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Goulds 3500XD Medium Consistency Pumping Technology


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Goulds 3500XD Medium Consistency Pumping Technology - 1

GOULDS PUMPS Medium Consistency Pumping Technology Introducing X-Ducer™ Medium Consistency Pumping Technology

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Goulds 3500XD Medium Consistency Pumping Technology - 2

The Goulds X-Ducer™ Performance Advantage: N Improved Pumping Efficiencies • • An increase of up to 8 efficiency points which translates into substantial energy savings Performance which exceeds or rivals all competitors Expanded Coverage • • Higher TDH generation for existing sizes New, larger size to handle production rates to 2200 ADStpd (2000 ADMtpd) and heads to 650 feet (198 m) Dramatic Degas System Improvements • Lower Suction Head Requirements • Allows for operation up to 10-11% consistency without a vacuum pump Allows for lower, less expensive standpipe elevations and higher...

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Goulds 3500XD Medium Consistency Pumping Technology - 3

Model 3500XD Advantages Advantage High Efficiency Lower power requirements X-Ducer design can permit upgrades with minimal investment Proven reliability Familiar to operating and maintenance personnel due to design — components and methods similar to conventional centrifugal pumps When required, maintenance is easy to perform Easy to maintain external vacuum pump X-Ducer design further simplifies the degas system for consistency ranges up to 10-11% by not requiring a vacuum pump Avoids assembly techniques needed to achieve close clearances for proper internal degas operation Same back...

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Goulds 3500XD Medium Consistency Pumping Technology - 4

Model 3500XD Air Removal System Without effective air removal, medium consistency pumps will not operate reliably. The efficient air removal system of the Model 3500XD and the simple degas system result in easy operation and very low maintenance. X-Ducer Initiates Flow and Begins Air Separation X-Ducer agitates pulp to assist flow into pump inlet. X-Ducer also separates air from water and fiber. X-Ducer concentrates air core and develops pumping action X-Ducer utilizes conventional technology to concentrate air in core and prepare it for removal. Fiber and water move to the periphery of the...

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Goulds 3500XD Medium Consistency Pumping Technology - 5

Proven Goulds Applications Extensive worldwide installations operate reliably on services in pulping and bleaching operations. These successful installations result from: Defining Requirements Understanding and defining the requirements for operation — operating data parameters, piping layouts and knowledge of related equipment (washers, mixers and system components) Designing Systems Designing systems to meet the operating criteria Commissioning the systems when required by the users Pumping Solutions Pumping from Washers, Presses and Disc Filters Pulp at consistencies up to 14% from...

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Goulds 3500XD Medium Consistency Pumping Technology - 6

Medium Consistency Pumping Solutions Heavy-Duty Design LABYRINTH SEALS STANDARD DOUBLE CARTRIDGE MECHANICAL SEALS Frame is sealed with labyrinth seals to protect against the harsh environments encountered in pulp mills and bleach plants. • For optimum sealing over full range of operating conditions. • Thrust bearing is angular contact PumpPac ® designed to handle uni-directional thrust loads. • Centerline discharge. • Radial bearing is cylindrical roller design to handle radial loads. • Bearings are designed for a 14-year average life based on maximum loads. • Seals from various...

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Goulds 3500XD Medium Consistency Pumping Technology - 7

System Configurations Standpipe Arrangement with CIO2 Mixing Stock from washers, presses and thickeners feed special Goulds standpipes that are reverse tapered to prevent stock bridging. Systems include controls for vacuum, dilution, level and flow. Tower Bottom Arrangement Stock from bleach/storage towers falls into Goulds feed chute connected to the tower with expansion joint and isolation valve. Depending on tower level and consistency, a vacuum pump may not be required. Booster Arrangement Goulds booster pump will increase pressure but does not require standpipe or degassing system.

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Goulds 3500XD Medium Consistency Pumping Technology - 8

Standard System Controls, Alarms & Interlocks Standpipe Level/Dilution System • Constant standpipe level maintained by LC controlling LCV on pump discharge. • Alarms set at 85% and 10% level. • Start up Interlock at minimum of 10% level to prevent dry running of pump. • Automatic dilution system to assist pumping when standpipe level deviates outside its allowable set point range. LEVEL CONTROLLER SIGNAL CONVERTER UPPER DILUTION VALVE LOWER DILUTION VALVE LEVEL CONTROL VALVE LEVEL TRANSMITTER Seal & Flush Water System FRAME COOLING OUT TO MECHANICAL SEAL IN • Three separate flow meters...

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Goulds 3500XD Medium Consistency Pumping Technology - 9

Pumping Solutions Typical Model 3500XD Installations Caustic stage pumping from washer operating at 1200 TPD at 12% consistency. One of seven units in complete bleach line. Bleached pulp from final wash stage being pumped to HD storage.

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Goulds 3500XD Medium Consistency Pumping Technology - 10

TOTAL HEAD – FEET TOTAL HEAD – METERS Pumping Solutions — Upgrade Existing Systems Model 3500XD System Upgrade Opportunities N Reduced power requirements for existing systems Increased TDH capabilities with X-Ducer design for new operating conditions For existing systems operating at 10% consistency or less can allow removal of vacuum pump Can adapt to new and future operating conditions with minimal changes and lower power requirements Existing units readily modified to X-Ducer design — does not require new casing or suction sideplate and fits in current dimensional envelope

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Goulds 3500XD Medium Consistency Pumping Technology - 11

PRO Services Extending Equipment Life... ® Product Repair (all types and brands of rotating equipment) • Service Center Repair • Field Service • Parts Supply R eliability Improvement • Inventory Management ProSmart™ encompasses the latest technology* in condition monitoring to transform your Predictive Maintenance program into a Plant Profitability program. It provides a cost-effective solution to maintaining uptime on all of your rotating equipment. ProSmart continuously monitors, analyzes and annunciates an alarm when critical criteria is not met. By identifying, diagnosing, and sounding...

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