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Goulds Pumps ISO Chemical Process Pumps

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Goulds IC Series Worldwide Solutions for Process Pumping and Controls Reducing Pump Life Cycle Costs Goulds Pumps IC family of ISO chemical process pumps is designed in accordance with ISO 5199 and ISO 2858, making it ideal for worldwide chemical or industrial process applications. The IC pump range includes: N 34 hydraulic sizes N Flows up to 450 m3/h (1980 GPM) N Heads up to 160m (514 Feet) N Temperatures from -40°C to 280°C Installations Worldwide The IC series represents over 150 years of process pump experience to define a solution which truly reduces your pumping Life Cycle Cost....

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ITT Industrial Process Global Presence The IC family of products has a complete world-wide presence. With manufacturing, engineering, sales and inventory in multiple regions, this product can support your needs everywhere in the world. You can rest assured that we will support your industrial pump requirements, even if you specify and order the pump in one country and need to install it on the other side of the world.

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Goulds Reliablity Long-term Reliable Performance Means Lower Life-Cycle Costs. Operating Cost Maintenance Cost When selecting a chemical process pump, look for the design features that help lower maintenance costs as well as operating and installation costs. Design features that maximize reliability and ensure long-term maintainable hydraulic performance help lower the “total cost” of pump ownership. In a typical process pump, over a 20 year pump life, 95% of the total costs are maintenance, operation and installation costs. Only 5% is the initial pump cost. Purchase Cost Installation Cost...

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Shaft Sealing Solutions Engineered to Extend Seal Life and Lower Maintenance Costs Based on over 150 years of providing pumping solutions to the Chemical Process Industry, ITT Industries can provide a shaft sealing system that best meets your application requirements. Key to our shaft sealing program is placing the best shaft sealing solution in the best operating environment for long life and reduced maintenance and operating costs. Patented Cyclone Seal Chamber Design At the heart of our program is the patented cyclone seal chamber that not only provides the optimum seal environment in...

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Goulds Engineered Pump Mounting Systems Proper installation and alignment are two key elements to maximize pump reliability. There are multiple mounting systems for the Model IC series. Simple to install, they provide a mounting platform resistant to corrosion and distortion while maintaining pump alignment and dampening the effect of harmful vibrations. Standard Baseplate Design N Rigid fabricated steel design. N Machined pump and motor mounting surfaces make final alignments quick and accurate. N Dimensions conform to ISO 3661 for easy installation. N Suitable for grouted and ungrouted...

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Standard Options Designed for Flexibility to Meet Customer Needs Suction Inducer All sizes of the Model IC ISO chemical pump can be supplied with an optional suction inducer which can extend the operating range of the pump by improving the inlet flow into the impeller resulting in reductions of NPSHr. Inducers provide a more economical pumping solution as smaller, faster pumps can often be used. In addition, inducers can help eliminate cavitation caused by intermittent process conditions and entrained gas or vapor. Inducer benefits: N Reduces NPSH by 35-50% – ideal for marginal NPSH...

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IC Series Hydraulic Coverage 50Hz Performance SPEED 2900 RPM Q (US GPM) 10

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IC Series Hydraulic Coverage 60Hz Performance SPEED 3500 RPM Q (US GPM) 10

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IC Series Chemical Process Pumps Standard features that provide process reliability BEARING FRAME • Large capacity oil sump reduces oil • • • • temperature for extended bearing life. Heavy duty cast iron frame gives rigid support to shaft and bearings for longer service. Magnetic drain plug maintains a clean oil environment for extended bearing life. Standard double lip seals at pump and coupling end maintain a seal tight, clean operating environment. O-ring seal between frame and adapter for optimized alignment and sealing. HEAVY DUTY SHAFT AND BEARINGS • Rigid shaft designed for less than...

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Dimensions IC SERIES DISCHARGE DIMENSIONS Flanges Pump Size Bare Pump Dimensions in mm Dimensions subject to change without notice Note: Flange drilling in accordance with ISO 7001/EN 27001 PN16 except where noted (1)-Flanges drilled PN25 Detailed pump dimensions in accordance with ISO 2858/EN22858 Detailed baseplate dimensions in accordance with ISO 3661/EN23661 MATERIAL SPECIFICATIONS Casted Material Standards Approximate Equivalent Standards IC Series Standard Cast Iron Ductile Iron Stainless Steel

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Parts List and Materials of Construction MATERIAL Item Number Part Name Hastelloy (BB/CC) Seal Chamber/Stuffing Box Cover Support Foot Radial Bearing Single Row, Ball Bearing Thrust Bearing Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing Bearing Bracket Case Gasket O-ring, Shaft Sleeve & Impeller Nut O-ring Bearing Bracket Lip Seal (Buna & Steel) Lip Seal (Buna & Steel) Shaft Sleeve Casing Bolts, Hex Cap Screw Drain Plug Carbon Steel Stainless Steel (1.4021) 316SS Cast Iron Ductile Iron Non-Asbestos Aramid Fiber Teflon Buna Stainless Steel (A2) Steel Magnetic Tipped Case Drain Plug Snap...

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Goulds ICM Series Magnetic Drive, Sealless... Leak Proof The ICM metallic magnetic drive process pump safely and reliably handles difficult fluids such as corrosives, toxic, and ultra pure liquids. Complies with ISO 2858, 5199, and 15783. Specifications N Capacities to 340 m3/h (1490 USgpm) at 2900 rpm & 400 m3/h (1760 USgpm) at 3500 rpm N Heads to 160 m (525 feet) at 2900 rpm & 210 m (685 feet) at 3500 rpm N Temperature Range -40° C to 180° C (-40°F to 360°F), optional as ICMP up to 280°C (530°F) N Pressures to 16 Bar (235 PSIG), optional 25 Bar (360 psi); sizes 65-40-315 nd 80-50-315: 25...

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Leadership in Sealless Pump Technology Design Features for Extended Pump Life Bearing Cartridge Individual bearings are contained in a single cartridge assembly. N Bearings are made of highly abrasion and corrosion resistant silicon carbide. Dryguard™ bearings are available for protection against occasional dry run conditions. Containment Shell The containment shell is the most important component isolating the pumpage from the atmosphere. N In the event of bearing failure, the cartridge N The containment shell is a deep-drawn design contains the bearings and prevents further damage to pump...

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