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GIROPES THE VALUE OF WEIGHT AS INSPIRATION AND PASSION From the very beginning, Giropes has regarded weighing as a vital part of the production and quality processes. As such, it has always invested in R&D to be able to offer the most complete weighing solutions possible without limiting itself to simple weighing systems. With the desire for continuous improvement and this strong investment in R&D, Giropes has gone from being a metal processing company focused on the treatment of metal to convert it into elements of a weighing system, to a cutting-edge company that has committed itself to...

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GESDYN with full

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El pesaje nos da SEGURIDAD PESA EJES Y RUEDAS PORTABLE La seguridad es un parámetro clave en el tráfico aéreo y de carretera. Durante las fases de diseño y desarrollo de vehículos de motor se toma especial atención al peso de los componentes y la óptima distribución de peso del conjunto. Los vehículos con sobre peso o con el peso mal distribuido representan un riesgo enorme; por lo que fabricacntes y autoridades del transito utilizan entre otros sistemas las plataformas de pesaje portables para determinar de manera precisa y efectiva el peso. Desarrollo de Software & aplicaciones para el...

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#when are the vehicles weighed? Apart from checks carried out by the authorities on the road, vehicle weighing is of great importance in other areas of the automotive and aeronautical sector: » in design and market launch of new models » in structural repairs or accidents affecting one or more wheels » on older vehicles with deformations or suspension deterioration » on vehicles with threaded or adjustable suspensions that may not be properly adjusted ROAD TRAFFIC CONTROL Portable weighing systems used by the competent authorities for checking the axle or wheel weights of vehicles on the...

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#vehicle weighing operation WHEEL TOTAL The result of the weighing of the whole vehicle is obtained in a single operation. This involves weighing all the vehicle’s wheels simultaneously. Therefore, as many platforms as there are wheels are required. WHEEL TOTAL Simultaneous weighing of all the wheels of the vehicle. WEIGHING VEHICLES PER WHEEL Wheel weighing is essential for the correct balance of the vehicle and safety during braking and acceleration of the vehicle or when going around bends. AXLE WEIGHING Axle weighing lets us know any type of vehicle’s compliance in terms of maximum...

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#balancing FOR GOOD WEIGHING RESULTS, A LEVEL COMPENSATION ANALYSIS IS REQUIRED With the mats, we align the wheels that are and are not in contact with the platform, so that we obtain greater precision during the weighing process. DYNAMICC WEIGHING - AXLES 5 Km/h >> Vehicle axle weighing The use of these 3-metre mats is recommended. Wheels that are less than 1m away from those in contact with the platform must be levelled to obtain the correct weight.

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# weighing provides security portable axle and wheel weighing AIRCRAFT WEIGHING Manufacturer's vacuum weight. Operational empty weight. Maximum landing weight (maximum road weight; maximum take-off weight; maximum transfer weight). Finally, the wheel weighing operation serves to accurately indicate the aircraft's centre of gravity. Portable systems are almost exclusively used for weighing the centre of gravity (roll) of small aircraft. Each aircraft undergoes 3 weighing operations: 1 contractual weighing operation and 2 operational weighing operations An exceptionally fast weighing...

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LOW M PROFILE WHEEL WEIGHING PLATFORMS 12 BPRC 12 BPRF Low profile wheel weighing platforms WHEEL M WEIGHING PLATFORMS 14 BPRE Low profile wheel weighing platforms WHEEL WEIGHING Platforms for wheel weighing system ACCESSORIES 21 EMBEDDING FRAME 21 COVERS SOFTWARE 25 GIMANAGER 26 GESDYN 28 GESTRUCK Configuration and management of the indicator and weighing operations carried out. Especially suitable for weighing and calculating the centre of gravity of low profile vehicles, trucks, planes, containers, etc. WARRANTY, RMA, CONDITIONS SALE 31 WARRANTY 32 RMA 33 CONDITIONS SALE

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BPRC/F PLATFORM LOW PROFILE 2 OPTIONS BPRC & BPRF DESCRIPTION Low profile wheel weighing platforms, connected to a digital weight indicator to configure vehicle weighing systems in static and/ or dynamic weighing (for all vehicles approved for road circulation). CE-M Metrological Approval in static weighing Class IIII. MAIN FEATURES Structure Aluminium structure Protection IP66 Installation Overlay and embedded Set of 2 platforms for weighing an axle Maximum acceptable overload 120% Operating temperature -10ºC +50ºC Cable length 15 metres Weight version C:23 kg and version F:38 kg Models...

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DIMENSIONS (mm) BPRC 800x350 mm (weighing surface) BPRC/F PLATFORM LOW PROFILE BPRF 882x500 mm (weighing surface) 934 1092 Detail: use with optional 3m BPRC/F mat REFERENCES Reference REFERENCES Reference Installation detail BPRC/F * The platforms are supplied individually Set of mats per platform (2u) 3m for BPRC Set of mats per platform (2u) 0,5m for BPRF Set of mats per platform (2u) 3m for BPRF Set of 2 frames for embedding platforms BPRC Set of 2 frames for embedding platforms BPRF GI620 portable LCD indicator (1 firmware to be selected) Cable protection BPRC/F Wheel weighing firmware...

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BPRE PLATFORM LOW PROFILE DESCRIPTION Wheel weighing platforms connectable to the GI620 digital weight indicator to configure portable vehicle weighing systems (coaches, vans, small commercial vehicles). MAIN FEATURES Structure Protection Installation Maximum acceptable overload Maximum overload Operating temperature Weight per platform Cable length Models INCLUDES Each platform includes two aluminium access ramps to facilitate the access of the wheels onto the platform. Each platform is supplied with a transport case. Easy and quick installation. A set of 2 platforms and their indicator...

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