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Two Stage, Horizontally Split Case Pump

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Two Stage, Horizontally Split Case Pumps designed for boiler feed, mine dewatering and other applications requiring moderately high heads with a wide range of service conditions • Capacities to 681 m3/h (3,000 GPM) • Heads to 305 m (1,000 feet) • Temperatures to 177°C (350°F) • Pressures to 3,792 kPa (550 PSIG) Design Features Casing Removal of upper half permits inspection, maintenance or removal of rotating element without disturbing piping or pump-to-motor alignment Impellers Hydraulically balanced - opposed for axial balance. Opposed cut-waters provide radial balance. Wear Rings Easily...

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Goulds 3316 - 3

Performance Curve 3560 R.P.M. Except as noted. Specifications Shaft Short span keeps deflection to a minimum. Radius fillets are rolled into the shoulders at threaded portions to increase shaft fatigue strength. Radius fillets also machined into keyways to distribute stress more evenly along the shaft. Shaft Sleeve Threaded against impeller hub, and free to expand or contract with temperature changes. One sleeve tightens against rotation, and is further secured by a set screw. Other sleeve is key driven. This unique locking design of sleeves permits field change of rotation without...

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3316 Two Stages / Horizontally Split Case Pumps Heavy Duty Design Features for Wide Range of Services RENEWABLE CASE WEAR RINGS Permit easy maintenance of proper running clearances – protect against casing wear. Double lock in lower half casing to prevent rotation. UPPER HALF CASING Permits inspection, maintenance or removal of complete rotating element without disturbing piping or alignment. OIL LUBRICATION STANDARD Oil level maintained by constant level oiler. Sealed against contamination. SHAFT SEALING FLEXIBILITY Packed stuffing box or variety of mechanical seals available. Conversion...

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HIGH THRUST CAPABILITY With duplex thrust bearing and shaft lock nut. Provides long, trouble-free operation under the wide service conditions to which these pumps are exposed. HEAVY DUTY SHAFT Designed for toughest services. Renewable shaft sleeves fully protect shaft from pumpage. HYDRAULICALLY BALANCED IMPELLERS Axial thrust of one impeller is counterbalanced by axial thrust of other impeller. Opposed cut-waters balance radial load reaction. Load on bearings is low. MAXIMUM PARTS INTERCHANGEABILITY Not only within the line but with Goulds Model 3405 single stage pumps. Keeps spare parts...

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Sectional View Model 3316 Optional Constructions

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Goulds 3316 - 8

Pressure and Temperature Capability CODE FOR PRESSURE - TEMPERATURE CHART NOTES: Maximum suction pressure: 240 PSIG Ratings shown reflect pump limitations only. User should insure that connecting piping including mating flanges are adequate for anticipated service. Suction and discharge flanges drilled to match 300 lb. steel, bronze and 250 lb. AISI cast iron.

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Goulds 3316 - 9

All dimensions in inches and (mm). Not to be used for construction. Right hand rotation illustrated. MINIMUM HEADROOM REQUIRED TO REMOVE UPPER HALF CASING DIMENSIONS DETERMINED BY PUMP

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Visit our website at Wherever you are, we’re there too. Manufacturing/Assembly/Packaging Direct Sales Offices Service Centers (ITT) Distribution Center Your Total Solution For Equipment Life Cycle Optimization Control Solutions (PumpSmart) Building on over 160 years of Goulds Pumps experience, PRO Services provides an array of services focused on reducing equipment total cost of ownership (TCO) and increasing plant output, including predictive monitoring, maintenance contracts, field service, engineered upgrades, inventory management, and overhauls for pumps and other...

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