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Electric chain hoists LPL (D8)


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Weather resistant The LPML and LPL D8 Series chain motor maximum lifting capacity compares favourably to the self-weight, making it the lightest entertainment chain motor in its class worldwide. LPML250, weighing only 12 kg, lifts 500 kg. The self-weight of the LPL500 is just 23 kg, offering a lifting capacity of 1000 kg. The ideal motors for mobile use, the lower self-weight and compact size also has a positive impact on transport costs. Compact LPML and LPL are modular in design with compact construction which is why they are perfectly suited for integration in trusses. LPML250 fits in...

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Product features Product accessories Design ■ Compact and light ■ Robust aluminium casing and cover for mobile and outdoor use ■ Powerful built-in motor ■ Liquid drain Load measurement ■ Load sensor integrated in suspension ■ Simple installation in special eyebolt or hook suspension ■ Optionally mechanical protection Brake ■ Reliable spring loaded DC-brake ■ Safe braking of the load ■ Optionally independent second brake on existing shaft (no cover extension required) Path measurement ■ Absolute or incremental encoder ■ Encoder on chain wheel (no housing extension) ■ Optionally encoder on...

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42 V low voltage control with geared limit switch Safety load locking hook Direct control Geared limit switch with two additional emergency stops Safety radio remote control Housing and cover made of aluminum Ergonomic control switch on cable Housing and equipping parts black Second, independent brake Profile steel chain manganese phosphated black Chain bags for various lifting heights Eyebolt or hook suspension Push and motorised trolleys Usable as stationary or climbing hoist Load and path measurement Liquid drain for outdoor use Isolation class F (motor) Controller: Group controls /...

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