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Goulds Trash Hog® - 1

Goulds Trash Hog® Self-Priming Solids Handling Pumps

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Goulds Trash Hog® - 2

2 Goulds Trash Hog is designed for superior solids handling capability, optimum pump performance and extreme ease of maintenance for a wide range of industrial, pulp and paper, mining and municipal wastewater services. Whether handling raw sewage, sludge, debris or plant wastes, there’s no other pump that compares to the Trash Hog. Goulds Trash Hog® Self-Priming Pumps Designed for Toughest Solids Handling Services Capacities to 6000 GPM (1363 m3/h) Heads to 140 feet (43 m) Temperatures to 225°F (107° C) Pressures to 85 PSIG (586 kPa) Suction Lifts to 25 feet (7.6 m) Spherical Solids to 3...

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Goulds Trash Hog® - 3

3 Designed for Extreme Ease of Maintenance Safe and Easy Back Pull-Out The power end is entirely outside the pump casing allowing a safe and easy “sling point” for removal. Jacking bolt holes are provided to ease the separation of the power end from the casing. Adjustable cartridge style bearing housing allows adjustment of impeller to wearplate clearance. No shims are required. No need to disassemble or drain pump. Easily Renewed Performance It’s common knowledge that as a pump wears, the performance decreases. The Trash Hog’s open impeller can be adjusted, simply and quickly, to...

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Goulds Trash Hog® - 4

4 Easy and Safe Clean-Out and Inspection The tapered shaft and woodruff key design allow easy removal of the impeller from the rotating assembly. The front cover access plate weighs only 6’s easy to remove and cannot be frozen in place from corrosion. Easy to Install – Easy to Repair The inspection plate provides convenient access for replacing the suction check valve and removing small casing clogs without draining the casing. Class 125 flat face flanges are standard for easy installation.

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Goulds Trash Hog® - 5

5 Industrial Duty Solids Handling Goulds Trash Hog is designed to handle up to 3-inch spherical solids in some of the toughest solids handling services. Other manufacturers’ light duty pumps cannot match the solids handling or self-priming capability of the Trash Hog. The Trash Hog uses two-vane or three-vane impellers for non-clog solids handling. Trash Hog is engineered for optimum efficiency and priming performance. Reliable Self-Priming Operation Consistent Priming and Repriming Self-priming pumps require liquid in the priming chamber in order to prime properly. Too small a volume of...

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Goulds Trash Hog® - 6

6 7 Trash Hog® Self-Priming, Solids Handling Pumps Heavy Duty Design Features for Wide Range Solids Handling Services EXTERNAL IMPELLER ADJUSTMENT Continuous high performance maintained by simple adjustment. Absolutely no shims required. INDUSTRIAL DUTY POWER END Provides rigid shaft support. Ample oil volume results in cooler running bearings for extended life. BACK PULL-OUT DESIGN Complete power end with seal chamber can be easily removed from casing without disturbing suction and discharge piping. Easy to sling power end makes pull-out safe and simple. No need for special tools. HIGH...

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Goulds Trash Hog® - 7

8 Designed for Extended Pump Life Goulds Trash Hog is a true heavy duty solids handling pump. No other self-priming solids handling pump is designed with the “beef” of a Trash Hog. All parts are engineered for maximum performance and service life. Trash Hog offers the heaviest impellers in the self-priming, solids handling industry. Extra thick vanes and back shroud stand up to the toughest services. The power end is supported by a rigid cast iron frame foot that provides excellent support for the shaft and thrust bearing. Bearing life is extended. Removable wearplate provides added...

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Goulds Trash Hog® - 8

9 Proven Performance Goulds Trash Hog has been designed to meet the waste handling needs of our industrial customers. Whether it be a remote lift station, an on-site treatment facility or transfer of your process wastes, Goulds has the experience to provide the engineered solution you need. 3x3-8 4x4-9 6x6-11 8x8-14 10x10-14 10x12-18 Casing Suction/Discharge Flange 3, Class 125 4, Class 125 6, Class 125 8, Class 125 10, Class 125 Class 125 Maximum Pressure 85 PSIG (586 kPa) 65 PSIG (448 kPa) 80 PSIG (552 Kpa) Minimum Thickness 0.38 (10) 0.44 (11) 0.50 (13) 0.50 (13) Volume 10 Gal. (38L) 14...

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Goulds Trash Hog® - 10

11 Sectional View Trash Hog® Material Item All CI\316 w\316 CI/ CI/ All All Number Part Name Cast Iron CI\316 SB Cover HC600 CD4 316SS CD4MCu 100 Casing Cast Iron 316SS CD4MCu 101 Impeller Ductile Iron 316SS HC600 CD4 316SS CD4MCu 103A Wear Plate Ductile Iron 316SS HC600 CD4 316SS CD4MCu 112C Thrust Bearing Double Row Angular Contact (3) 122 Shaft 17-4PH (2) 126 Shaft Sleeve (Optional) 416 SS 134A Bearing Carrier Cast Iron 134C Bearing Frame Cast Iron 168C Radial Bearing Double Row Angular Contact (1) 175 Clean Out Cover Cast Iron 316SS CD4MCu 178 Impeller Key Steel 316 SS 182 Suction Piece...

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