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^GOULDS PUMPS Paper Stock / Process Pump with i-ALERT® Patented Intelligent Monitoring

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3180 Worldwide Experience on Process Pumping Services When Goulds developed the 3180, we utilized 140 years of pump design experience to ensure it would have unmatched mechanical reliability. Today, installations around the world attest to its remarkable performance. The 3180 is the heavy duty process pump designed to handle all of your tough process pumping applications. • Capacities to 45,000 GPM (10,220 m³/h) • Heads to 410 feet (125 m) • Temperatures to 446° F (230° C) • Pressures to 232 PSIG (16 bar) World-class Pump Line Model 3180 is built to ANSI standards. • ANSI class 125 / 150 lb...

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PATENTED I-ALERT® CONDITION MONITOR Constantly measures vibration and temperature at the thrust bearing. Colored LEDs indicate general pump health. Provides early warning of improper operation before catastrophic failure occurs. STANDARD LABYRINTH OIL SEALS Prevent premature bearing failure caused by lubricant contamination and loss of lubricant. CONTINUOUS HIGH-PERFORMANCE Original high efficiency maintained by simple external impeller adjustment resulting in long-term energy savings. HEAVY-DUTY SHAFT Designed for minimum deflection at maximum load. Dry shaft achieved by sealing from...

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Engineered Impeller and Sideplate Acknowledged Best Design for Industrial Process Services. It offers: • Ease of adjustment to maintain optimum performance • Clamped sideplate for maximum reliability and zero leakage • Minimum hydraulic loads for maximum mechanical reliability 1. Renewable High-Performance Easy and Reliable With any impeller adjustment there will be two metal components that will have to move relative to each other. Goulds puts this precision fit in the sealed and lubricated environment of the power end. Easy and accessible adjustments. The Goulds adjustment bolts are very...

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3. Minimum Hydraulic Loads For Maximum Reliability and Zero Leakage Maximum Mechanical Reliability Our sideplate is clamped securely and sealed positively to ensure that it does not lead to breakage or leakage. Goulds open impeller design was engineered to assure minimum radial and axial thrust loads to maximize seal and bearing life. 1 Full Back Shroud Maximizes mechanical integrity 2 Balance Holes Low axial thrust 3 Engineered Back Vanes Extended seal and bearing life Back vane height / angle and shroud design are engineered to minimize hydraulic loads throughout the life of the pump....

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Power Ends Designed for Maximum Reliability Power End Reliability is vital when thinking about pump mean time between failure (MTBF). To ensure maximum bearing life, the 3180 follows four key factors: • Bearing Design Life • Bearing Temperature • Bearing Environment • Continuous Condition Monitoring 2. Bearing Temperature Keeping the pump loads minimized and selecting the "right" bearing will keep bearing temperature under control. Typical bearing operating temperatures of competitor's process pumps are between 140-160° F. Goulds Model 3180 bearing temperatures average only 120° F (50° C)!...

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A visual indication of pump health makes walk-around inspections more efficient and accurate. The result is a more robust process to monitor and maintain all your pumps so that your plant profitability is maximized. Labyrinith Oil Seals are Standard Contamination being the second leading cause of bearing failure requires special attention. Common lip seals were not considered due to their 2,000 hour design life. After wearing out, there will be an open passage way for contamination. Failures can happen between monitoring intervals Normal monitoring interval Onset of failure goes undetected...

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Impeller Designs to Optimize Performance The right design for the service results in optimum efficiency and up-time, especially when handling difficult media such as recycle fibers with contaminants. Open Impeller Design suitable for most services. Allows for resistance to wear and corrosion. Provides for easily renewable clearances. Designed for optimum efficiency. Enclosed Impeller Available for services where efficiency is a consideration and enclosed design is suitable for service conditions. Efficiency can be renewed with axial adjustment and / or wear ring replacement. Also beneficial...

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1 Solids / liquid mixture flows toward mechanical seal /seal chamber. 2 Turbulent zone. Some solids continue to flow toward shaft. Other solids are forced back out by centrifugal force (generated by back pump-out vanes). 3 Clear liquid continues to move toward mechanical seal faces. Solids, air, vapors flow away from seal. 4 Low pressure zone created by Vane Particle Ejector. Solids, air, vapor liquid mixture exit seal chamber bore. Dynamic seal For Elimination of Mechanical Seal Problems; Reduced Maintenance Goulds Dynamic Seal option is ideally suited to handle the tough applications...

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Noln: Shtjrpe lt ' jv.iiljblr- only m Dupk .i 22Q5. ''jblr on S. f.J. L. XL only ‘Available on XL1, XL2-S, XJL2 only

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Sectional View S, M, L and XL Mechanical Seal Option Enclosed Impeller Option • Packed Stuffing Box • Oil Lubrication • Open Impeller Illustrated: • Packed Stuffing Box • Oil Lubrication • Open Impeller

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Job No.:GOU 1212 Date: 6/14/94 Client: Goulds Job: 3185 Bulletin Doc.: DIM DRW 3180 All dimensions in inches and (mm). Not to be used for construction.

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Modular Interchangeability Goulds 3180 Modular Interchangeability Size Size Casing Sideplate / Impeller Casing Sideplate/Impeller

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Modular Interchangeability SizeSize Casing Casing Wear Wear RingRing Impeller Impeller Seal Chamber Frame Adapter Power End End Power Seal Chamber Frame Adapter 30x30–41 XL2 Group * Shafts for Models 3180 and 3185 are not interchangeable. Sleeves for mechanical seals on the 3180 and 3185 are not interchangeable. Available with enclosed impeller. Pick Your Perfect Process Pump Pick Your Perfect Process Pump Available with Shearpeller™ Uses the XL2-S shaft, sleeve and impeller nut. (1) 24X30 - 35N uses alternate wear ring (2) 24X30 - 35A uses alternate impeller Whether it’s for pumping severe...

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