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Products for the Oil and Gas Industry


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Products for the Oil and Gas Industry - 1

Oil & Gas Products & Services for Production, Transport & Refining

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Products for the Oil and Gas Industry - 2

ITT’s Capabilities & Technology From pump systems used to transport and refine petroleum, to watermakers used on offshore rigs, ITT fluid handling technologies are used in all areas of the Oil and Gas Industry. Expertise Innovation For over 160 years, our engineers have worked closely with major energy producers worldwide to develop innovative products and technologies that optimize the life cycle of equipment required by this demanding industry. ITT is recognized as the premier supplier of pumps, valves, controls and monitoring, offshore RO desalination, and services to the Oil and Gas...

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Products for the Oil and Gas Industry - 3

ITT – API Expert ITT Commitment Global Coverage ITT is commited to the Oil and Gas market, which is the largest segment of our business. We have been investing in technology to continuously improve our products to meet increasingly demanding industry requirements. ITT Goulds Pumps has the global coverage needed to serve multi-national companies in any region. Proven API Leadership ITT Goulds Pumps is a proven leader in API pumps: Over 20,000 units installed: 40+ years of API expertise participating member on API 610 and API 682 committees Industry Leading Hydraulic Coverage We offer...

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Products for the Oil and Gas Industry - 4

Exploration & Production Recognized as a premier supplier of products and services for the Oil and Gas Industry, it’s only natural that ITT provides the sophisticated, rugged, and reliable products necessary to extract and process oil and gas. Oil sands, shale oil, and shale gas have become economically and technologically feasible energy sources. Our products serve them all. Offshore ITT offers extensive products and services to meet the demanding requirements of: loading vessels (FPSO) This includes manufacturing in super duplex materials and focusing on reducing the footprint and weight...

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Products for the Oil and Gas Industry - 5

Pipelines Whether you are talking short distances between storage tank and truck, or long barren stretches between pumping stations, ITT has the right solution. ITT’s offerings include: Transporting crude or refined product demands absolute care. ITT has dependable, efficient products that are crucial to managing your pipelines and transport requirements. Oil & Gas 5

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Products for the Oil and Gas Industry - 6

Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Liquefication Regasification ITT supplies pumps for LNG liquefication plants, including acid gas removal, Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) and utilities such as cooling water and steam generation. ITT manufactures large horizontal and vertical water pumps used to convert the LNG back into a gas as well as other pumps for balance-of-plant requirements. 6 Oil & Gas

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Products for the Oil and Gas Industry - 7

Refining / Petrochemical An oil refinery requires high temperatures and pressures as well as reliable equipment to convert crude into usable products. ITT offers a wide range of safe, reliable products and services designed for these demanding requirements. We make highly engineered pumps that range from cooling water and sump pumps. For temperatures up we cover it all. Our global support services ensure around-the-clock operation of your facility. For petrochemical plants using refinery feedstock, we offer a full range of API, ANSI and ISO pump models, including exotic metallurgies to...

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Products for the Oil and Gas Industry - 8

• Center Line Mount Option: 400 °F • Bowl sizes from (6" to 55")

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Products for the Oil and Gas Industry - 9

3620 (BB2) Single-Stage Between Bearing, Radially Split Pumps 3640 (BB2) XHD 3196 i-FRAME™ / IC (OH1) Servere Duty Slurry PRESSURE SETS & UV SYSTEMS Pressure Sets, UV Sterilization Systems, and other water handling equipment can be designed and built for offshore application. Two-Stage Between Bearings, Radially Split Pumps Process Pumps (ANSI / ISO Watermakers C’treat builds a complete range of Reverse Osmosis (RO) watermakers to meet the wide variety of demands of the offshore drilling and production is designed and built for simple operation and ease of maintenance. been developed and...

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Products for the Oil and Gas Industry - 10

PR services Reliability has no quitting time. Building on over 160 years of Goulds Pumps experience, PRO Services provides an array of services focused on reducing equipment total cost of ownership (TCO) and increasing plant output, including predictive monitoring, maintenance contracts, field service, engineered upgrades, inventory management, and overhauls for pumps and other rotating equipment. Parts & Inventory parts supply obsolete equipment and rapid pattern manufacturing management Plant Performance Repair & Upgrades control products and services to improve system reliability and...

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Products for the Oil and Gas Industry - 11

ITT’S Vision & Values ITT Corporation is a global company with a portfolio of highly-engineered products and solutions that serve all industrial segments, including oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, mining, power generation, and pulp and paper. Be it pumps, valves or control systems, we strive to provide the best products and services to meet our customers’ needs. Backed by our rich heritage of innovation for over 160 years, ITT Goulds Pumps has placed extraordinary focus on providing technical and commercial solutions that are innovative, reliable and safe. Do the Right Thing –...

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Products for the Oil and Gas Industry - 12

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