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Goulds Model JC Slurry Pump


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Goulds Pumps Slurry Pump

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Goulds Model JC Slurry Pump - 2

Thousands of installations attest Model JC Slurry pump. Fifteen sizes are available in a wide range of materials ideal for most medium-duty abrasive and/or corrosive slurry services. Plus, it's designed for extreme ease of maintenance and long hours Corrosive/Abrasive Slurries ♦ Spherical solids to 21A inches (57 mm) Design Features ♦ Extra-Thick Wet End Components — For extended wear life. ♦ Replaceable Wear Liner — Low maintenance cost. ♦ Heavy-Duty Power End — Increased mean time between failures. ♦ External Impeller Adjustment — Maintains original efficiency; simple and fast. ♦ Maximum...

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Goulds Model JC Slurry Pump - 3

Designed for Long Life, Reliable Operation Pump End Wet-end components feature extra metal thickness for extended wear. Replaceable suction cover liner takes all wear on suction side of casing; simplifies maintenance. Efficient slurry design impeller for long life, optimum performance. Components are fully-machined for positive alignment. Suction Cover Liner Suction Cover REPLACEABLE SHAFT SLEEVE Hook-type sleeve protects shaft from pumpage. HEAVY-DUTY BEARING FRAME Rugged one-piece design with integral drip basin. Five frames accommodate fifteen pump sizes. Grease or oil lube. EXTERNAL...

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Goulds Model JC Slurry Pump - 4

Sealing Flexibility Dynamic Seal For Elimination of Mechanical Seal Problems; Reduced Maintenance Goulds Dynamic Seal option is ideally suited to handle the tough applications where mechanical seals or packing require outside flush and constant /costly attention. An expeller between the stuffing box cover and impeller pumps liquid from the stuffing box. For most applications, external seal water is not required… eliminating leakage, pumpage contamination, product dilution and problems associated with piping from a remote source. Mechanical Seal Goulds offers a variety of mechanical seals...

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Goulds Model JC Slurry Pump - 5

Application Flexibility OVERHEAD BELT DRIVE The Model JC is extremely versatile. A variety of drive arrangements can be supplied for application flexibility. Also available mounted side-by-side. DIRECT DRIVE UNIT For Sump Pumping Applications When the Model JC’s performance and features are required for sump services, you can choose either a Model JCU submersible or Model VJC cantilever for extended service in abrasive slurry applications. Model JCU Submersible Slurry Pump x Features • Adjustable impeller clearance • Permanently lubricated bearings • Automatic reset thermostats Model VJC •...

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Goulds Model JC Slurry Pump - 6

Hydraulic Coverage Proven Performance Goulds Model JC is in use by many industries on the most demanding slurry pump applications. The versatility of the product combined with rugged design and ease of maintenance have satisfied thousands of users' requirements for a pump that has it all.

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Goulds Model JC Slurry Pump - 7

Materials of Construction MATERIAL Item Number Cast Iron Part Name Cast Iron HC600 Impeller and Suction Cover Liner Cast Iron with 316SS Impeller Cast Iron Cast Iron Cast Iron Suction Cover Liner Cast Iron Cast Iron Cast Iron Lantern Ring Thrust Bearing Cast Iron Shaft Sleeve Bearing Housing Radial Bearing Suction Cover TaperBore™ Seal Chamber Grease Seal (Outboard) Grease Seal (Inboard) Bearing Frame Mechanical Seal O-ring, Suction Cover to Casing Steel Steel 1045 Cast Iron 416SS Cast Iron Steel Cast Iron Cast Iron Buna-N Buna-N Cast Iron HC600 CD4MCu As Required Buna-N Buna-N Construction...

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Goulds Model JC Slurry Pump - 8

Mechanical Seal with TaperBore™ PLUS Seal Chamber Dynamic Seal Materials of Construction MATERIAL Cast Iron Graphitized Polymer Fiber

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Goulds Model JC Slurry Pump - 9

All dimensions in inches and (mm). Not to be used for construction. DIMENSIONS Pump Size

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PRO Services Extending Equipment Life... ® Product Repair (all types and brands of rotating equipment) • Service Center Repair • Field Service • Parts Supply Reliability Improvement • Inventory Management • Replacement/Exchange • Turnkey Repair/Installation • Training Optimization of Assets • Predictive Analysis/Condition Monitoring • Root Cause Failure Analysis • Pump & System Assessments • Upgrades – Mechanical & Hydraulic • Maintenance Management/Contract Maintenance • Technical Expertise • Fast Turnaround • Factory Trained Service • Emergency Service – Personnel 24 hours/day, 7...

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