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Vertical Cantilever Pump VHS


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Vertical Cantilever Pump VHS - 1

GOULDS PUMPS Goulds Model VHS Vertical Cantilever Recessed Impeller Pumps Goulds Pumps

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Vertical Cantilever Pump VHS - 2

Vertical Cantilever Recessed Impeller Pumps Designed to Handle Large or Fibrous Solids Cantilever Design No submerged bearings. Recessed, Non-Clog Impeller Maximum solid size is equal to pump suction. Bottom Suction Removes solids from sump floor. Materials of Construction Available in a wide range of corrosive/abrasive resistant alloys. Maximum Interchangeability Replaceable Shaft Sleeve Design Features Mill Scale Waste Paper Stock Plant Waste Coal Pile Runoff Food Pulp Sewage Treatment Washdown Water Coal Slurry Black Liquor Clay Slurry

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Vertical Cantilever Pump VHS - 3

cessed Impeller Pumps Features for Handling Large or Fibrous Solids DIRECT OR BELT DRIVE - Direct drive offers simplicity, ease costs. V-belt drive allows use of readily available standard speed motors along with full diameter impellers to meet desired operating conditions with greater pump efficiency- Belt drive also provides flexibility to meet changes in head/ capacity requirements. BEARING FRAME _ Sealed to prevent contamination. HIGH STRENGTH COLUMN PIPE Rigidly maintains alignment between bearing frame and casing Protects pump shaft. RENEWABLE SHAFT Full length hook-type sleeve...

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Vertical Cantilever Pump VHS - 4

Application Flexibility Direct or Belt Drive Other Recessed Impeller Pumps Besides the Model VHS vertical cantilever pump, Goulds makes other recessed impeller pumps for handling large solids. Horizontal Solids landling Pump Handling Pump

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Vertical Cantilever Pump VHS - 6

Sectional View Model VHS

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Vertical Cantilever Pump VHS - 7

Hydraulic Coverage Model VHS 1) Outboard bearings are duplex angular contact bearings on frame sizes Ct. C2, C3. C4. C5A. 8 C6A; and are double row tapered roller bearings on the C5 and C6 frames. 2) Inboard bearings are single row deep groove ball bearings on frame sizes C1. C2. C3, C4. C5A. & C6A; and are spherical roller bearings on the C5 and C6 frames.

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Vertical Cantilever Pump VHS - 8

All dimensions in inches fmm). No! to be used for construction. PUMP DIMENSIONS

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Vertical Cantilever Pump VHS - 9

Four Pump Models Vertical Cantilever Designed for wide range of abrasive slurry services. Top suction design eliminatesair binding, provides ease of maintenance. Handles submerged bearing design Vertical Cantilever Bottom Suction Pump Vertical Cantilever Bottom Suction Pump abrasive slurry services. Bottom suction removes solids from sump floor. design available for deeper extremely abrasive slurries. Submerged bearing design also available. Vertical Cantilever Recessed Impeller Pump Designed to handle large or fibrous solids. Recessed, non-clog impeller — maximum solid size is equ to pump...

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