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Goulds ICO i-FRAME® Series


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Goulds ICO i-FRAME® Series - 1

GOULDS PUMPS — An ITT Brand Goulds ICO i-FRAME® Series ISO process pump with i-ALERT®2 Intelligent Monitoring

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Goulds ICO i-FRAME® Series - 2

Model ICO Goulds Pumps IC family of ISO chemical process pumps is designed in accordance with ISO 5199 and ISO 2858, making it ideal for worldwide chemical or industrial process applications. The range includes the ICO pump which has the following features: • 34 hydraulic sizes • Flows up to 450 m3/hr (1980 GPM) • Heads up to 160m (514 feet) • Temperatures from -40°C to 280°C (-40°F to 530°F) • Pressures up to 25 Bar (360 PSI) • Available in a comprehensive range of materials for chemical and process applications that include Carbon Steel, 316SS, Duplex SS, Alloy 20, Hastelloy, Nickel and...

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Goulds ICO i-FRAME® Series - 3

Semi Open Impeller • Precision cast semi open impeller for handling liquids containing solids, fibers and dirt • Standard back vanes or balance holes to reduce axial thrust and seal chamber pressures for extended bearing and seal life • Key driven for maximum reliability; eliminates spinoffs due to reverse rotation during start up Features i-FRAME • i-ALERT® condition monitor constantly measures temperature and vibration at the thrust bearing • INPRO VBXX-D Hybrid labyrinth seals prevent oil contamination • Heavy duty shaft and bearings designed to minimise shaft deflection at seal faces to...

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Goulds ICO i-FRAME® Series - 4

ICO i-FRAME® Process Pumps i-ALERT®2 CONDITION MONITOR Tracks vibration, temperature & run-time hours 24/7/365. Syncs data via Bluetooth® Smart phones and tablets. See page 8 for more information i-FRAME® POWER END Designed for reliability and extended pump life, backed with a 5-year warranty. INPRO VBXX-D HYBRID LABYRINTH SEALS Prevents premature bearing failure caused by lubricant contamination or loss of oil. Stainless steel rotors for optimal performance in corrosive environments. HEAVY DUTY SHAFT AND BEARINGS Rigid shaft designed for minimum deflection at seal faces−less than 50 µm....

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Goulds ICO i-FRAME® Series - 5

DUCTILE IRON FRAME ADAPTER Material strength equal to carbon steel for safety and reliability. CASING • Heavy duty, top centerline discharge casing with integral cast feet provides maximum resistance to pipe loads for improved seal and bearing life • Minimum 3mm corrosion allowance maximizes pump life for corrosive and erosive applications • Back pull out design makes maintenance activities safe and simple • Standard 3/8" NPT casing drain for safe maintenance IMPELLER • Precision-cast semi open impeller for handling liquids containing solids, fibres and dirt • Preferred by ISO 5199 for...

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Goulds ICO i-FRAME® Series - 6

Goulds Patented i-FRAME® Power Ends Extended Pump Life Through Intelligent Design Goulds i-FRAME Power Ends are the result of close to 170 years of design experience, customer interaction, and continuous improvement. Customers get extended Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) and lower life cycle costs (LCC) ... guaranteed! Patented i-ALERT® Condition Monitor INPRO VBXX-D Hybrid Bearing Isolators Most bearings fail before reaching their potential life. They fail for a variety of reasons, including contamination of the lubricant. INPRO VBXX-D has long been considered the industry standard in...

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Goulds ICO i-FRAME® Series - 7

4 Shaft and Bearings Engineered for Maximum Reliability Every IC i-FRAME Power End is engineered and manufactured for optimal pump performance and increased MTBF. The rugged shaft and bearing combination maintains shaft deflection of less than 50 µm at all operating points. The result is longer seal and bearing life. Premium severe-duty thrust bearings increase bearing life. Oversized shaft with double row thrust bearings provide increased L’10 life by 40%. • High purity steels have fewer inclusions than standard steel − better grain structure and wear resistance. • Heat treatment of...

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Goulds ICO i-FRAME® Series - 8

i-ALERT Monitoring Solution ® Tracks vibration, temperature & run-time hours 24/7/365. The i-ALERT2 devices are light activated by removing the sticker. The sensor begins wirelessly broadcasting once activated. Alarm Takes high resolution data when an alarm condition occurs and stores it for later analysis. Trend Captures data every 1-60 minutes and has up to 170 days of hourly on-board storage. Analyze Diagnose machine faults with vibration tools Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) & Time Wave Form Analysis. Environment Rated for any industrial environment. water & dust resistant. Intrinsically...

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Goulds ICO i-FRAME® Series - 9

Bearing Frame Options [1 GREASE LUBRICATION Fitted with grease fitting for regreasable bearings or sealed for grease for life bearings. [2 CONSTANT LEVEL OILER Preset for correct oil level. Oil reservoir decreases maintenance intervals. [3 MAGNETIC OIL SEAL Optional Magnetic oil seals provide a sealed bearing housing for special applications. Requires addition of frame breather fitting. ^ PROVISIONS FOR BEARING MONITORS Tapped connections for thermocouple and vibration sensing monitoring. Bearing Frame Finned Cooler Directly cools oil for lower bearing operating temperature. Requires...

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Goulds ICO i-FRAME® Series - 10

Dimensions DIMENSIONS Dimension in mm Dimensions subjected to change without notice Note: Flange drilling in accordance with ISO 7005 PN 16 except where noted (1)-Flanges drilled PN25 Detailed pump dimensions in accordance with ISO 2858/EN22858 Detailed baseplate dimensions in accordance with ISO 3661/EN23661 0 ICO Open Impeller JgJGOULDS PUMPS

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Goulds ICO i-FRAME® Series - 11

Parts List & Materials of Construction 400 102V 940 922 Other Parts Not Shown Other Alloys available: 316L, 317, 317L, Super Duplex etc... IJGOULDS PUMPS ICO Open Impeller

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Goulds ICO i-FRAME® Series - 12

Hydraulic Coverage 50Hz Performance 22

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Goulds ICO i-FRAME® Series - 15

IJGOULDS PUMPS Notes ICO Open Impeller

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Goulds ICO i-FRAME® Series - 16

PfcsGOULDS ISJPUMPS -An ITT Brand 240 Fall Street Seneca Falls, NY 13148 Phone: 315.568.281 1 Fax: 315.568.2418

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