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Goulds 3996 In-Line Process Pumps


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Goulds Model 3996 In-Line Process Pumps Goulds Pumps

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Goulds Model 3996 In-Line Process Pumps Designed for Total Range of Industry Services s Capacities to 1400 GPM (318 m3/h) s Heads to 700 feet (213 m) s Temperatures to 500° F (260° C) s Pressures to 375 PSIG (2586 kPa) Performance Features for In-Line Services Extended Pump Life • Integral pump bearings • TaperBore™ Plus/BigBore™ seal chambers • Precision fits for accurate alignment • Flexibly coupled Ease of Maintenance • In-line mounting • Field alignment not required • Back pull-out design • External impeller adjustment Safety • ANSI B15.1 coupling guard • Ductile iron frame and motor...

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Model 3996 In-Line Process Pumps Heavy Duty Design Features for a Wide Range of Process Services STANDARD NEMA C-FACE NORMAL THRUST MOTOR FIELD ALIGNMENT NOT REQUIRED HIGH STRENGTH DUCTILE IRON MOTOR SUPPORT Precision rabbet locks provide positive, built-in alignment between pump and motor. Open on two sides for easy access to back pull-out assembly. FLEXIBLY COUPLED Conventional flexible spacer coupling. INTEGRAL PUMP BEARINGS All hydraulic loads carried by pump—not by motor. Bearings sized for 2-year minimum and 10-year average life under tough operating conditions. Regreaseable bearings...

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In-Line Design For Cost Savings Setting The Standards For Reliability In-line pumps have become increasingly popular with users due to minimal floor space required and reduced installation costs. Installation is simple since the unit is mounted directly in the line like a valve. Field alignment is not required and the unit is not subject to misalignment due to pipe strain or temperature changes. The 3996 is designed for optimum reliable service ...shaft size and overhang are optimized to provide maximum seal and bearing life...precision fits provide built-in alignment between pump and motor...

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Parts List and Materials of Construction Material Item Number Part Name Ductile Iron Ductile Iron Ductile Iron Lantern Ring Thrust Bearing Shaft—Less Sleeve (Optional) Shaft—With Sleeve Shaft Sleeve Bearing Locknut and Lockwasher Radial Bearing Stuffing Box Cover (Packed Box) Ductile Iron Seal Chamber (Mechanical Seal) Ductile Iron Bearing Frame Motor Support Repeller/Sleeve (Dynamic Seal Option) Gasket, Cover to Backplate (Dynamic Seal) Stud/Nut, Cover to Frame Grease Seal (Outboard) Glass-Filled Teflon* Teflon* Impregnated Fibers Double Row Angular Contact Steel SAE4140 Teflon* 304SS Buna...

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Sectional View Model 3996 Dynamic Seal For Elimination of Sealing Problems—Reduced Maintenance Costs On tough pumping services, especially corrosives and slurries, mechanical seals require outside flush and constant, costly attention. Even then, seal failures are common, resulting in downtime. Goulds offers the ANSI PLUSTM Dynamic Seal which, simply by fitting a repeller between the stuffing box and impeller, eliminates the need for a mechanical seal. Benefits of Goulds Dynamic Seal: • External seal water not required • Elimination of pumpage contamination and product dilution • Reduces...

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Hydraulic Coverage Model 3996 m 240

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Sealing Solutions Goulds engineered seal chambers are designed to accept a wide range of sealing arrangements to meet specific user requirements. Your Goulds representative will gladly recommend the best sealing solution for your service...some of which are illustrated here. SINGLE CARTRIDGE SEAL (with TaperBoreTM PLUS Seal Chamber) • Same application as conventional single seal • Ease of maintenance • No seal setting problems CONVENTIONAL DOUBLE SEAL (with BigBoreTM Seal Chamber) • Liquids not compatible with single seal • Toxic, hazardous, abrasive, corrosive • When pump is operating...

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Dimensions Model 3996 All dimensions in inches and (mm). Not to be used for construction. MINIMUM HEADROOM REQUIRED TO REMOVE MOTOR – 6 IN. (152) DIMENSIONS Pump Weight (Less Motor) Lbs. (kg) Pump Size ANSI Designation X-Series Power Ends Fit 8 Different Process Pumps Minimize inventory, reduce downtime. Model 3196 X-Series Chemical Process Pumps Model CV 3196 Non-Clog Process Pumps Model HT 3196 High Temperature Chemical Process Pumps Model LF 3196 Low Flow ANSI Process Pumps Model NM 3196 FRP Process Pumps Model 3198 PFA TEFLON®-Lined Process Pumps Model 3796 Self-Priming Process Pumps...

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