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Goulds API 3620 i-FRAME®


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API 610 11th Edition / ISO 13709 2nd Edition API BB2 Axially-Split, Between-Bearing, Radially Split

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Proven API Leadership ITT Goulds Pumps is a proven leader in API Pumps • Over 20,000 units installed - Over 17,000 OH2 / OH3s - Over 3,000 BB1 / BB2 / BB3 pumps • 40+ years of API expertise • Participating member on API 610 and API 682 committees Family of API Pumps ITT Goulds Pumps has a family of proven API pumps: • Overhung pumps • Single and two-stage between-bearing • Multistage between-bearing pumps - axially split • Barrel multistage - radially split • Vertical, double casing pumps • Specialty pumps Global Coverage ITT Goulds Pumps has the global coverage needed to serve...

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Goulds API 3620 i-FRAME® - 3

High Temperature and Pressure Process Pumps that Meet or Exceed 610 API 11th Edition / ISO 13709 2nd Edition Safety, reliability, and versatility are the key words for our single stage, centerline mounted, between-bearing, radially split API 610 process pump (API BB2). Safety and Reliability We provide engineered solutions with true conformance to the latest API specifications including the stringent emissions containment per API 682. The result is a safe and rugged API process pump designed for a 20-year life. Versatility • Capacity to 20,000 GPM (4,540 m3/h) • Total Dynamic Head to 1,500...

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Goulds API 3620 i-FRAME® - 4

3620 i-FRAME® Design Features for Optimum Reliability Low Vibration / Smooth Performance • Individual impellers and complete rotor assembly dynamically balanced. • Precision cast impellers have equal volumes between vanes for reduced pressure pulsations. Serviceability • Cartridge type mechanical seals for ease of assembly, proper installation. Entire rotating assembly can be removed for maintenance without disturbing suction/discharge piping. Split stage pieces and center case bushing can be removed for inspection of wear surfaces without disassembling rotor assembly. Designed for API 610...

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Goulds API 3620 i-FRAME® - 5

3620 i-FRAME® Optional Features for Application Flexibility Bearing Arrangements Oil lubricated ball radial and duplex thrust bearings are standard on the Model 3620. Ring oil lubricated sleeve radial and ball thrust or pressure lubricated sleeve radial and tilting pad thrust bearings can be furnished to meet customer or operating requirements. Hydrodynamic bearings offered with pressurized oil lube systems. Instrumentation The 3620 can be furnished with instrumentation options to measure vibration and temperature. RTDs or thermocouples can be furnished to measure bearing temperatures and...

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Goulds API 3620 i-FRAME® - 6

Bearings & Bearing Housings To get superior MTBF you need two things: Optimum pump hydraulics and a robust pump structure. The new i-FRAME housings delivers on the second point by providing a premium robust housing with unique new and improved features that raise the bar on what you can expect from your pump’s long term performance. These i-FRAME bearing housings include the new patented one piece design bearing housing for the ball-ball bearing arrangement, as well as the patent pending split bearing housing for the sleeve-ball and sleeve-tilt pad bearing arrangement. The i-FRAME bearing...

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Goulds API 3620 i-FRAME® - 7

Patented Filters and Monitoring 3620 Bearing oil contamination by wind-blown sand and dust together with atmospheric moisture are major contributors to bearings failing well before their design life. In an industry first, all self-contained bearing housings include a cartridge filter assembly that will help safeguard the bearing oil from debris contamination. The patent pending filter cartridge will also continuously work to scrub water from the bearing oil utilizing specifically engineered moisture absorbing materials built into the filter. *Continuous operation at 3100RPM **Test dust used...

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Goulds API 3620 i-FRAME® - 8

i-ALERT Monitoring Solution ® Tracks vibration, temperature & run-time hours 24/7/365. The i-ALERT2 devices are light activated by removing the sticker. The sensor begins wirelessly broadcasting once activated. Alarm Takes high resolution data when an alarm condition occurs and stores it for later analysis. Trend Captures data every 1-60 minutes and has up to 170 days of on-board storage. Analyze Diagnose machine faults with vibration tools Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) & Time Wave Form Analysis. Environment Rated for any industrial environment. water & dust resistant. Intrinsically Safe...

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Goulds API 3620 i-FRAME® - 9

Hydraulic Coverage Flow Capacity – 50 Hz m^3/h 1000 Flow Capacity – 60 Hz Note: Hydraulics above represent 80% to 110% of best efficiency point (BEP). Custom Solutions Model 3620 6 ×10-13 custom designed with side-top nozzles for fuel oil service in Saudi Arabia.

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Goulds API 3620 i-FRAME® - 10

API 610 11th Edition / ISO 13709 2nd Edition API BB2 Single-Stage, Between-Bearing, Radially Split CLASS 300 RF FLANGES STANDARD Other classes and facings optional. HEAVY DUTY RADIAL BEARINGS STANDARD HEAVY DUTY SHAFT Minimum shaft deflection for extended seal and bearing life. Sized to meet deflection and rotordynamics requirements of API 610 / ISO 13709. RENEWABLE WEAR RINGS API 610 / ISO 13709 clearances. Positively locked. Standard feature. CENTERLINE MOUNTED CASING Heavy duty mounting extensions accept API 610 / ISO 13709 nozzle loads and maintain pump alignment under extreme service...

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Goulds API 3620 i-FRAME® - 11

RADIALLY SPLIT CASING Designed specifically for high pressure / high temperature services. Fully confined controlled compression gasket assures leak-proof sealing. ENLARGED SEAL CHAMBERS Conform to API 610 / ISO 13709 dimensional requirements. Allows use of wide range of API 682 / ISO 21049 cartridge mechanical seals to meet specific service conditions. CASING HEAD ON OUTBOARD END Allows removal of rotor without disturbing driver or suction and discharge piping. Single head standard. Double head design optional. HEAVY DUTY THRUST BEARING Duplex 40° angular contact thrust bearings and...

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Goulds API 3620 i-FRAME® - 16

GOULDS PUMPS An ITT Brand 240 Fall Street Seneca Falls, NY 13148 Phone: 315.568.281 1 Fax: 315.568.2418

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