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Goulds 3196 i-FRAME Process Pump


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Goulds Pumps Process Pump with i-ALERT Patented Intelligent Monitoring

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Goulds 3196 Proven Performance... Over One Million Process Pump Installations Worldwide When the Goulds 3196 ANSI Standard Dimension Process Pump was first introduced in 1961, it immediately became the standard for the industry. Today, the number of installations attest to its remarkable performance. Users in chemical, petrochemical, pulp & paper, primary metals, food & beverage and general industries know they can make no better choice than the best — Goulds Model 3196.

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Before Selecting A Process Pump Consider the Four Design Features For Extended Pump Performance In order to select a chemical process pump wisely, consideration must be given to design features that provide long-term reliable performance. The pump must be designed for optimum shaft seal and bearing life to prevent the failure of these two primary causes of pump downtime. IMPELLER Must be designed for long-term, maintainable performance and minimum hydraulic loads for maximum reliability. SEAL CHAMBER Must be designed for favorable seal environment — proper heat dissipation and lubrication...

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Fully Open Impeller Acknowledged Best Design for CPI Services The open impeller is the acknowledged best design for process services. It is ideally suited for corrosives/erosives, liquids containing solids and stringy materials. The most reliable pumps feature open impellers as standard. See The Difference Remarkably, Goulds had performance in mind when the Model 3196 standard dimension process pump was developed in 1959. Of timely significance was the decision to feature a fully open impeller rather than an enclosed type. There are three excellent reasons why: Greater wear area for longer...

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Maintained High-Performance Long Pump Life 450 430 3% REDUCTION TDH 9% REDUCTION FLOW 0 40 It is common knowledge that as a pump wears, the performance decreases. Goulds open impeller can be adjusted, simply and quickly, to compensate for wear and renew performance. The enclosed type impeller cannot be adjusted. Performance renewal requires new or repaired casing and impeller. Typical reduction in performance due to wear (.010 inch per year) on any ANSI pump. OPEN IMPELLER Original performance can be re-set (at the bench or on-site) with external impeller adjustment using a common open-end...

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Goulds Engineered Seal Chambers Extend Seal Life And Lower Maintenance Costs SEAL ENVIRONMENT IS CRITICAL FOR EXTENDED SEAL LIFE The number one cause of pump downtime is failure of the shaft seal. These failures are normally the result of an unfavorable seal environment such as improper heat dissipation (cooling), poor lubrication of the seal faces, or seals operating in liquids containing solids, air or vapors. Enlarged bore seal chambers (BigBoreTM and patented TaperBoreTM PLUS) with increased radial clearance between the mechanical seal and seal chamber provide better circulation of...

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Goulds Patented* TaperBore The unique flow path created by the patented Vane Particle Ejector directs solids away from the mechanical seal, not towards the seal as with other tapered bore designs. And, the amount of solids entering the bore is minimized. Air and vapors are also efficiently removed. On services with or without solids, air or vapors, Goulds patented TaperBoreTM PLUS is the effective solution for extended seal and pump life and lower maintenance costs. Solids/liquid mixture flows toward mechanical seal /seal chamber. Turbulent zone. Some solids continue to flow toward shaft....

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Goulds Patented Power Ends Extended Pump Life Through Intelligent Design Goulds Power Ends are the result of 160 years of design experience, customer interaction, and continuous improvement. Customers get extended Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) and lower life cycle costs (LCC)… guaranteed! Condition Monitor The heart of the , the condition monitor unit continuously measures vibration and temperature at the thrust bearing and automatically indicates when pre-set levels of vibration and temperature have been exceeded, so that changes to the process or machine can be made before failure...

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Shaft and Bearings Engineered for Maximum Reliability Every 3196 Power End is engineered and manufactured for optimal pump performance and increased MTBF. ANSI B73.1 Shaft Specification Diameter Tolerance Surface Finish Fatigue life more than double that of conventional bearing steels. The rugged shaft and bearing combination maintains shaft deflection of less than 0.002 inches at all operating points. The result is longer seal and bearing life. Premium severe-duty thrust bearings increase bearing fatigue life by 2-5X. • High purity steels have fewer inclusions than standard steel — better...

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3196 Process Pumps Featuring Patented Monitoring CONDITION MONITOR DUCTILE IRON FRAME ADAPTER (Patent Pending) Constantly measures vibration and temperature at the thrust bearing. Colored LED’s indicate general pump health. Provides early warning of improper operation before catastrophic failure occurs. Material strength equal to carbon steel for safety and reliability. CASING • Bonus casing thickness: Class 150 pumps feature Class 300 wall thickness as standard; increased reliability and maximized casing life. INPRO VBXX-D HYBRID LABYRINTH SEALS Prevents premature bearing failure caused by...

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Baseplate Mounting Systems Goulds offers a complete range of pump mounting systems to meet plant requirements; make installation and maintenance easier. OPTIONAL ^Engineered option—requites special baseplate Bonus Interchangeability i-FRAME™ Power Ends Fit 7 Different Process Pumps Minimize inventory, reduce downtime. Process Pumps Non-Clog High Temperature Low Flow ANSI PFA TEFLON®-Lined Self-Priming Non-Metallic Process Pumps Process Pumps Process Pumps Process Pumps Process Pumps Process Pumps

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Options Goulds offers users a variety of options to meet specific plant and process requirements. Seal Flush Plans All ANSI B73.1 seal flush and cooling plans are available to control emission levels and meet seal installation requirements. Goulds can also provide other special arrangements of user preference. CPI PLAN 7311 By-pass flush lubricates single seal faces. CPI PLAN 7353 Pressurized circulation lubricates double seal faces. High and Low Temperature Capability Options are readily available for high and low temperature applications or where pumpage temperature must be controlled....

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