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Electric chain hoist GP up to 6300 kg


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Ivan Muri, CEO As a Swiss manufacturer with fully automated production, we are loyal to the location Switzerland. The high functionality, long life and robustness of our products help our customers to avoid operational interruptions which can cause high follow-on costs. With our own development and design department, we ensure long-term innovation power. Suppliers from Switzerland and its neighbour countries guarantee the reliability and quality we demand. Erich Widmer, Sales and Marketing Manager From project planning to installation, we support our customers with advice and assistance. As...

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Simple and easy to use – reliable and safe in operation – long-lasting and easy to maintain. GIS electric chain hoists have been developed and manufactured in Switzerland for more than 55 years. Hundreds of thousands of them are in operation worldwide – stationary or mobile. Electric chain hoist GP - the endurance hoist

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Reliable and long-lasting 3 year warranty Made in Switzerland Chain safety factor minimum 8-times (DIN EN 14492 A5, ISO M5) Manganese phosphated profile steel chain with increased service life and improved dry-running properties Self-contained gearbox with permanent lubrication High safety in operation Low-wear DC-spring-loaded brake No sensitive electronics used Aluminium casing and cover Dry-running slipping clutch Area of application -15 °C to + 50 °C TUV certified Easy to operate Low dead weight from 14 kg Compact housing with low headroom Modular in design Protection class IP65;...

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Profile steel chain The case hardened and manganese phosphated profile steel chain provides about 15 % more capacity at an identical nominal diameter when compared to the traditional round steel chain. The larger cross-sectional area reduces wear and increases the lifetime of the chain. The load hook with stable, guided hook latch and safety rubber buffer provides maximum safety. Control switch The control switch fits comfortably in your hand and is ergonomically designed. It is robust, impact resistant, safe to operate and controlled by 42 V low voltage. Push buttons placed in parallel...

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USE GIS electric chain hoists are used everywhere, where process safety of crane systems is important: in the hard three-shift operations in the automotives and other high production industries, in dusty or chemical aggressive environments, for outdoor use, for the entertainment industry or for extreme lifting heights in wind power plants. GIS electric chain hoists and trolleys are made to high standards. The safety factor of the load chain is at least 8 (DIN EN 14492 A5, ISO M5) which reduces wear and tear and increases the service life. VICTORINOX AG Edwin Schuler, Ibach, Switzerland Head...

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Applications Sewage treatment plants Kitchen building Paper / cardboard industry Agriculture / farming Plastics industry Transport and logistics Automotive industry Paints and coatings Horology Construction industry Air transport / aviation Entertainment industry Chemical and pharmaceutical Machine industry Packaging Wire / cable / rubber processing Medical technology Wind / hydroelectric power Power supply / distribution Measuring and control technology Oil industry Transportation and storage Metal / steel processing Gas industry Glass processing industry Furniture / furnishings Shipyard /...

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ACCESSORIES & OPTIONS Standard version Accessories and options Lifting capacities: 1-fall up to 3200 kg 2-fall up to 6300 kg Standard voltages: 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz, 3 x 230 V / 50 Hz 1 x 115 V / 50 Hz, 1 x 230 V / 50 Hz_ 42 V low voltage control 1 phase motor: 1 speed 3 phase motor: 1 or 2 speeds Protection class IP65 Eyebolt suspension Standard lifting height 3 m Minimum 8-fold chain safety factor (DIN EN 14492 A5, ISO M5) Ergonomic control switch with emergency-stop Control cable length 1.8 m Control switch with external strain relief Geared limit switches for highest and lowest hook...

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Safety radio remote control The 295 gram lightweight, very rugged handheld transmitter is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery and has a protection class of IP66. The receiver which is integrated in a stable housing has a protection class of IP65. With its certified STOP function the receiver meets the requirements of SIL 3 Performance Level PL e. Frequency inverter Electric chain hoist, motorised trolley or the complete crane system can be operated using frequency inverters. The soft start ensures the accurate and gentle start and positioning of goods and minimises oscillating...

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Electric chain hoist GP up to 6300 kg - 10

SERVICE & MAINTENANCE The efficiency of an electric chain hoist should be considered throughout the whole product life cycle. The GP has low wear and is designed to last. Repair and maintenance is done simply and quickly which makes the chain hoist very economical to maintain. Its high reliability minimises the risk of production downtime and potentially high downtime costs. For our GP electric chain hoists we provide a 3 year warranty. YOUR BENEFITS The GP series has an overall modular structure. Wearing parts are replaced in a simple manner. The electric chain hoist can be quickly...

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Electric chain hoist GP up to 6300 kg - 11

Slipping clutch The slipping clutch serves as an overload protection and protects the motor and the crane system against overloading. It is located in front of the brake, outside the flow of forces and runs dry with very low maintenance. The slipping clutch is easily accessible and adjustable. Chain guidance Chain and chain guidance are wearing parts, which must be regularly checked and replaced if necessary. The chain guidance is easily and laterally disassembled within a few movements without complete dismounting of the chain hoist. This results in considerable time savings. Transmission...

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Electric chain hoist GP up to 6300 kg - 12

SPECIAL PRODUCTS For many industrial lifting applications standard GIS electric chain hoists offer the ideal solution. Depending on the complexity of the task and the conditions on site we offer GIS special products. Whether for the synchronous operation of two load hooks, for a corrosion resistant or explosion-proof version or an electric chain hoist with control unit on the load hook - we offer a customer- and application-specific solution for each lifting requirement. YOUR BENEFITS GIS electric chain hoists are suitable on account of their compactness and durability for installation in...

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