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Goulds 3296 EZMAG Chemical Process Pump


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Goulds 3296 EZMAG Chemical Process Pump - 1

Goulds Pumps Goulds 3296 EZMAG Chemical Process Pump

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Goulds 3296 EZMAG Chemical Process Pump - 2

2 Goulds 3296 EZMAG Chemical Process Pump Capacities to 700 gpm (160 m3/h) Heads to 550 ft (168 m) Temperatures to 535°F (280°C) Pressures to 275 psig Performance Features Extended Pump Life Sealless design Enclosed impeller Silicon carbide radial and thrust bearings Optional Dryguard™bearings for dry run protection Reliable flush circuit Ease Of Maintenance Bearing Cartridge design Double-back pull-out Close coupled option on S group ANSI B73.1 dimensional standards No mechanical seal Minimum number of parts Safety Zero emissions One-piece Hastelloy C containment shell Drive and driven...

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Goulds 3296 EZMAG Chemical Process Pump - 3

Goulds 3296 EZMAG 3 Reliable, Simple And EZ To Maintain Bearing Cartridge Individual bearings are contained in a single cartridge assembly. Bearings are made of highly abrasion and corrosion resistant silicon carbide. Dryguard™ bearings are available for protection against occasional dry run conditions. In the event of bearing failure, the cartridge design contains the bearings and prevents further damage to pump internals. Installation and replacement of bearings is simple. Only one component to install. Containment Shell The containment shell is the most important component isolating the...

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Goulds 3296 EZMAG Chemical Process Pump - 4

Goulds 3296 EZMAG 4 3296 EZMAG Options High Temperature Applications Inducer An optional inducer can reduce the NPSHr by as much as 35-50%. This can allow smaller pumps to operate at higher speeds resulting in lower installation costs. Great for media with low NPSHa, high vapor pressures or entrained air. Dryguard™ Bearings The heat generation from dry run conditions is the number one mode of failure for sealless pumps. Dryguard™ is a diamond-like carbon that reduces the coefficient of friction by over 70% enabling short periods of safe operation under dry run conditions. Dryguard™ is up to...

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Goulds 3296 EZMAG Chemical Process Pump - 5

Reliable Recirculation Goulds 3296 EZMAG 5 Simple, Reliable Recirculation Circuit The 3296 EZMAG’s reliable flush circuit features patented geometry to ensure the bearings receive proper lubrication. Axial vanes on the driven magnet move fluid around the back of the containment shell. Spiral grooves in the bearing cartridge transport fluid through the cartridge and back into the casing. Bearings stay lubricated and heat resulting from eddy current losses is carried away. Optional Features Condition Monitoring Power Monitoring The PS10 and PS20 Pump Load Monitors measure the motor input...

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Goulds 3296 EZMAG Chemical Process Pump - 6

Goulds 3296 EZMAG 6 7 Goulds 3296 EZMAG Design Features for Maximum Reliability BEARING CARTRIDGE Standard pure Silicon Carbide, highly abrasion-resistant with universal chemical resistance Cartridge design eliminates measurements and fitting for simplified maintenance. Optional Dryguard™ bearing enables safe operation in temporary dry run conditions. High temperature cartridge is also available. Protects pump internals in the event of a bearing failure. OIL SIGHT GLASS For easy monitoring of actual oil level and condition. Bottle oiler is optional. LABYRINTH OIL SEAL Prevents premature...

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Goulds 3296 EZMAG Chemical Process Pump - 8

Goulds 3296 EZMAG 9 Parts List and Materials of Construction Item Material Number Description Stainless Hastelloy C 100 Casing Stainless Steel Hastelloy C 101 Impeller Stainless Steel Hastelloy C 108 Frame Adapter Ductile Iron Ductile Iron 109A 2 End Cover Ductile Iron Ductile Iron 112 2 Ball Bearing Steel Steel 113A 2 Plug, Pipe Fill Steel Steel 122A 1 StubShaft Steel Steel 122B 2 Drive Shaft Steel 4140 Steel 4140 178 Impeller Key 303SS Hastelloy C 199 Washer, Distance Stainless Steel Hastelloy C 222E 3 Set Screw (backplate to adapter) Stainless Steel Stainless Steel 222L 1 Set Screw (stub...

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Goulds 3296 EZMAG Chemical Process Pump - 9

Goulds 3296 EZMAG 10 Interchangeability Chart 1x1/2-6 11/2x3-6 2x3-6 1x11/2-8 11/2x3-8 2x3-8 3x4-7 3x4-8G 1x2-10 2x3-10 3x4-10 1x11/2-6 11/2x3-6 2x3-6 1x11/2-8 11/2x3-8 2x3-8 Size Casing Impeller Back Plate Bearing Cartridge Frame Adapter Driven Magnet Shell Drive Magnet Drive Shaft Stub Shaft Bearing Frame S Group M Group Motor Adapter Adapter Plate A 143 TC 145 TC 182 TC 184 TC 213 TC 215 TC 254 TC 256 TC 284 TC 286 TC 284 TSC 286 TSC B C A B C A B C A B C D E F G H I J K D E F G H I J K Close Coupled Units Frame-Mounted Units

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