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Products for the Water and Wastewater Industries


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Products for the Water and Wastewater Industries - 1

Pumps for the Water/Wastewater Industries

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Products for the Water and Wastewater Industries - 2

A-C Pumps and Goulds Pumps – Performance proven for over 150 years... A-C Pump’s track record goes back as far as 1872, when our first pumping engine—delivering 5,500 GPM at a 200 ft head—went into service for the City of Milwaukee, WI. Twelve years later, in 1884, we built the world’s largest centrifugal pump in Chicago, rated at 48,000 GPM against a 13 ft head. We manufactured fifty of these highreliability, high-performance units. Our service to the pollution control industry also dates back to the 1880s when low-water conditions and pollution in the Milwaukee river threatened boating...

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Products for the Water and Wastewater Industries - 3

Horizontal Split-Case Pumps High efficiencies, low energy costs, wide operating range. The axially split-case pumps have been designed to keep energy and maintenance costs under control by delivering trouble-free long life and high efficiencies. Six different models are offered to provide the optimum solution for any application. Sizes range to 78" (1981 mm) with capacities to 180,000 GPM (40,878 m3/h), heads to 850 feet (260 m), and temperatures to 350° F (177° C). Design features: ¡ Horizontal or vertical mounting saves space. ¡ Side Suction or Bottom Suction (some sizes) for application...

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Products for the Water and Wastewater Industries - 4

Horizontal and Vertical Non-Clog Wastewater Pumps NSW, NSY and NSX pumps. The NS series can handle wastewater and liquids containing soft solids up to 9" (230 mm) without clogging. They can be utilized in preliminary, primary and secondary treatment. The NS series is available in sizes from 4" to 24" (100 mm to 600 mm) with capacities to 23,000 GPM (5,230 m3/hr) and heads to 300 ft (90 m). Design features: ¡ A two vane, non-clog impeller with a tapered shaft fit and contoured stainless impeller nut to prevent pumping material from hanging up and a tapered shaft fit for easy removal. ¡ A...

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Products for the Water and Wastewater Industries - 5

NSWV, NSYV, NSXV, SSEV, SSFV and WSYV. The vertical series is perfect for package lift stations and offers all of the benefits found in the horizontal series with the additional benefit of space savings. Cast volutes available in size ranges from 4” to 54” (100 mm to 1372 mm) with capacities to 110,000 GPM (25,000 m3/hr) and heads to 300 ft (90 m). Design features: ¡ These space-saving vertical pumps require less floor space and less elaborate foundations due to the sturdy support pedestals. ¡ Some models are available in closecoupled configurations. ¡ Axial clearance between the impeller...

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Products for the Water and Wastewater Industries - 6

Self-Priming Pumps The Self-Priming pumps are available in sizes from 2" to 12" (76 mm to 300 mm) with capacities to 6,000 GPM (1,375 m3/hr) and heads to 200 ft (60 m). The solids handling, non-clog impeller is capable of passing solids up to 3" (76 mm). Designed to provide maximum uptime and ease of maintenance, these rugged pumps are constructed of cast-iron, 316 stainless steel or hard metal CD4MCu. Trash Hog is perfect for pumping raw sewage, sludge and wastewater. For non-trash containing fluids, Prime Line offers higher efficiencies and faster priming. For corrosive fluids, the 3796...

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Products for the Water and Wastewater Industries - 7

HS pumps handle spherical solids up to 10" (254 mm), stringy matter, slurries and fragile solids, all with clog-free dependability. A fully recessed impeller provides a straight flow path to the pump discharge reducing casing wear and improving solids handling capabilities. Sizes range from 2" to 10" (50 mm to 254 mm) with capacities to 7,000 GPM (1,600 m3/hr) and heads to 140 feet (43 m). Available in cast iron, high chrome iron (ASTM A532) with a hardness of 600 BHN for abrasion resistance or 316 stainless steel (ASTM A743, CF-8M) for corrosion resistance. Design features: ¡ Easy access,...

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Products for the Water and Wastewater Industries - 8

Sump Pumps Goulds Pumps offers a wide range of sump pumps in submersible and wet pit designs. The 3171 line offers metallic constructions from cast iron to CD4MCu and non-metallic FRP. Also offered is a recessed impeller design specifically for solids handling. The HSU and HSUL are submersible recessed impeller pumps. Submersible motors are UL listed explosion-proof for use in Class I, Groups C and D hazardous locations. Model 3171 Design features: ¡ Self-Priming, rugged double row thrust bearing with heavy duty one-piece shaft and external Impeller adjustment ¡ Available in a wide range of...

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Products for the Water and Wastewater Industries - 9

Goulds offers the most complete range of pumps for chemical and general services in any water or waste water treatment facility. Model 3196 ANSI Process Pump Design features: ¡ Flows to 6500 gpm (1450 m3/h) ¡ Heads to 700 ft (213 m) ¡ Temperatures to 700° F (371° C) ¡ Materials: DI, 316SS, Alloy 20, CD4MCu, Hastalloy B and C, Nickel, Titanium, Zirconium. ¡ Solids handling Max: 1 1/8" ¡ Services:Water Treatment and Distribution, Booster Pumps, Disposal, Chemical Injection, Water circulation and General Services Model NM 3196 Non-Metallic Pump Design features: ¡ Flows to 800 gpm (182 m3/h) ¡...

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Products for the Water and Wastewater Industries - 10

VIT Vertical Turbine Vertical Column Pumps: WCAX,YDD,WCA,WCB,WMCC and WMCE Pumps Model VIT Pump The vertical turbine pump is designed for high pressure or high capacity and when ease of maintenance is a prime consideration. Available in a wide variety of materials for the most erosive and corrosive environments. Services include river water intake, irrigation, booster, and water transfer. Design Features: ¡ Capacities to 60,000 GPM (13,627 m3/h) ¡ Heads to 3,500 feet (1067 m) ¡ Temperatures to 450°F (232°C) 10 The vertical column pump line has been designed to maximize pumping efficiency...

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Products for the Water and Wastewater Industries - 11

Horizontal Axial flow Pumps WCXH Pumps Model AF Axial Flow Design features: For continuous circulation of corrosive/ abrasive solutions, slurried and process wastes. Fabricated or cast elbow designs available. Unmatched for low head, high capacity pumping. ¡ Capacities to 200,000 gpm (35,000 m3/h) ¡ Heads to 30 ft (9 m) ¡ Temperatures to 350° F (180° C) ¡ Pressures to 150 PSIG (1034 kPa) ¡ Solids to 9" (228 mm) Axial Flow Pumps 11 AF Axial Flow The horizontal axial flow pump is designed for pumping large capacities with low lift requirements. It is designed for reliable, efficient pumping...

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