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Goulds 3796 Self-Priming Process Pumps with Patented Intelligent Monitoring

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Self-Priming Process Pumps Designed for Total Range of Industry Services Capacities to 1250 GPM (284 m3/h) Heads to 430 feet (131 m) Temperatures to 500° F (260° C) Pressures to 375 PSIG (2586 kPa) Effective static lift to 20 feet (6 m) Performance Features for Self-Priming Services Extended Pump Life • One-piece casing with integral priming and air separation (no external priming chamber or air separator required) • No suction check valve required • Rapid priming time • Positive retention of pumpage under siphon conditions • Self-purge of vapors • i-FRAME Power Ends Ease of Maintenance •...

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Goulds 3796 3 Priming and Air Separation Accomplished Within Casing Dual volute design primes suction with only an initial charge of liquid in the casing. During priming cycle, the lower volute functions as an intake while upper volute discharges liquid and entrained air into separation chamber. Air is separated and expelled through pump discharge while liquid recirculates into lower volute. Once air is completely removed from suction and liquid fills impeller eye, pump is fully primed, and functions as a conventional centrifugal pump with both volutes performing as discharges. The casing...

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Goulds 3796 4 Sealing Solutions Goulds engineered seal chambers are designed to accept a wide range of sealing arrangements to meet specific user requirements. Your Goulds representative will gladly recommend the best sealing solution for your service... some of which are illustrated here. SINGLE INSIDE SEAL (with BigBoreTM Seal Chamber) • Non-corrosive to moderate corrosive liquids • Moderate abrasives • Liquids that have good lubrication qualities CONVENTIONAL DOUBLE SEAL (with BigBoreTM Seal Chamber) • Liquids not compatible with single seal • Toxic, hazardous, abrasive, corrosive • When...

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6 7 Model 3796 Self-Priming Process Pumps Featuring Patented Intelligent Monitoring CONDITION MONITOR (Patent Pending) Constantly measures vibration and temperature at the thrust bearing. Colored LED’s indicate general pump health. Provides early warning of improper operation before catastrophic failure occurs. CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCE Original flow, pressure and efficiency are maintained by simple external adjustment resulting in long-term energy and repair parts savings. INPRO VBXX-D HYBRID LABYRINTH SEALS Prevents premature bearing failure caused by lubricant contamination or loss of oil....

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Goulds 3796 9 Parts List and Materials of Construction *E.I. DuPont reg. trademark **LTi Power End features Duplex Angular Contact ***Integral with STi frame Construction Details All dimensions in inches and (mm). MATERIAL Item Ductile Hastelloy Number Part Name Iron 316SS CD4MCu Alloy 20 B & C Titanium 100 Casing Ductile Iron 316SS CD4MCu Alloy 20 Hastelloy Titanium 101 Impeller Ductile Iron 316SS CD4MCu Alloy 20 Hastelloy Titanium 105 Lantern Ring Glass-Filled TEFLON* 106 Stuffing Box Packing TEFLON* Impregnated Fibers 108 Frame Adapter*** Ductile Iron 112 Thrust Bearing Double Row...

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10 Goulds Power Ends are the result of 160 years of design experience, customer interaction, and continuous improvement. Customers get extended Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) and lower life cycle costs (LCC)… guaranteed! 2 1 5 2 4 3 Goulds Patented Power Ends Extended Pump Life Through Intelligent Design 1 The heart of the , the condition monitor unit continuously measures vibration and temperature at the thrust bearing and automatically indicates when pre-set levels of vibration and temperature have been exceeded, so that changes to the process or machine can be made before failure...

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11 Shaft and Bearings Engineered for Maximum Reliability The rugged shaft and bearing combination maintains shaft deflection of less than 0.002 inches at all operating points. The result is longer seal and bearing life. Premium severe-duty thrust bearings increase bearing fatigue life by 2-5X. • High purity steels have fewer inclusions than standard steel — better grain structure and wear resistance. • Heat treatment of bearing elements increases hardness for increased fatigue life. Forty-degree contact angle on the thrust bearing for higher thrust load capability. • 35% higher dynamic load...

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Form B3796 6/08 © 2008 Goulds Pumps, Incorporated A subsidiary of ITT Corporation Visit our Web site at Dimensions Model 3796 All dimensions in inches and (mm). Not to be used for construction. SUCTION DISCHARGE A B E D X 33/4 (95) Baseplate Mounting Options Goulds offers a complete range of mounting systems to meet plant reliability requirements, and to make alignment and maintenance easier. CAMBER TOP CAST IRON Rigid and corrosion resistant, it is preferred by many plants. CHEMBASE PLUS™ Polymer concrete construction provides exceptional rigidity & corrosion...

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