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Goulds Model 3900


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Goulds Model 3900 - 1

BULLETIN" 7-^,2 GOULDS PU M PS Goulds Models 3900 API-610 In-Line Pracess Pumps 86

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Goulds Model 3900 - 2

Goutds Model 3900 In-Line Process Pumps Desiquert to Meet Requirements ftPl-610 Capaci1«es ta 7SOQ GPM (I700 m7h| Heads to 750 feat (229 m) Tempratures la 650e F |343aC| Pre&surra from full vecuum toSSEi PS(G i -1100 h.Pa| Design Features In-LIne Installation Mounls m, and SuppcrtBd by. the pipmg System Eltminales concrte Foundation and 騧jrotHing cosls. □ Volute 3 irch discharge and larger RemavaWr? Seal Chamber Al lows f=asy i ewnoval nn d replacement o' mechamcal saal One cm H maintenance ftenewatHe Thronl Bustimg Mai mains rmniiin-i shaft defletion iof longer seal hfe. Renewal...

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Goulds Model 3900 - 3

I- Heavy Duty Design Features for Wde flange of Services NEMA P-BASE SOLID SHAFT MOTOR KEPJIA standard dlmcnmm shnM and hase pnMiHUiig Mfflort IWHig API-51& spcifc'Hliiin nr« fl-aMabl. MOTOR SUPPORT Itiqh atrerwjrJi ducal* Iran rzcnslrucrign «rih rwauy i«1lﯣin«flidln|a||ht imi-ip-'inoKi. nrnit iindrr ntl lenrice comli Irons. RIGID COU PLI NG rjesigned la rnainbiin snafl Jhqnmnnt irantmH hampe, nnd«uo« mwtlly, MAXIMUM SEALFNG FLEXIBILITY 5#9f ttvimh*i portes neMbllily 1c- hsrvJlt jjnglﯧ or Inndr-T ivalx and pjckjn. Slandanj wlbn 'li.ih vanterai dr.iin iImm- STUFFING BOX THfiOAT BUSHING Fut»...

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Goulds Model 3900 - 4

Spcial Feat ures for Ease of Maintenance Stuffing Box Thruat Bushing Removal* Uuihmg Holde-r SCI I G^Lticte Mode» 3500 fal u j es a unique Sfial chflmher whicn fanlilares easy on-site femovei trie sesi busnmg end hushing holrier d^ring mecrinnicflj 9«fll replacerne-ni Tne 5li.i11<r\g 驻ox Ihfoar. bushing assures long mR^hanical saal lifa Large p^imp 5,irE=, ara standard wlEh a unique device buiit in the rigid couphng (hal alloua aaay lilting af the rolalmg alemenl durmg maintenance C(ose-Coupied Design Model 39 A cl&e-c-oupled version of Ihe 3900 in-line pump allows userB a faw ccst...

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Goulds Model 3900 - 5

Hz Performance Curves L".i.i:j.riT> - IJEG-PM "Si W -m » ico m m hb J ho J <D li » 10 Ait Sp Bp m n» l!n ki: 1-1-1뗗I-1חhiחt l I ■-J-Jח 600 j 4D sa mi CAMltY - m-.*

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Goulds Model 3900 - 6

10 Hz Performance Curves ] h r ■ALl ٙMi PfR MINUTE 4 «A -1I-1חI I ia ap 3p *o 1K1 iHi igo iEki ko jm sqn fw uro isro ara J M Grcup J L OHIf J XL Gioup j--1 M" . X» MO 5CDD 73» ٻALLhSfitn uiwi.'ir

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Goulds Model 3900 - 7

Modular Interchangeability

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Goulds Model 3900 - 8

Maximum Sealing Flexihility Spcial Chamber Facilitai Seal Replacement GoilldS Mode! 3900 Isai lu:-: a :*r chamber which lufrctions as □ con-ventional stufhng bon And gland provit-ing full accfissthility [o 1hrj mechanical seal 1or easy replacement. The spBC'al chamber design atso flllows usa of slan-dardsealsvwlb setscrcws 1o posi1*on and drive inc. rotary un|| providing Base of maintenance ThB seal chamber is 鯯landar rt vdlh permanenlly idenbhed ri^jsh vtrnl and drain connections On high temprature services thE chamber can beeas«ly replaced with an opliona) conlerJ design wiltiout...

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Goulds Model 3900 - 10

Sectional View Modei 3900

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Goulds Model 3900 - 12

Dimensions Modei 3900 h II dirruH-rt-iv-n n n:hm nn:l immi l.i ha iiind l:n ccnaSu^lmn DIMENSIONS MF 1 tftMlND BY PuHP ■ ■ mil- Piimp ^ij* ■ 0 Y˯eloM - Lbl 1*1) V aZ.T llSC |495| 14.2? , ;\i ' 1 ,j3-7 **t rMd T00(17B| l««u^i M r M»|L3S| 400.7031 1^ ■ :. ■ 1 MOltEfl lia-? ii»iW) ;-J OC I Mtl - ;-r l ici MO HT» «ifl-J fi « ,> = -: -tri 1'>4ﮏ<* i»Ml») :.i :■■ 1 ira>i}7»> 1? EC liTI il 2i-'^i JlO|H1J S4-* r.BHHBt U 30 f 1471 1B-I14J] JiO-» 1030 |3C0? , ■ ■ .- '«m 4iB-» tMfW) :. -.;. ■■■ If 31 |Z&) l**0f*7| «T I31BI 1:-iJ-n 12 50.3H! g۹ri nui ■■ 30 14W.:*«J| i4-n 1 j » 1 MB| ^oorϴim...

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Goulds Model 3900 - 13 uur website at Goulds Pumps ITT Industries ^Sr ngmeercd far lifc FriTn B7Î4.-3 &fOC Pnnlfld W U S A

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