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Goulds 3935 Low Flow - High Head Multi-Stage Pumps


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Goulds 3935 Low Flow - High Head Multi-Stage Pumps - 2

Special High Pressure Applications Diffuser Type For Wide High Head Services Boiler Feed Reverse Osmosis Petrochemical and Hydrocarbon Services Hydraulic Systems Process Water Spraying Systems High Pressure/High Temperature All Low Flow Applications Where Boiler Feed This concept for boiler feed service has been re- fined by Goulds to give long trouble free operation on small and medium sized boiler feed systems. The low NPSH first stage impellers in most sizes allow the use of economical low settings for deaerators. The single pump shaft with no internal coupling minimizes deflection and...

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Goulds 3935 Low Flow - High Head Multi-Stage Pumps - 3

Model 3935 Series BP Multi-Stage Pu Design Features for Wide Range of Low Flow-High Head Services FOOT SUPPORT Design allows for thermal expansion on high temperature services. HONED CASING SPLINED DRIVE Standard NEMA C-face stocked by most motor manufacturers. C-flange mounting assures pump and motor shaft alignment. No coupling alignment required. STEADY BEARING Intermediate carbon shaft accurate permanent alignment. Bearings spaced at 1 foot Rabbet locks provide positive The standard mechanical seal is of single spring design providing positive drive while compensating for seal face...

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Parts List and Materials of Construction

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Goulds 3935 Low Flow - High Head Multi-Stage Pumps - 5

Sectional View Model 3935 Bearing Frames duty Conrad bearing carries thrust loads developed by motor able to be mounted Two angular contact bearings mounted face-to-face carry low to medium duty thrust loads in this regreaseable bearing frame, Motors be mounted on this bearing frame. A single angular contact bearing carries medium to heavy thrust loads and provides oil lubrication for pumps requiring motors from 3 HP TEFC The oil lubricated L frame provides high thrust capability as encountered in high discharge pressure applications with tandem mounting of angular contact bearings. The L...

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Goulds 3935 Low Flow - High Head Multi-Stage Pumps - 6

Maximum Sealing Flexibility Used where it is desirable to keep mechanical seal out of pumpage. This arrangement can also be used on high vacuum service where sealing Cooling Chamber With Close Fitting Carbon Bushing Used on hot services where pumping temperature exceeds mechanical seal. Cooling and/or Used mostly on high temperature heat transfer fluids operating at low suction pressures for very effective Used on toxic and highly flammable services with oil or other compatible fluid buffer. ooth Performance ntrif ugal character ISIICS QT VJOUIQS Model 3935 assure quiet, smooth, low...

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Goulds 3935 Low Flow - High Head Multi-Stage Pumps - 7

All dimensions in inches. Not to be used for construction. :iMUM & MINIMUM DIMENSIONS DETERMINED PUMP* NOTES: All C" dimensions are approximate for ODP motors. All A' dimensions based on ambient temperature. Flanged suction and discharge connections available. Flanges are ANSI 600 lb. standard (% raised face) and will accept either 300 lb. or 600 lb. companion flanges {not illustrated above) visit our website at Goulds Pumps

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