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Goulds CV 3196 i-FRAME Non-Clog Process Pumps


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Goulds CV 3196 i-FRAME Non-Clog Process Pumps - 1

Goulds Pumps Non-Clog Process Pumps with i-ALERT™ Patented Intelligent Monitoring

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Goulds CV 3196 i-FRAME Non-Clog Process Pumps - 2

specifically to provide superior performance for process services containing solids. Goulds concentric vortex casing with recessed open impeller provides non-clogging capability with minimal solids liquids entrained with air or gas. Recessed Impeller Process Pumps Solids Handling Performance Features for Solids Handling Services Extended Pump Life ♦ Concentric vortex casing for non-clog, minimum wear ♦ Recessed impeller for minimum solids degradation ♦ TaperBore™/BigBore™ seal chambers ♦ i-FRAME power ends ♦ Back pull-out design ♦ Parts interchangeable with Goulds Model 3W6RAME ♦ External...

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Goulds CV 3196 i-FRAME Non-Clog Process Pumps - 3

Designed for Solids Handling Services Not All Pumps Are Designed to Handle Certain Bulky/Fibrous or Shear Sensitive Solids CLOSE CLEARANCES CV 3196 end suction pump with circular volute casing and recessed impeller designed to prevent clogging and degradation of solids. Conventional end suction pump with ANSI casing and open impeller. Conventional end suction pumps have close clearances between impeller and casing to maintain efficiency and performance. However, when handling certain bulky, fibrous solids, they can clog. In addition, high velocities in the casing cause increased wear, and...

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Goulds CV 3196 i-FRAME Non-Clog Process Pumps - 4

Maximum Sealing Flexibility To meet ANSI B73.1M specifications, Goulds provides the best choice of stuffing box or seal chamber and a wide range of sealing arrangements. Your Goulds representative will gladly recommend the best sealing solution for your service…some of which are illustrated below. SINGLE INSIDE SEAL PACKED BOX • Teflon*– Impregnated Fiber Packing • Standard Bore Stuffing Box • Flexibly Mounted Seal with Throat Bushing • BigBore™ Seal Chamber (use TaperBore™ if throat bushing not required). CONVENTIONAL DOUBLE SEAL SINGLE CARTRIDGE SEAL • BigBore ™ Seal Chamber •...

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Goulds CV 3196 i-FRAME Non-Clog Process Pumps - 5

CV 3196 Non Clog Process Pumps DUCTILE IRON FRAME ADAPTER Featuring Patented Monitoring Material strength equal to carbon steel for safety and reliability. CONDITION MONITOR (Patent Pending) Constantly measures vibration and temperature at the thrust bearing. Colored LED’s indicate general pump health. Provides early warning of improper operation before catastrophic failure occurs. INPRO VBXX-D HYBRID LABYRINTH SEALS Prevents premature bearing failure caused by lubricant contamination or loss of oil. Stainless steel rotors for optimal performance in corrosive environments. OPTIONAL FLUSH...

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Goulds CV 3196 i-FRAME Non-Clog Process Pumps - 6

Sectional View Bonus Interchangeability i-FRAME7" Series Power Ends Fit 7 Different Process Pumps Minimize inventory, reduce downtime. Process Pumps Non-Clog High Temperature Low Flow ANSI PFA TEFLON®-Lined Self-Priming In-Line Process Process Pumps Process Pumps Process Pumps Process Pumps Process Pumps Pumps

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Goulds CV 3196 i-FRAME Non-Clog Process Pumps - 7

Parts List and Materials of Construction Material Item Number Ductile Iron/ CD4MCuN Trim Part Name Ductile Iron Lantern Ring (Not Illustrated) Stuffing Box Packing (Not Illustrated) Glass-Filled Teflon* Teflon* Impregnated Fibers Frame Adapter Ductile Iron Thrust Bearing Double Row Angular Contact Conrad** Shaft—Less Sleeve (Optional) Shaft—With Sleeve Shaft Sleeve Bearing Locknut and Lockwasher Radial Bearing Steel Single Row Deep Groove Stuffing Box Cover (Packed Box) Ductile Iron Seal Chamber (Mechanical Seal) Ductile Iron Bearing Frame Repeller/Sleeve (Dynamic Seal Option) Gasket,...

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Goulds CV 3196 i-FRAME Non-Clog Process Pumps - 8

Hydraulic Coverage CAPACITY— 50 Hz m 140 130 120

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Goulds CV 3196 i-FRAME Non-Clog Process Pumps - 9

Dimensions CV 3196 All dimensions in inches and (mm). Not to be used for construction. 3.75 DIMENSIONS Group Bare Pump Weight Lbs. (kg) Baseplate Mounting Options Goulds offers a complete range of mounting systems to meet plant reliability requirements, and to make alignment and maintenance easier. CAMBER TOP CAST IRON CHEMBASE PLUS™ FABRICATED STEEL Rigid and corrosion resistant, it is preferred by many plants. Polymer concrete construction provides exceptional rigidity & corrosion resistance. ANSI 1991 dimensional. Economical baseplate that meets ANSI/ASME B73.1 M current edition...

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Goulds CV 3196 i-FRAME Non-Clog Process Pumps - 11

PRO Services Extending Equipment Life... ® Product Repair (all types and brands of rotating equipment) • Service Center Repair • Field Service • Parts Supply Reliability Improvement • Inventory Management • Replacement/Exchange • Turnkey Repair/Installation • Training Optimization of Assets • Predictive Analysis/Condition Monitoring • Root Cause Failure Analysis • Pump & System Assessments • Upgrades – Mechanical & Hydraulic • Maintenance Management/Contract Maintenance • Technical Expertise • Fast Turnaround • Factory Trained Service • Emergency Service – Personnel 24 hours/day, 7...

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