BACKED BY THE ITT A-C PUMP ENGINEERING AND EXPERIENCE ADVANTAGE CRITICAL SPEED ANALYSIS a de׮ailed computerized crilical speed analysis s run for every order to assure that the first critical speed is well above the maximum operat-ing speed of the pump. MECHANtCAL DESIGN ANALYSIS a detailed computerized mechanical design analysis is run for every order to dtermine the proper shaft size, bearing spans. wal! thicknesses, flange bolting size and quantifies, and other critical design features. START-UP ANALYSIS upon request a computerized...

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