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Products for the Hydrocarbon Processing Industry


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Products for the Hydrocarbon Processing Industry - 2

INNOVATION ITT is a world leader in bringing technology and engineering expertise utilizing capabilities such as: • Computational fluid dynamics • Finite element analysis • Rapid prototyping • Hydraulic design • Mechanical design RELIABILITY ITT, with such brands as Goulds, Fabri-Valve, PumpSmart® and PRO Services®, is recognized worldwide for their innovative products and services. We have developed pre-engineered products for standard applications and have custom designs for unique requirements. The latest foundry and manufacturing technologies, combined with demanding quality control...

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Products for the Hydrocarbon Processing Industry - 6

6 SIAMESE KNIFE GATE VALVE Replaces two standard knife gate valves and a pipe “Y”. By utilizing a single fabrication, the gates can be placed to meet right at the intersection of the “Y”. This minimizes the dead leg that occurs in conventional two-valve arrangements as a result of the valves being located several inches from the junction of the pipes. Size range DIN 100 to DIN 600 (4”–24”) PORTED SLIDE GATE VALVE ITT Fabri-Valve® square or rectangular section gate valves available in any weldable alloy. The valves are designed and manufactured specifically to meet the...

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Products for the Hydrocarbon Processing Industry - 7 7 MONITORING & CONTROLS CONTROLS PumpSmart® ITT PumpSmart products are designed to help improve the profitability and reliability of your pumping systems. Our patented pump protection algorithms provide continuous monitoring of system conditions and will protect the pump against the process upsets that typically lead to failure. Our advanced control algorithms help to right size your pump and limit the noise, heat and vibrations that occur when pumps are oversized. PumpSmart makes your pumps and your systems run more efficiently; all of the time. MONITORING ProSmart™ ITT...

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Products for the Hydrocarbon Processing Industry - 8

For more information visit us at: Pumps Services Form # BRHPI 6/06 ©2006 ITT Industries., Industrial & BioPharm Group PARTS & SERVICE Controls Monitoring Valves Product Repair Repairs Field Service Services Provided Reliability Improvement Inventory Management Replacement/Exchange Turn-Key Repair/Installation Training Optimization of Assets Predictive Analysis/Condition Monitoring Root Cause Failure Analysis Pump and System Assessments Engineered Upgrades Maintenance Management/Contract...

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