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PRESSURIZED PLANETARY MIXERS Heavely designed to sadisfy every different production need GORRERI PLANETMIXER SERIES. The essential and versatile Italian Technology to simplify, optimize and speed up the preparation of every kind of dough. GORRERI PLANETMIXER SERIES is the solution to all those producers whose needs are versatility, preparation speed-up and the guarranty of an high-value final product. Gorreri PlanetMixer Series Fast and versatile for a wide variety of dough and products

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GORRERI PHILOSOPHY Optimize is better than wasting space and time Clean is better than dirt Easy is better than hard Neat is better than disorganized GORRERI ADDED VALUE Italian High-Technology Gorreri’s 50 years of experience Best components on the market Clean, simple and essential design REDUCED HEIGHT Each machine is composed of a monolithic frame and it is the only pressurized mixer on the market with motors integrated inside the • Integrated motors more cleanliness of the surfaces and to prevent contamination with dust, water or moisture. • Monolithic stainless steel structure •...

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DIFFERENT PRODUCTION NEEDS... AN UNIQUE AND VERSATILE SOLUTION PLANETMIXER SERIES Sponge cake Cup cake and glazed products Layer cake Soft products Gorreri PlanetMixer Series Gorreri Planetmixer Series is the results of 50 years of experience and each single part of the machine is thought to guarantee durability, speed, noiseless and optimization of the production process.

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DESIGNED TO BE PERFECTLY INTEGRATED Gorreri planetmixer series is studied to optimize every production site High value final product Automatic and fast product transfer systems DESIGNED TO BE INDESTRUCTIBLE AND IRREPLACEABLE Gorreri Planetmixer Series is the only Planetary Mixer with double frequency converter to severaly control the drive of the main motor and the drive to lift and to lower the bowl to speed up each operation*. *Available for planetmixer 300 L Deluxe, 400 L, 600 L e 800 L. Is the guaranteed trasmission efficiency to give tools very high torque. Increase of production...

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High-tech facilities to simplify the production process and to obtain perfect results One -piece stainless steel structure made of thick sheets, folded and assembled together so to obtain a self-supporting frame without bolted parts. Sound-absorbing material to make the machine even quieter Gorreri PlanetMixer Series Single entrance point for bearings greasing maintenance RATIONAL CONCEPT Perfect balance of the weights thanks to the integration of Bowl Screw lifting area protected by a stainless steel cover the motors inside the structure that guarantees absence of completely sealed-head...

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Upper part of the machine completely closed and divided into two parts to facilitate disassembly. WHISKS AND TOOLS 15 different and easily interchangeable tools to mix perfectly every different dough and batter, liquid,raw, viscous, with chocolate chips, pieces of fruit, with or without gluten. Inside of the the fixed bell studied to be automatically washed using hydrodynamic heads to avoid the stagnation of powders or water after washing. Wired paddle whip Crossed beater Flat paddle Whide cross beater Heavy wired whisk Fine wired whisk Star beater Cutting spade Square ascending spiral Flat...

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GORRERI PLANETMIXER OPTIONAL EQUIPMENTS High-tech and innovative facilities and optionals to optimize and improve different production needs. DELUXE version Each Gorreri Planetmixer is available in DELUXE Version with electric board and touch screen PLC lodged in a stainless steel separate cabinet. Drip-catching plate for whisks Manual uploading of the ingredients In addition to the standard Stainless steel AISI 304 Each Planetmixer can be equipped with a frontal or standard bowl, Gorreri produces a wide range back-side system to uplaod ingredients during the mixing process. • Bowls with...

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TO PRODUCE HIGH-VALUE PRODUCTS LIKE PATE-A-CHOUX, JAM, COOKED CREAM Steam re-circulation into the jacketed bowl for product cooking Steam condensator for product fast cooling Steam circuit automatic coupling, possibility to The system it’s designed for a fast and deep cooling modulate the steam pressure in accordance with the of cooked products, a tube bundle heating exchanger type of product to cook and process. served by cooling thermal solution condensate quickly the steam inside the bowl thanks to the effect of a vacuum pump, the product temperature decrease in a short time for product...

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PRODUCT TRANSFER SYSTEMS TRANSFER PUMPS Transfer pumps for liquid dough, batter and cream. Gorreri’s piston transfer pump system has been engineered to satisfy the most different demands of transferring products with various viscosity. They are mainly divided in relation of the power and the transfer capability. Thanks to an air compressed motor and an alternate movement, it is possible to easy transfer creams, fillings products, eggs, melted cheeses, jams, sauces and other liquids at a maximum speed of 100 liters per minute even in presence of particles. Our pumps have a the maximum...

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Gorreri transfer pump system can be equipped with laser or ultrasound level sensor as optional coupled with a pneumatic electro valve. Manual lifting is our standard equipment and we can supply the pneumatic lifting as optional. • Ideal to tranfer from the bowl to the hopper any batter, soft or medium, every dough or cream without altering theur integrety. • These pumps are used to transfer any soft batter, dought, cream without altering its integrity. • No. 4 different types of pumps (series 65, 80, 100 and 140) to choose from. • Flexible suction and discharge hose to convey food products...

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PlanetMixer® UNPL series Planetary mixers UNPL-200 Via Cisa, 172 • 42041 Sorbolo Levante di Brescello (RE) - Italy Tel./Ph. +39 0522.680853 • Fax +39 0522.680687 • gorreri@gorreri

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