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Goulds 3910 API-610 10th Edition /ISO 13709 Vertical In-Line Process Pumps with Bearing Frame (API OH3)

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Goulds Model 3910 Vertical In-Line Pumps Designed to Meet the Demanding Process Requirements of API-610 10th Edition/ ISO 13709 Capacities to 7500 GPM (1700 m3/h) Heads to 750 feet (229 m) Temperatures to 650° F (343° C) Pressures to 595 PSIG (41 bar) Design Features Back Pull-out for ease of maintenance. Bearing Frame carries pump loads. Framehook™ allows safe and easy removal of back pull-out assembly. Standard Spacer Couplings can be used for all applications. In-Line Design for space and cost savings. Motor Support — Rugged fabricated steel, casing mounted, maintains positive shaft...

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Goulds 3910 - 3

Goulds Model 3910 for Refinery Services 3 Goulds 3910 is designed to meet the demanding requirements of the Hydrocarbon Processing Industries. 3910 Bearing Frame Design for Reliability The 3910 offers inherent in-line advantages: • Lower Installation Costs — No heavy foundation required. • Minimum Floorspace — Ideal for retrofitting and debottlenecking. • Shaft-to-Shaft Alignment — Maintained during changes in nozzle loads or operating conditions (thermal cycling). • In-Line Suction and Discharge Simplifies piping design and construction. Goulds Model 3910 combines in-line and horizontal...

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Goulds Value Added Service Goulds FramehookTMfor Safe and Simple Maintenance Now there’s a safe and easy way to remove the back pullout assembly for offsite maintenance... without removing the motor or disturbing suction and discharge piping. Goulds Framehook™ facilitates removal (and installation) of the back pull-out. Maintenance personnel can now remove a heavy assembly safely and in minimum time. 1. After removing the casing stud nuts, coupling spacer and any flush or seal piping, position Framehook™ using suitable lifting capability. 2. With Framehook™ bolted in place, separate the...

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Design Features for Optimum Reliability Goulds Model 3910 utilizes proven design features to ensure reliable performance. ROTATING ELEMENT Shaft and bearings are same as used with Goulds Model 3700 horizontal process pump. Proven design preferred for toughest services. ENGINEERED IN-LINE SUCTION DESIGN The 3910 suction design is the result of extensive model and full-scale testing. NPSH requirements are minimized. Design assures streamlined, even flow into impeller eye; reduces losses encountered in conventional suction designs. MULTIPLE IMPELLERS Available with all pump sizes. Accommodates...

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Model 3910 API-610 Bearing Frame In-Line Process Pumps Design Features for a Wide Range of Refinery & Petrochemical Services 6 7 SPACER COUPLING With standard spacer length used for all applications. PUMP BEARINGS Carry all pump hydraulic loads. Duplex angular contact thrust bearings and deep groove Conrad radial bearing standard with grease lubrication. Oil mist optional. BONUS INTERCHANGEABILITY Bearing frame, bearings, shaft, seal chamber, mechanical seal, impeller and wear rings completely interchangeable with Goulds Model 3700 horizontal process pumps. BACK PULL-OUT Frame assembly,...

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Goulds 3910 - 8

9 Optional Features Goulds offers users a range of options to meet specific plant and process requirements. PUMP SUPPORTS Provide additional support and stability of entire unit during installation and maintenance. Also available in one-piece fabricated construction. C-Face P-Base Reliability Enhancement Capabilities OIL MIST LUBRICATION Pure oil mist available to meet customer requirements and to handle higher temperature pumpages. Goulds offers a complete range of in-plant NDE capabilities for casting and welded fabrication examination. • Magnetic Particle Examination • Liquid Penetrant...

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Goulds 3910 - 9

10 Sectional View Model 3910 123A 119A 123B 353/355 250 184 125 351 101 304 164 202 109A 228 122 356A/425 211 203 230 100 API-610 Material Classes Item Number Part Name S-4 S-6 S-8 C-6 A-8 100 Casing Carbon Steel 12% Chrome 316L SS 101 Impeller Carbon Steel 12% Chrome 316L SS 12% Chrome 316L SS 109A Bearing End Cover - Outboard Carbon Steel 114 Oil Ring Bronze 119A Bearing End Cover - Inboard Carbon Steel 122 Shaft AISI 4140 * 315L SS 410 SS 316 SS 123 Labyrinth Seal - Inboard Bronze/Viton 123A Labyrinth Seal - Outboard Bronze/Viton 125 Throat Bushing Cast Iron 410 SS 316L SS 410 SS 316L SS...

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Form B3910 1/08 © 2008 Goulds Pumps, Incorporated A subsidiary of ITT Corporation GouldsPumps for Hydrocarbon Processing The Goulds API and petrochemical pump lines offer reliability and extended MTBF. The Model 3700 API-610 (10th Edition), Model 3910 API-610 (10th Edition) horizontal process pump and Model 3620 API-610 (10th Edition) Double Suction Process pump feature a back pull-out power end. Goulds also offers the Model 3196 chemical process pump and the newly designed Model 3410, one of a series of double suction water pumps. Zero leakage is assured with the Model 3296 magnetic drive...

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