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Goulds NM 3196 i-FRAME FRP Process Pumps


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Goulds NM 3196 i-FRAME FRP Process Pumps - 2

line is designed specifically to provide superior performance for the corrosive services of the Chemical Process Industries. FRP Process Pumps Designed Severe Corrosive Services Performance Features for Severe Corrosive Services Extended Pump Life ♦ Fiberglass Reinforced Vinylester Construction - Random fiber orientation provides strength - Same flange loading capability as metallic - Superior corrosion resistance ♦ i-FRAME Power Ends ♦ Fully open impeller ♦ Back pull-out design ♦ ANSI standard dimensions ♦ External impeller adjustment ♦ Parts interchangeable with Goulds 3196i-F/?4Aff...

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Goulds NM 3196 i-FRAME FRP Process Pumps - 3

We Are Serious About Non-Metallic Pumps Proven Corrosion Resistance To prove that our non-metallic material will provide satisfactory performance in your specific pump application, we can provide corrosion coupons for you to test in your pumpage. We can also work with you to provide modified materials to best suit your needs. We take corrosion resistance seriously! Superior Impeller Design The oversized composite impeller hub is designed to provide proper torque transmission across the pump’s entire operating range. The standard impeller insert is non-wetted and is made of Hastelloy-C for...

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Goulds NM 3196 i-FRAME FRP Process Pumps - 4

Designed for Severe Corrosive Services GLAND BACKPLATE IMPELLER CASING ALLOY IMPELLER Goulds NM3196 …An Economical Solution The traditional choice of pump construction for handling moderate corrosive liquids has been high alloys such as Alloy 20 and Hastelloy. Today, minimizing plant costs and maximizing equipment reliability are priorities. High alloys can be expensive and difficult to select... pump users want an alternative. NM3196 is ideally suited for corrosive services from hydrochloric acid to sulfuric acid to sodium hydroxide. Maintenance and downtime costs require a pump to be...

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Goulds NM 3196 i-FRAME FRP Process Pumps - 5

Maximum Sealing Flexibility A wide range of sealing arrangements are readily available to meet specific user requirements. Your Goulds representative can recommend the best solution for any service. Some are illustrated here. Single cartridge seal with backplate extension piece • Accommodates a single or double cartridge seal • Taper Bore or Big Bore seal chamber available • Optional Big Bore with a restrictor bushing for external ush Single conventional seal with seal chamber extension • Accommodates a conventional single seal • FRP seal chamber extension for optimum corrosion resistance •...

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Goulds NM 3196 i-FRAME FRP Process Pumps - 6

HIGH-PERFORMANCE VOLUTE DESIGN Design Features for Wide Range of Severe Corrosive Services High-efficiency, true volute design achieved by exclusive Goulds Molding Process. Unlike other designs, efficiencies comparable to cast alloy ANSI pumps. ONE-PIECE RIBBED CASING Ribs provide maximum support to resist casing distortion and withstand flange loading. No need for expansion joints to reduce pipe loads as NM 3196 loading same as Model 3196. CONDITION MONITOR Constantly measures vibration and temperature at the thrust bearing. Colored LED’s indicate general pump health. Provides early...

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Goulds NM 3196 i-FRAME FRP Process Pumps - 7

Goulds Patented Power Ends Extended Pump Life Through Intelligent Design Goulds Power Ends are the result of 160 years of design experience, customer interaction, and continuous improvement. Customers get extended Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) and lower life cycle costs (LCC)… guaranteed! The heart of the , the condition monitor unit continuously measures vibration and temperature at the thrust bearing and automatically indicates when pre-set levels of vibration and temperature have been exceeded, so that changes to the process or machine can be made before failure occurs. A visual...

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Goulds NM 3196 i-FRAME FRP Process Pumps - 10

Parts List and Materials of Construction Item Number Part Name Thrust Bearing Fiberglass Reinforced Vinylester Impeller (with insert) Fiberglass Reinforced Vinylester (Hastelloy) Frame Adapter Ductile Iron Double Row Angular Contact Conrad SAE 4140 (Standard) Shaft Sleeve Optional: 316SS, Alloy 20, Hastelloy B & C Seal Chamber (Optional) Hastelloy B & C, Titanium, Zirconium Bearing Locknut and Washer Fiberglass Reinforced Vinylester Radial Bearing Single Row Deep Groove Bearing Frame Cast Iron (Ductile Iron for STX Group) Labyrinth Seal (Inboard) Fiberglass Reinforced Vinylester Labyrinth...

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Goulds NM 3196 i-FRAME FRP Process Pumps - 11

All dimensions in inches and (mm). Not to be used for construction. Pump Size ANSI Designation Baseplate Mounting Options Bare Pump Weight Lbs. (kg) 55 (25) Goulds offers a complete range of mounting systems to meet plant reliability requirements, and to make alignment and maintenance easier. CAMBER TOP CAST IRON CHEMBASE PLUS™ FABRICATED STEEL Rigid and corrosion resistant, it is preferred by many plants. Polymer concrete construction provides exceptional rigidity and corrosion resistance. ANSI 1991 dimensional. Economical baseplate that meets ANSI/ASME B73.1 M current edition dimensional...

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