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Goulds Model 3175


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Goulds Model 3175 - 1

Goulds 3175 Paper Stock /Process Pumps

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Goulds Model 3175 - 2

Goulds Model 3175 Designed to Handle the Toughest Jobs in the Pulp & Paper and Process Industries Capacities to 28,000 GPM (6360 m3/h) Heads to 350 feet (107 m) Temperatures to 450°F (232° C) Pressures to 285 PSIG (1965 kPa) Design Features Back Pull-Out Fully Open Impeller External Impeller Adjustment Renewable Wear Parts Maximum Sealing Flexibility Heavy Duty Construction Maximum Parts Interchangeability Services Pulp & Paper — Paper Stock through 6% Consistency, Black Liquor, Hydropulper and Broke Service, Low NPSH Digester Circulation, Blow Tank to Screens, Primary Screens Rejects, High...

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Goulds Model 3175 - 3

3 Maximum Sealing Flexibility Dynamic Seal For Elimination of Mechanical Seal Problems; Reduced Maintenance Goulds Dynamic Seal pumps are designed to handle the tough applications where conventional mechanical seals or packing require outside flush and constant, costly attention. The major advantage is that through Goulds patented design (No. 5,344,163) external seal water is not required, thus eliminating leakage, pumpage contamination, product dilution and problems associated with piping from a remote source. TaperBore™ Seal Chamber Goulds optional TaperBore™ seal chamber features an...

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Goulds Model 3175 - 4

4 Long Life/Low Maintenance/Reliable Operation External Impeller Adjustment Impeller clearance can be easily reset by external adjustment to maintain hydraulic performance. Delivers long time energy savings, while downtime is kept to a minimum. Renewable Wear Parts Low maintenance costs because all wear parts...suction sideplate, impeller, stuffing box cover, shaft sleeve and throat bushing...are easily replaced. Standard Labyrinth Oil Seals Prevent contamination of lubricant for extended bearing life. Optional TaperBoreTM Seal Chamber Features an enlarged bore for improved lubrication and...

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Goulds Model 3175 - 6

6 Material Item Part Name All Iron/ Number 316SS Trim All 316SS All 317SS All CD4MCu 100 Casing Cast Iron 316SS 317SS CD4MCu 101 Impeller 316SS 316SS 317SS CD4MCu 1051 Lantern Ring Glass-Filled Teflon* 106 Stuffing Box Packing Graphitized Non-Asbestos Fibers 107 Gland, Packed Box 316SS 316SS 317SS 316SS 108 Frame Adapter Cast Iron 109A Bearing End Cover—Coupling End Cast Iron 112A Thrust Bearing Duplex Angular Contact–Back-to-Back 119A Bearing End Cover—Inboard Cast Iron 122 Shaft AISI 4140 316SS AISI 4140 125 Stuffing Box Throat Bushing Cast Iron 316SS 317SS CD4MCu 1262 Shaft Sleeve...

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Goulds Model 3175 - 8

Model 3175 Paper Stock/Process Pumps Heavy Duty Design Features for Handling the Toughest Services VERTICAL CENTERLINE DISCHARGE Self-venting design for air handling. Casing provides maximum piping support. RENEWABLE SIDEPLATE Heavy suction sideplate minimizes maintenance costs. Positively sealed with O-ring and gasket. FULLY OPEN IMPELLER Designed for full range of services. Back pump-out vanes minimize stuffing box pressure, help prevent solids from entering seal chamber. CONTINUOUS HIGH PERFORMANCE Original high efficiency maintained by simple external impeller adjustment resulting in...

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Goulds Model 3175 - 11

12 Goulds is much more than a manufacturer and marketer of pumps. Capabilities that extend from project consultation to on-site testing and start-up evaluation are available to every customer. Many specialized services from Goulds are only evident after the sale and installation of the product: parts, repair, training and more. World Class Service Value-Added Capabilities Research and Development Goulds continually tests and evaluates every product. The R&D team constantly seeks innovative designs, new materials and system improvements. Fabrication and Casting The most advanced foundry and...

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Goulds Model 3175 - 12

13 Goulds Model 3175: A Proven Performer Since its introduction in 1968, the 3175 has proved itself over and over again. Thousands of installations attest to its remarkable performance even under the severest conditions. And for ease of maintenance, it can’t be beat. Customers know they can rely on the 3175 for minimum downtime, increased productivity. Black liquor circulation pump (3175 XL) on spring-loaded baseplate. A 3175 installed in a major chemical plant. Preventive maintenance is fast and easy on a 3175. 3175’s on process service such as multieffect evaporators. Taking suction from...

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Goulds Model 3175 - 13

14 World Class Pump Line Model 3180 (built to English standards) • ANSI 125/150 lb. flange drilling • Inch-dimensioned O.D. of mechanical seal sleeve • Inch-dimensioned bearing locknut • Inch-dimensioned shaft and keyway at coupling Model 3185 (built to Metric standards) • ISO or JIS 16 bar flange drilling • mm-dimensioned O.D. of mechanical seal sleeve • mm-dimensioned bearing locknut • mm-dimensioned shaft and keyway at coupling • International design 3185 pumps comply to ISO 5199 with eight sizes conforming to ISO 2858 dimensions. Metric fasteners and fittings used throughout. World Wide...

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Goulds Model 3175 - 14

15 World Class Paper Stock and Medium Consistency Products Goulds Offers a Variety of Products in Various Configurations to Meet Your Medium Consistency Pumping and Mixing Needs Standpipe Arrangement with ClO2 Mixing Stock from washers and mixers feed special Goulds standpipes that are reverse tapered to prevent stock bridging. Systems include controls for vacuum, dilution, level and flow, ClO2 Optimix™ mixer and chemical injection pipe are included. Tower Bottom Arrangement Stock from bleach / storage towers falls into Goulds feed chute connected to the tower with expansion joint and...

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Goulds Model 3175 - 15

Form B3175 2/08 Visit our Web site at © 2008 Goulds Pumps, Incorporated A subsidiary of ITT Corporation Whether it’s for pumping severe corrosives, abrasive slurries, fibrous/ stringy solids, high temperature liquids, hazardous fluids, low flow or high capacity services — Goulds has a perfect, reliable solution. The Goulds selection of pump solutions includes horizontal and vertical configurations in a range of alloy and non-metallic constructions, sealed and sealless. The Pulp and Paper Industry has the widest range of applications of any industry. Goulds wide range of...

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