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Goulds 3298 Chemical Process Pump

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Chemical Process Pumps • Capacities to 1,200 GPM (270 m3/h) • Heads to 500 feet (162 m) • Temperatures to 250° F (121° C) • Pressures to 225 PSIG (1551 kPa) Performance Features for Chemical Services Extended Pump Life • ETFE Construction • Sealless Design • Stationary Silicon Carbide Shaft • Optional Silicon Carbide Dryguard™ Bearings Optimum Performance • Non-Slip Synchronous Drive • Efficiency Equivalent to Sealed ANSI Pumps, 30% Higher than Metal Sealless Pumps Ease of Maintenance • Minimum Parts • No Pump / Motor Alignment Required with Close-Coupled Design • ANSI Dimensional •...

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Chemical Process Pumps Design Features for Wide Range of Process Services CLOSE-COUPLED DESIGN Arrangement eliminates need to perform pump / motor alignment. Single piece, dual bolt circle adapter accommodates all motor sizes for maximum application flexibility. RARE EARTH MAGNETS High strength neodymium iron, provide high torque and hard-start capability without slip. Drive is synchronous. CONTAINMENT SHELL ETFE lining with glass reinforced vinylester backing. Rugged design with burst pressure greater than 500 PSI. Non-metallic construction provides efficiencies same as sealed ANSI...

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Exceptional Performance for Chemical Services Ultimate Protection 10X More Dry Run Protection with Dryguard™ Bearings Goulds unique Dryguard™ diamond-like carbon coating significantly reduces the coefficient of friction enabling periods of safe operation under dry run conditions. Dryguard™ is up to 1.5× harder than silicon carbide, ensuring its protection lasts throughout the life of the pump. Magnetic drive pump failures are often due to dry running and closed discharge valve conditions. With Dryguard™ silicon carbide bearings and a power monitor, you have the best protection technology...

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Reliable, Simple, Easy to Maintain Design Features for Extended Pump Life Casing with ETFE Lining One-piece solid ductile iron casing with ETFE lining. Generous lining thickness of 1/8 inch (3 mm). Roto-lining process assures integrity of lining. Rugged foot mounted design provides maximum resistance to and distortion from pipe loads. Flange loads are the same as metal ANSI pumps. Casing drain allows complete evacuation of pump fluid. Radial and Thrust Bearings Multiple materials available to best suit your pumping application: Carbon, pure sintered Silicon-Carbide or Dryguard™. All...

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Parts List and Materials of Construction Item Number The 3298 S provides additional low flow coverage below the hydraulics of the smallest "traditional ANSI pump size. XS pumps meet user requirements for low flow capabilities. Applying an oversized ANSI pump is not requieed. • Capacities to 120 GPM (27 m3/h) • Heads to 160 feet (49 m) • Temperatures to 250° F (121° C) • Pressures to 150 PSIG (1034 kPa)

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3298 M Frame-Mounted 3298 M Frame-Mounted 3298 M Frame-Mounted 3298 L Close-Coupled 3298 L Close-Coupled 3298 L Close-Coupled 3298 M Close-Coupled 3298 M Close-Coupled 3298 M Close-Coupled 3298 S Frame-Mounted S Frame-Mounted 3298 3298 S Frame-Mounted 3298 S Frame-Mounted 3298 L Frame-Mounted 3298 L Frame-Mounted 3298 L Frame-Mounted

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TOTAL HEAD—1750 RPM (60 Hi) TOTAL HEAD — 3500 RPM (60 HZ) TOTAL HEAD—1450 RPM (50 Hi) TOTAL HEAD — 2850 RPM (50 HZ)

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All dimensions in inches and (mm). Not to be used for construction. Motor Frame Bare Pump Dimensions

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SP 3298 for Self-Priming Applications When suction lift conditions exist, air must be evacuated to effectively prime the pump. This air or vapor must be expelled each time the pump is started. The Goulds design incorporates a highly reliable one-piece casing without the use of an internal check valve or external gooseneck. Optimally-sized Casing Retains enough liquid to prime but not too much to increase fluid temperature during priming. Temperature rise is half of the competition. Retained Liquid Integrated suction gooseneck keeps all bearings fully submerged to ensure lubrication during...

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SP 3298 Close-Coupled Design Bare Pump Dimensions All dimensions in inches and (mm). Not to be used for construction.

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V 3298 In-Line Design for Cost Savings In-Line Design for Cost Savings In-line pumps have become increasingly popular due to minimal floor space required and reduced installation costs. Installation is simple since the unit is mounted directly in the line, like a valve. Field alignment is not required and the unit is not subject to misalignment due to pipe strain or temperature changes. Vertical Configuration Vertical casing frees up additional floor space required for pump. Additional Dry-Run Protection With the vertical design, the front thrust bearing will always be submerged in liquid....

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All dimensions in inches and (mm). Not to be used for construction.

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Dry Run Capability Standard Dryguard™ Silicon Carbide Bearings Provide the corrosion resistance and durability of silicon carbide with short term dry run capability without the catastrophic failure modes of standard silicon carbide in a dry run situation. Solids Handling Standard large internal clearances allow the passage of solids up to 0.06 inches with a maximum concentration of 2%. With the optional clean external injection flush, the 3299 can handle solids up to 0.080 inches with a concentration near 10%. Designed for Safe Operation Dual Containment Shell PTFE lining with carbon...

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TOTAL HEAD — 1750 RPM (60 Hi} TOTAL HEAD — 3500 RPM (60 Hz) TOTAL HEAD — 1450 RPM (50 Hz) TOTAL HEAD — 2850 RPM (50 Hz) l S;alp Change CAPACITY — 1750 RPM (60 Hz)

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Goulds 3298 - 16

Leadership in Sealless Pump TechnologyModel 3296 EZMAG Bearing Cartridge Individual bearings are contained in a single cartridge assembly. • Bearings are made of highly abrasion and corrosion resistant silicon carbide. Dryguard™ bearings are available for protection against occasional dry run conditions. • In the event of bearing failure, the cartridge design contains the bearings and prevents further damage to pump internals. • Installation and replacement of bearings is simple. Only one component to install. Maintenance Made Simple The 3296 EZMAG was designed with the end user in mind....

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