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Goulds AF Axial Flow Pumps


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Goulds AF Axial Flow Pumps - 1

Goulds AF Axial Flow Pumps

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Goulds AF Axial Flow Pumps - 2

Goulds AF 2 Goulds AF Cast design 6-36" (152.4 -14.4 mm) Fabricated design 36-60" (914 .4 -1,524 mm) with optional spring mounted base The Industry Leader in Circulating Pump Technologies For continuous circulation of corrosive/abrasive solutions and process wastes. Proven performance in a variety of services around the world. Capacities to 200,000 GPM (45,430 m3/h) Heads from 2-30 feet (.6096 -9.14400 m) Low NPSH requirements Temperatures to 600° F (315°C) Available in cast iron, austenitic stainless steels, duplex alloys, nickel, nickel-chrome alloys, nickel-chrome-moly alloys, titanium,...

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Goulds AF Axial Flow Pumps - 3

Goulds AF 3 Performance Features for Extended Pump Life LABYRINTH SEALS Carbon-filled Teflon for maximum chemical resistance prevent premature bearing failure caused by lubricant contamination or loss of oil. Non-contracting unitized design for ease of maintenance assembly. TAPERBORE SEAL CHAMBER Enlarged, tapered bore for increased life of mechanical seals through improved lubrication and cooling. Accommodates current cartridge designs. BACK PULLOUT Back pullout feature provided as standard on sizes through 36" (914 mm). Allows for ease of maintenance.

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Goulds AF Axial Flow Pumps - 4

Goulds AF 4 ADJUSTING LUGS FOR EASE OF ADJUSTMENT Adjusting bolts allow for precise, easy alignment of both the impeller clearance and stuffing box runout. Precise alignments minimize pump life cycle cost. MULTIPLE IMPELLERS FOR OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE Impellers are available in 0° and 5° vane pitch along with CW or CCW rotation. LARGER OIL SUMP WITH BI-DIRECTIONAL THRUST BEARINGS The bearing frame is designed as a one piece unitized frame with extra large capacity oil sump to provide optimum cooling. Bearing arrangement is now identical for top and end suction allowing for pump operation in...

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Goulds AF Axial Flow Pumps - 5

Goulds AF 5 SPRING MOUNTED SUB-BASE Goulds’ exclusive enclosed design protects the springs from corrosion and spillage. Springs are used to protect the pump from large flange loads imposed by thermal expansion of the piping. OIL COOLING An oil cooling option is available on 12" and larger sizes. A coiled tube mounted inside the bearing housing circulates water to cool the oil bath. Used when process temperatures cause excessive heat build up in the bearing housing and or bearings. RESTRICTOR BUSHING ADAPTER An optional adapter is used for single mechanical seals requiring a restrictor...

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Goulds AF Axial Flow Pumps - 6

6 7 STANDARD LABYRINTH OIL SEALS Carbon-filled Teflon for chemical resistance. BI-DIRECTIONAL THRUST BEARING Common frame for both top and end suction arrangements. EXTRA LARGE OIL SUMP Increased oil capacity provides better heat transfer for reduced oil temperature. Bearings run cooler and last longer. TAPER BORE STUFFING BOX Designed specifically for today’s cartridge seals. Optional packed box with sleeve available. FOUR-POINT MOUNTING Decreases the effects of pipe load on the pump. Provides a stable mounting arrangement for ease of installation and maintenance. EXTRA HEAVY DUTY SHAFT...

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Goulds AF Axial Flow Pumps - 8


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Goulds AF Axial Flow Pumps - 10

Goulds AF 11 Sectional View Parts List and Materials of Construction 400 109 496A 112C 443X 122 134 358U 168C 332B 496 383 100 178 101 332A 408 179 184 199 198 Material Cast Duplex Iron 304 316 Alloy 20 SS 904L Monel Inconel Nickel Titanium Item Number Description 100 Elbow Cast Iron CF8 CF8M CN7M CD4MCuN 904L M-35-1 CW-6MC CZ-100 Gr. C-3 101 Impeller Cast Iron CF8 CF8M CN7M CD4MCuN 904L M-35-1 CW-6MC CZ-100 Gr. C-3 109 Thrust Bearing Retainer Cast Iron 112C Outboard Bearing Steel 122 Shaft Steel 304SS 316SS C-20 2205 904L Monel 400 Inconel 625 Nickel 200 Tit. Gr. 2 134 Bearing Housing Cast...

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Goulds AF Axial Flow Pumps - 11

PRO Services® Extending Equipment Life... Product Repair (all types and brands of rotating equipment) • Service Center Repair • Field Service • Parts Supply Reliability Improvement • Inventory Management • Replacement/Exchange • Turnkey Repair/Installation • Training Optimization of Assets • Predictive Analysis/Condition Monitoring • Root Cause Failure Analysis • Pump & System Assessments • Upgrades – Mechanical & Hydraulic • Maintenance Management/Contract Maintenance • Technical Expertise • Factory Trained Service Personnel • Quality • Fast Turnaround • Emergency Service – 24 hours/day, 7...

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