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7200CB Barrel Multistage Pumps


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7200CB Barrel Multistage Pumps - 1

GOULDS PUMPS API BB5 Barrel Multistage, Radially Split In-Line Diffuser Type

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7200CB Barrel Multistage Pumps - 2

Complete API Offering • Over 20,000 units installed • Over 3,000 between bearing pumps installed • 40+ years of API expertise Global Coverage ITT Goulds Pumps has the global coverage needed to serve multi-national companies in any region. Industry Leading Hydraulic Coverage • We offer extensive coverage to meet your process needs. • Better hydraulic fits can mean improved efficiency and long-term reliability and parts life. 8000 HP / 6000 kW Testing Capability • Our expanded test facility can test your pump in the most demanding conditions. • Testing at rated speeds is critical to asses the...

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7200CB Barrel Multistage Pumps - 3

Goulds 7200CB High Temperature, High Pressure Low Specific Gravity BB5 Barrel Pumps for Critical Services. • Capacity to 4,000 GPM (910 m3/h) • Total Dynamic Head to 9,000 feet (2740 m) • Temperature to 800° F (425° C) • Pressure to 4,000 PSIG (275 Bar) • Operating Speeds to 6,000 RPM Goulds API Portfolio API Type Goulds Model

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7200CB Barrel Multistage Pumps - 4

Trusted Technology Model CB upgraded to 11th edition. Over 30 years of successful installations. Proven Reliability Easy Maintenance Properly designed balance drums are critical to a BB5 pump’s reliable control of axial thrust forces. We exhaustively test the pumps over the allowable flow range and over the range of allowable wear clearances (1x to 2x clearances) to determine the range of axial thrust forces to properly size the balance drum. The result is reliable operation over the range of allowable conditions. For Model 7200CB pumps, customers can quickly dismantle and remove the...

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7200CB Barrel Multistage Pumps - 5

World Class Hydraulics There are two sets of curves available. One set is optimized for maximum head-per-stage while a second set is optimized for maximum efficiency. Maximum head-per stage Maximum efficiency

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7200CB Barrel Multistage Pumps - 6

Goulds 7200CB API 610 11th Edition / ISO 13709 2nd Edition API BB5 Barrel Multistage, Radially Split In-Line Diffuser Type Impeller Arrangements In-line diffuser type design. Diffusers / Impellers Metal to metal stage casing fits. Key driven and shrink fit impellers secured against axial movement in both directions. Fully-Shrouded Diffuser Standard Increases reliability by nearly eliminating diffuser fatigue. Low Vibration Design Precision investment impeller castings and dynamically balanced rotor for low vibration. Robust Rotor Design With large stepped shaft and higher L3 / D4 ratios....

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7200CB Barrel Multistage Pumps - 7

Balance Drum Designed over allowable flow range and clearances to reliably balance axial forces. Rigid 360° Bearing Bracket Ball radial and duplex thrust. Pressure lubricated sleeve radial / tilting pad thrust. INPRO™ isolators Flanges Heavy duty class 900#, 1500#, and 2500# RF or RTJ flanges. 600# and 900# available on suction flange. API 682 Seals Accept a wide variety of seals, seal options and flush plans per API 610 and API 682. Integral Wear Parts Variety of API metallic and API non-metallic materials and coatings available.

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7200CB Barrel Multistage Pumps - 8

Proven Service Experience Hydraulic Rerates Drop-In Replacements Processes often change over time – causing pumps to run far from best efficiency point (BEP) with the associated reduction in reliability (MTBF). Our drop-in replacements allow you to get a new BB5 pump without replacing your existing piping and baseplate – saving you $10,000s in site costs while reducing emissions and improving MTBF. We can perform a “hydraulic rerate” to your existing BB5 pump – moving the BEP to the left without any hydraulic changes. The modified pump’s operation is closer to the BEP with increased...

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7200CB Barrel Multistage Pumps - 9

Engineered Upgrades for All Brands Older pumps don’t comply with the more stringent latest editions of API. This causes many issues ranging from limited use of latest seal designs (API 682), potential seal emissions issues, poor reliability and MTBF, OEM parts becoming obsolete, and more. We perform engineered upgrades to your existing API Pump (any brand) upgrading the power end, casing cover, shaft and seals to the latest API standards.

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7200CB Barrel Multistage Pumps - 10

Reliability has no quitting time. PRO Services provides an array of services focused on reducing equipment total cost of ownership (TCO) and increasing plant output, including predictive monitoring, maintenance contracts, field service, engineered upgrades, inventory management, and overhauls for pumps and other rotating equipment. Parts & Inventory Repairs & Upgrades PRO Services provides OEM parts for Goulds Pumps, Bornemann Pumps, AC, Morris, Goyne, CB, HVC, UXN and ROV in a timely manner to meet end user requirements. Significant levels of inventory and quick response capability...

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7200CB Barrel Multistage Pumps - 12

A Leader in API Engineered Pump Package Solutions © 2012 Goulds Pumps, Incorporated

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