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Pumps for the Sugar Processing Industry


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Pumps for the Sugar Processing Industry - 1

May 2001 Pumps for the Sugar Processing Industry

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Pumps for the Sugar Processing Industry - 2

Goulds Pumps and A-C pumps – Performance proven for over 150 years... 2 raw juice to cush-cush to lime slurry and more, you’ll find Goulds and A-C (Allis-Chalmers) pumps on the job, day-in and day-out, wherever sugar is being refined.We have been solving problems and supplying pumps to meet the needs of the sugar industry for over 150 years. Visit any sugar mill and you will find a wide variety of Goulds and A-C pumps in service.We have been at the forefront with major “firsts” and improvements, all designed to help serve the sugar industry better. Our refinements include: the first...

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Pumps for the Sugar Processing Industry - 3

3 Goulds Pumps. Everything you need...and more! increase production—we are ready to help. Take a close look at the products in this brochure. They cover an extensive range of pumps for the sugar processing industry— simply stated, Goulds builds quality pumps to meet every one of your requirements. innovations to extend the performance and service life of our pumps in the sugar processing industry. Goulds Pumps produces the widest range of pumps for the sugar processing industry of any pump manufacturer in the world; boiler feed pumps, elastomer-lined and hard metal slurry pumps, ANSI...

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Pumps for the Sugar Processing Industry - 4

4 A-C Hard-Metal Slurry, Solids Handling Pumps Proven performance in handling liquids with abrasive solids. The CW Series pumps are designed to handle liquids containing abrasive solids from 1/8" (3mm) to 5" (125mm) in size. The CW is available in abrasive resistant Hi-chrome iron (ASTM A532, Class III Type A Hardened). Available in sizes from 4" (100mm) to 16" suction (400mm), capacities to 13,000GPM (2950m3/hr) and heads to 300ft (90m), the CW Series is capable of handling temperatures up to 250°F (120°C). The CWX Shearpeller version is available for applications with stringy, fibrous...

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Pumps for the Sugar Processing Industry - 5

5 The design of the pumps ensures superior wear life characteristics while providing energy efficient performance and ease of maintenance. The Slurry Pro / 5500 pump series is designed specifically to handle abrasive and corrosive slurries such as raw juice and lime slurry. The head and capacity of these pumps can be adjusted to suit a wide range of operating conditions. Available in 22 sizes with flow ranges to 14,000 GPM (3180 m3/hr) and heads to 400 ft (121 m). The SP / 5500 line has standard features which provide for ease of maintenance which maximizes uptime wherever these pumps are...

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Pumps for the Sugar Processing Industry - 6

Reliable, long-lasting, cost-effective handling of abrasive and corrosive slurries. These elastomer-lined pumps have been designed to handle the tough abrasive and corrosive slurries found in sugar refining applications. Rubber-lined pumps are especially well-suited for raw juice service due to the abrasive nature of the liquid. Choose from twelve sizes: 2" (50mm) to 20" (500mm). Flow ranges up to 20,000GPM (4545m3/hr) with heads to 140ft. TDH (40m). The natural rubber linings handle liquid temperatures up to 160°F (70°C) with synthetic linings handling up to 230°F (110°C). Design features...

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Pumps for the Sugar Processing Industry - 7

7 Handle slurries, sludges, stringy material and discharge-sized spherical solids with clog-free dependability. Fully recessed impellers produce a clear flow path to the pump discharge, allowing the pumping of large solids. Recessed impellers and pump out vanes reduce axial thrust and stuffing box pressure – extending seal, packing, sleeve and bearing life. Vortex pumps are available in sizes from 2” (50 mm) to 10” (250 mm). These pumps are typically used for maceration service and raw juice. Vortex pumps are also used for boiler scrubber applications where their recessed impeller design...

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Pumps for the Sugar Processing Industry - 8

Goulds Pumps for Process Services 8 Proven Performance... Over 500,000 Installations Worldwide The Goulds 3196 ANSI Process Pump has become the standard for the sugar industry. Today, over a half million process installations attest to its remarkable performance. Users in the sugar processing industries can make no better choice than the best – Goulds Model 3196. Four Design Features for Long Pump Life: ¡ Impeller: Designed for long-term, maintainable performance and minimum hydraulic loads for maximum reliability. ¡ Seal Chamber: Designed for favorable seal environment – proper heat...

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Pumps for the Sugar Processing Industry - 9

9 Heavy duty process pumps designed to handle all of your sugar process pumping applications. Design features ¡ Ease of adjustment to maintain optimum performance. By adjusting the impeller clearance at the bearing frame, wide open accessibility to the bolts assists in obtaining a positive clearance with minimal effort. ¡ Clamped sideplate for maximum reliability and zero leakage. The clamped sideplate provides consistent alignment with the impeller. This results in improved efficiency and more even wear over the life of the pump. Also provides reliable leak-free seal with clamped gasket...

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Pumps for the Sugar Processing Industry - 10

Double Suction Splitcase Pumps 10 Axially split-case pumps for high efficiency, energy savings and quiet operation. Splitcase pumps are used throughout sugar processing plants for high flow, high head applications such as limed juice, injection water, water supply, and transfer. Design features ¡ Double Suction/Dual Volute* Balanced axial and radial loading for long service life and reduced maintenance. ¡ Horizontally Split Casing In-line suction and discharge in lower half casing simplify piping layouts and allow removal of the upper half casing for easy inspection. ¡ Wear Rings Easily...

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Pumps for the Sugar Processing Industry - 11

11 Heavy duty, high pressure multi-stage pumps for a variety of services.Whether water supply for irrigation or boiler feed, Goulds has the pump you can depend on. A variety of pump configurations will fulfill your application requirements. Performance Range: Capacities to 8800 USgpm (2000 m3/h) Heads to 1640 feet (500 m) Sizes: 3" (76 mm) - 12" (305 mm) discharge Max. temperature: 280°F (140°C) Max. casing pressure: 800 psig (55 bar) A wide range of vertical turbine pumps are available for irrigation, water supply, and cooling tower service. Performance Range: Capacities to 100,000 GPM...

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