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®GIB INDUSTRIAL BRUSH Huzhou Golden Industrial Brush Co.,ltd Your comprehensive source of high value, environmentally friendly industrial cleaning products

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Established in 1993, Huzhou Golden Industrial Brush Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of various kinds of industrial brushes in China. We use the most advanced equipments from Germany in our production. Our customers can be assured of a full range of high quality products. Not only do we have prepared for you a lot of conventional products, we can also meet your customized needs of special products, as well as offer you the best solutions for cleaning, polishing, and deburring of your products. We are in business to satisfy our customers by delivering reliable brush products and...

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© Brush Diameter A large brush diameter achieves better results and a higher output. Large diameters (up to about 450 mm) are usually best with non-metallic fill material only. Size for portable tools should not exceed 7" for any fill material. ©Trim Length (Length of fill material extending beyond brush core or face plate).A short trim makes a stiff fast cutting brush,while a long trim gives a brush the flexibility required on irregular surfaces. Multi section brushes or multiple mounted single brushes have a wider face width and require more horse power. ® Fill density Is determined by...

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Brushing effect too little ♦ Printing ♦ Automotive ♦ Glass ♦ Woodworking ♦ Metal Stamping ♦ Corrugated 8i Packaging ♦ Labeling ♦ Pulp 8t Paper ♦ Concrete ♦ Bakery/Candy ♦ Gun Cleaning ♦ Shot Blasting ♦ Dock Levelers ♦ Overhead &l Dock Doors ♦ Metal Finishing ♦ Vacuum ♦ Conveyor 8t Material ♦ Printed Circuit Board ♦ Restaurant ♦ Tanning ♦ Food Processing • Handling ♦ Lab 81 Medical ♦ Lightning Suppressant ♦ Water Filtration ♦ Brush Seals 1. Increase surface speed by a) brush diameter, b) RPM 2. Decrease trim length 3. Increase diameter of fill material (e. g. use .35 wire instead of .30...

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► Natural Filaments All natural fibers are dependable substitutions for applications where synthetic filaments are not suited. "Mother Nature" provides a wide variety of natural fibers such as horsehair, goat hair, tampico and bristle (boar or hog hair) for industrial applications. Artist brushes use natural fibers including bristle, ox hair, sable, and camel hair. Our industrial brushes are supplied with synthetic, abrasive nylon, natural and wire bristles. The bristles are the working action of the brush and deserve plenty of attention in designing your industrial brush tool. Crimped Type...

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Abrasive Nylon Disc brushes are designed for specific applications and require molding a specific filament grit and diameter into a urethane composite base construction. Abrasive disc brushes provide consistent and cost-effective results and bring many benefits including increased productivity and brush life. The Disc brushes can be easily mounted into automated machinery, custom-designed equipment, CNC machining centers and robotic centers. There are numerous applications where these brushes perform brilliantly including deburring, surface preparation and finishing, rust and scale removal,...

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Abrasive Type Grit Size Trim Length Outside Diameter Brush Style ♦ SC=Silicon Carbide ♦ AO=Aluminum Oxide ♦ WA=Ceramic ♦ DM = Diamond Higher Density / Longer brush life

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Dot style abrasive nylon disc brushes are general purpose tools used for edge deburring and surface finishing applications. Dot style abrasive nylon disc brushes are excellent for light deburring applications when short cycle times are important. Dot style abrasive nylon disc brushes provide greater flexibility and allow entry into small holes and spaces with ease.

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Turbine Style Abrasive Nylon Disc Brushes Item No. I Bri Trim Grit MSFS Length SC I AO RPM Abrasive Type Strip Mounted Abrasive Nylon Disc Brushes Item No. I Bri Abrasive Options Strip Mounted abrasive nylon disc brushes are ideal for deburring or improving surface finish. The strip mounted abrasive nylon disc brushes have a high filament density.

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Double Band System Brushes are manufactured with two steel bands- one outer notched band, and one inner flat band, these are locked together and roll formed into a channel for winding around a core. These brushes are light and easy-to-handle packages with a constant high density which facilitates and accelerates the equipping of a brush core or shaft carried out by yourself." ♦ Wood-working industry ♦ Building material industry ♦ Automotive industry ♦ Machine industry ► Applications for DBS: ♦ Rolling mill industry ♦ Agriculture ♦ Metal working industry ♦ Food industry ♦ Plastics processing

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The single coils are spot-welded together without damaging the fill material. The bi-lateral spiral ends as carrier noses that grant a safe driving among the packages and care for a regular surface structure from one segment to the other, no gaps will show up at the segment joints. SC=Silicon Carbide

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Flexible Honing Brushes are resilient, flexible, honing tools with a soft cutting action. Each abrasive globule has independent suspension that assures the Flexible Honing Brush to be self-centering, self-aligning to the bore, and self-compensating for wear. This low-temperature abrading process exposes the undisturbed base metal strucure to produce a long wearing surface. The Flexible Honing Brush process develops a surface which is optically smooth and metallurgical^ free of any fragmented, amorphous or semared metal from previous operations. The Flexible Honing Brushes provide an ideal...

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The Flexible Honing Brush can be used to remove burrs from cross drilled holes leaving a clean, radiused intersection. It is self-centering and self-aligning to the bore so elaborate, rigid setups are not required. It is advisable to use the tool in the main bore into which the cross holes break. The Flexible Honing Brushl is available in a variety of abrasive types and grit selections to provide the optimum surface finish on any base material. It is commonly used to reduce Ra, Rk and Rpk values while maintaining Rvk and Vo volume for oil retention. FLEXIBLE HONING BRUSHES

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