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Goulds 3180 Heavy-duty Process Pumps


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Goulds 3180 Heavy-duty Process Pumps - 1

Goulds 3180 Heavy-duty Process Pumps

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Goulds 3180 Heavy-duty Process Pumps - 2

2 Goulds 3180 Capacities to 26,000 GPM (6000 m3/h) Heads to 410 feet (125m) Temperatures to 446°F (230°C) Pressures to 232 PSIG (16 bar) Worldwide Experience on Process Pumping Services When Goulds developed the 3180, we utilized 140 years of pump design experience to ensure it would have unmatched mechanical reliability. Today, installations around the world attest to its remarkable performance. The 3180 is the heavy duty process pump designed to handle all of your tough process pumping applications. World-class Pump Line Model 3180 is built to ANSI standards. ANSI class 125/150 lb. flange...

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Goulds 3180 Heavy-duty Process Pumps - 3

Goulds 3180 3 LUBRICATION FLEXIBILITY The preferred lubrication of oil is standard. No special parts required to convert to grease. STANDARD LABYRINTH OIL SEALS Prevent premature bearing failure caused by lubricant contamination and loss of lubricant. CONTINUOUS HIGH-PERFORMANCE Original high efficiency maintained by simple external impeller adjustment resulting in long term energy savings. HEAVY-DUTY SHAFT Designed for minimum deflection at maximum load. Dry shaft achieved by sealing from pumpage by O-rings at sleeve and impeller nut. RIGID FEET Large casing and bearing frame feet maintain...

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Goulds 3180 Heavy-duty Process Pumps - 4

4 Goulds 3180 It offers: 1. Ease of adjustment to maintain optimum performance 2. Clamped sideplate for maximum reliability and zero leakage 3.Minimum hydraulic loads for maximum mechanical reliability See The Difference Renewable High-performance Easy and reliable With any impeller adjustment there will be two metal components that will have to move relative to each other. Goulds puts this precision fit in the sealed and lubricated environment of the power end. Less reliable pumps utilizing adjustable sideplates are difficult to adjust, are not precise in clearances and the adjustment must...

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Goulds 3180 Heavy-duty Process Pumps - 5

Clamped Sideplate For maximum reliability and zero leakage CLAMPED Our sideplate is clamped securely and sealed positively to ensure that it does not lead to breakage or leakage. FLOATING The “floating” sideplate design must scrape over a casing surface that will be corroded and fouled. This commonly leads to a leakage path through the sideplate studs. Minimum Hydraulic Loads Maximum mechanical reliability ENGINEERED FOR LONG LIFE Back vane height/angle and shroud design are engineered to minimize hydraulic loads throughout the life of the pump. Bearing life is guaranteed. As the open...

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Goulds 3180 Heavy-duty Process Pumps - 6

Goulds 3180 6 Power End Reliability is vital when thinking about pump mean time between failure (MTBF). To ensure maximum bearing life, the 3180 follows three key bearing design factors: 1. Bearing Design Life 2. Bearing Temperature 3. Bearing Environment Power Ends Designed for Maximum Reliability Bearing design life Bearing manufacturers state that skidding, cage stresses and oil temperatures can greatly reduce the bearing life of oversized bearings. The “right” size bearing is vital to overall bearing life. Bearing temperature Keeping the pump loads minimized and selecting the “right”...

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Goulds 3180 Heavy-duty Process Pumps - 8

Goulds 3180 8 Optimize Seal Configuration for Service and Environment How It Works: The unique flow path created by the patented Vane Particle Ejector directs solids away from the mechanical seal, not at the seal as with other tapered bore designs. And, the amount of solids entering the bore is minimized. Air and vapors are also efficiently removed. 1 Solids/liquid mixture flows toward mechanical seal/seal chamber. 2 Turbulent zone. Some solids continue to flow toward shaft. Other solids are forced back out by centrifugal force (generated by back pump-out vanes). 3 Clear liquid continues to...

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Goulds 3180 Heavy-duty Process Pumps - 9

Goulds 3180 9 Goulds Dynamic Seal option is ideally suited to handle the tough applications where conventional mechanical seals or packing require outside flush and/or constant, costly attention. This option allows pumping slurries without an external flush. A repeller between the stuffing box cover and impeller pumps liquid from the stuffing box while the pump is running. A diaphragm seal prevents leakage when the pump is not operating. Benefits of Goulds Dynamic Seal: External seal water not required. Elimination of pumpage contamination or product dilution. Eliminates problems and costs...

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Goulds 3180 Heavy-duty Process Pumps - 12

Goulds 3180 12 Approximate Equivalent Standards Material ASTM DIN JIS ISO Ductile Iron A536 Gr 60-40-18 0.7043 G5502 R1083/400-12 FCD40 Cast Iron A48 Class 30B 0.6020 G5501 DR185/Gr200 FC20 316SS A743 CF-8M 1.4408 G5121 SCS14 317SS A743 CG-8M 1.4448 CD4MCuN A890 GR1B CD4MCuN 1.4517 Alloy 20 A743 CN-7M 1.4536 Duplex 2205 A240 1.4462 Parts List and Materials of Construction Note 1: Shearpeller™ available only in Duplex 2205. Materials of Construction Material Item All Iron/ All Iron/ Number Part Name SS Impeller SS Impeller, All 316SS All CD4MCuN All 317SS SS Sideplate 100 Casing Cast Iron...

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Goulds 3180 Heavy-duty Process Pumps - 15

Goulds 3180 15 Modular Interchangeability 3x6–12 4x6–12 6x8 –12 8x8–12 3x6–14 4x6–14 4x6–16 6x8–14 8x8–14 10x10–14 12x12–14 6x8–16 4x6–19 6x10–16 8x10–16 10x12–16 14x14–16 4x8–19 6 x10–19 8x10–19 10x12–19 6x10–22 8x10–22 12x14–19 16x16–19 10x12–22 12x14–22 14x16–22 18x18–22 6x10–25 8x12–25 10x14–25 20x20–25 Size Casing Sideplate/Impeller Stuffing Box Power End* *Shafts for Models 3180 and 3185 are not interchangeable. Sleeves for mechanical seals on the 3180 and 3185 are not interchangeable. Available with enclosed impeller. Available with Shearpeller™. L Group M Group S Group XL Group

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Goulds 3180 Heavy-duty Process Pumps - 16

Goulds 3180 16 Construction Details (English Dimensions) Ease of Maintenance Monitoring sites High strength casing lugs to secure cover to casing. Lugs swing away without removal during disassembly. Prevents lost or misplaced lugs and casing bolts. Lug can be used as jacking bolt to assist in pump disassembly. Large opening on each side of adapter for easy access to seal and gland. Monitoring sites for vibration and temperature are provided as standard for accurate and repeatable readings. Bull’s eye sight gauge for accurately monitoring oil level. Also provides visual inspection of oil...

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